Jerry Jones Releases Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Leonard Davis

Updating this post with this breaking news on wide receiver Roy Williams:

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A total misfit from day one, Williams scored a huge payday in Dallas and never lived up to his hype, his ego or his cost to the team in money and draft picks. Good bye.

Original Post 1:00 PM

The Cowboys have cut right guard Leonard Davis and running back Marion Barber Jr. today according to ESPN.

For those of you who read my posts, the Barber cut should come as no surprise to any of you as he was overpaid and unproductive in my opinion.

Since Barber was given the opportunity for increased playing time after the team cut ties with Julius Jones, Barber’s yards per carry went into steep decline as I chronicled season after season.

As for Davis, his production tailed off last season and in his last six games he yielded no sacks and was flagged for one penalty.

Both moves should clear up some salary cap room for the Cowboys who were about $13 million dollars (ESPN estimate) over going into the new season.

Offensive lineman Marc Colombo and kicker Kris Brown have also been cut this afternoon as well.

Jerry Jones is conducting all the separation interviews himself.

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  1. Derek S.
    Derek S. says:

    ESPN was reporting that they were only 13 million over as of this morning…Cowboys website didnt have very accurate cap figures

  2. ZZYA
    ZZYA says:

    It’s about time they got rid of R.Williams. This guy couldn’t catch a pass if they handed it to him. Bad decision on Jerry’s part to get him from the start. So glad to finally see him gone. As for Marion Barber, well at least he had one good season, but after giving him the lead role he choked. Hopefully we can have a more complete team now.

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    “As for Davis, his production tailed off last season and in his last six games he yielded no sacks and was flagged for one penalty.” [Adam Schefter]

    Ummm… Mr. Schefter, do you not know that Leonard Davis was an offensive linemen? If he DID get any sacks, since the only QB on the field would have been the man he’s trying to protect, it would have been bad, very very bad.

  4. Gayla Foley
    Gayla Foley says:

    Jerry and his frenkin thinking. He should have gotten rid of Tony with Williams,As to Barber i totally disagree…But my choice to watch this team or not…

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      Tony is not the problem. If you get rid of him, who are we going to roll with? Kitna who can’t throw more than a 20 yard pass? McGee who is so green, you’d be literally giving up last place in the NFC East. Kitna is the reason that Miles’ production tailed off dramatically. No, he’s not the issue. Fix the line to keep him on his feet and help the receivers we do have to finish running their routes and maybe open a hole or two for a running game to further help him and the team out.

      I’m excited the line got younger yesterday and will get more so today.

      • Dan
        Dan says:

        I agree with the original poster Tony is overpaid and over hyped the guy had one good season then choked in the playoffs. We Dallas fans have to realize that we have a QB that puts up good numbers during the season but cant win the big game. Wish the media would quit babying him and get the golden boy halo off is head!

  5. Jim L
    Jim L says:

    I think Jerry Jones has a pretty good track record so as for me, I’ll let him and his staff run the team and get rid of the unproductive players. Including Marion Barber.

    DADDYBEAR says:

    getting rid of T.O. for Roy was dump.Wade Phillips was a fall-guy for Jerry Jones’s decision to re construct the whole team. owners like Jerry Jones and Al Davis are part of the problem. pay the coach, trust his decisions, sign player’s checks and stay in the sky box PLEASE…..


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