Terrelle Pryor: Well worth the risk

What happens next month during the NFL Supplemental Draft if Terrelle Pryor has not been selected and the Cowboys are sitting there in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round with a decision to make. Is he worth giving up a pick in the 2012 draft?

I don’t follow college football like I follow the NFL. I can only go by watching highlights of players and listening to certain people who report on college football.  I also go by my gut feeling about players. With Terrelle Pryor something is telling me that he is well worth giving up a pick in next year’s draft. I understand the stories about him driving a car that he shouldn’t have been driving and with a suspended license and selling autographed memorabilia, but the upside to this player is too high to ignore. I’m not saying he can be a franchise quarterback. Maybe he can after a few seasons. What he can do right now is add something to the Cowboys to make them more dangerous.

I think Pryor can add another dimension to the Cowboys offense. He adds excitement and is an added threat. If the Cowboys also continue with their Wild Cat offense Pryor would be perfect. He brings a strong arm to the offense as well as speed and toughness. Why not take a chance on a player like Pryor? The Cowboys need a shot in the arm in my opinion. They have been doing the same things on offense for years. They need to go out there and take a chance on an exciting player like Pryor.

There is no question that Tony Romo is the Cowboys quarterback, but he’s also 31 years old and on the back end of his career. John Kitna is a solid backup and did a good job as Romo’s replacement in 2010, but he is 38 years old and maybe the Cowboys need to start looking at getting younger. Stephen McGee is only 25  years old, but my feeling is that he is not the Cowboys future.

I believe the Cowboys need to seriously consider getting Terrelle Pryor because of his upside and what he brings to the game. Maybe Pryor can become a franchise quarterback in a few years learning under Romo. No one can really say for sure. They can just state their opinions. In my opinion if the Cowboys have the opportunity to select Terrelle Pryor next month in the supplemental draft they need to take full advantage of it and grab him before another team does.

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  1. Dawg Monster 7
    Dawg Monster 7 says:

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! LEAVE HIS A$$ IN OHIO. He is not worth it. He is a loser, and he doesn’t deserve a Star on the side of his helmet.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Wait, you want a 35 year old WR instead of a young althete to add a threat to the offense? Come on now!! And to say Pryor isn’t even good is false.
    JJ drafted Carter to be the next franchise QB and everyone except JJ knew that it would never work out. I’m not saying take Pryor to take over for Romo. Take Pryor for an added dimension to the offense.
    He doesn’t deserve to wear the star. Then I guess we need to cut Bryant now.

  3. Danny
    Danny says:

    He just sold stuff that shouldn’t have happened. He didn’t take steriods, he didn’t cheat in any way on the field. He would DEFINATELY be worth a chance. He won’t even play for another 2 years or so. Plenty of time to develop in that timeframe.

  4. Adam C
    Adam C says:

    Well unlike you I’ve watched Pryor play since his first year at OSU. He has horrible accuracy and decision making as a QB. National Scouting service ranks him as a 6th to 7th round pick at best. He has terrible practice attendance and oh yeah he totally brought down a well respected coach and college program. So if you don’t mind all that than draft the SOB.

  5. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Can’t always go what we read, hear or see about a player until he hits that next level. Take a look at these scouting reports below. Care to take a guess who they are???

    “Poor build, very skinny and narrow, lacks mobility and the ability to avoid the rush, lacks a really strong arm.”

    “He can thread the needle, but usually goes with his primary receiver and forces the ball to him even when he’s in a crowd. He’s a gutty, gambling, cocky type. Doesn’t have great tools, but could eventually start.”


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