The Saddest Thing In Life Is Wasted Talent

After getting an earful from Hall of Famer Deion Sanders over the weekend, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant countered Deion’s critical statements by saying that he’s ready to move on from any negative perceptions that exist about him.

Sanders, a former mentor to Bryant, told Atlanta’s WCNN on Tuesday that the Cowboys are more concerned than he is about the young player.

“It’s hard to talk to a person when they have millions, man, because there is so much noise in their life,” Sanders said. “Everybody around them is employed, and they have ‘yes men.’ You gotta start hiring a ‘no man.’ Somebody who is going to tell you no and somebody who is going to tell you the truth, and a lot of these guys don’t, and when it comes to him with a lot of things, I had to cut my umbilical cord with him because a lot of things people do not know about.”

But the 22-year-old receiver told 103.3 FM’s “Ben and Skin Show” that there is no reason to worry.

“All I know is everybody’s entitled to their own opinion,” Bryant said. “In my eyes, I feel like the Cowboys have nothing to worry about. I’m getting everything done like I’m supposed to do. I’m ready to go out and play football and do what I do best.”

Bryant congratulated Sanders for his upcoming induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and insisted that he’s not caught up in any differences between himself and the former NFL cornerback.

“My focus is on the Cowboys,” Bryant said. “Whatever is said about that situation that can be said, I’m done with it, I’m just ready to move on.”

I came across a cool piece on in which they listed who they believe will be the next wave of superstars in the NFL. At wide receiver they chose Dez Bryant. Here is what they wrote:

Fact is, Dez Bryant has got as much pure talent as any young wideout in the division. And if you read that list two paragraphs back, you know I’m not saying that lightly. If he can stay healthy, stay out of trouble and refine his skills as an NFL route-runner, Bryant can be the kind of star that makes other stars stop what they’re doing to watch him play. He’s got a fine quarterback in Tony Romo and only Miles Austin and tight end Jason Witten in front of him in line for catches in Dallas as of now. And he’s already a game-changer on special teams. So the opportunity is there, and all the pieces are in place. It’s up to Bryant to make it happen.

One of my favorite movies of all time is a “A Bronx Tale”. There’s a great line in that movie that comes to mind whenever I read some of this crazy stuff involving Dez Bryant or any young talented players that are focused more on living large than they are respecting and playing the game.

The main character in the movie, a kid everyone calls “C” for short, walks out of a funeral where he just paid his final respects to his friend and mentor, a gangster called Sonny. Waiting outside for him is C’s father, a bus driver, played by Robert DiNiro who spent his whole life trying to steer his kid into doing the right things and making the right choices. In that one climactic moment, C finally figures it all out and puts it altogether…

“Sonny and my father always said that when I get older I would understand. Well, I finally did. I learned something from these two men. I learned to give love and get love unconditionally. You just have to accept people for what they are, and I learned the greatest gift of all. That the saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever. “

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      • jessep
        jessep says:

        Stumbled in.

        I don’t really have a “team.” I grew up a Giants fan but the Fassel era kinda bored me to death and I followed the Arizona Cardinals for a bit but then they got good and it wasn’t as fun anymore haha.

        I follow the NFL mostly now. I dislike Dallas a great deal but!

        I think Dez Bryant can and will be scary good for Dallas sooner rather than later but his attitude is clearly the issue.

        Rookie receivers often don’t thrive in the NFL in year #1. So this year is huge for Dez. This is his chance to prove his college career wasn’t a fluke.

  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Shutup Sanders. Stop thinking you’re the one person who can save players. Go play doctor with one of the other teams you played for. You’re not a true Cowboy. You never were and never will be.

    PS. Nice adding the Bronx Tale movie into your post. One of my favorite movies also. We almost named my son Cologino.

    • jessep
      jessep says:

      By the way I also agree with this comment.

      The best thing for Dallas and Dez is to get away from Deion Sanders. He thinks he’s a rolemodel but he’s not. He had a great career but he himself wasn’t exactly known for his attitude and work ethic.

      Dez needs to listen to the guys that matter. Romo-Witten-Miles-Garret and Jimmy Robinson

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    I believe that Dez will get his act together. He is so talented and he will be a super star. Tony Romo said he has get togethers with Dez outside their football practices so I believe Tony is a good influence on Dez. Great article Joe D. as always!

  3. Nitro76
    Nitro76 says:

    The whole issue with deion saying anything was the fact that he lost money when dez did not sign contracts with under armour and his agent eugene parker deion would have received money for dez signing with both. I notice he did not mention he got dez kicked out of oklahoma st


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