A few interesting position battles for the Cowboys

As the Cowboys get ready for week 2 of the preseason against the Chargers, I can’t help but get excited about some of the position battles going on. There seems to be a different feel to the team right now as far as not expecting the same starters to keep their jobs like in past seasons. Competition makes players stronger and in the end hopefully it makes the team stronger. I have my thoughts on some of the battles going on. I would love to find out from others what they think.

David Buehler vs Dan Bailey. I get an uncomfortable feeling when Buehler lines up for a FG and Bailey has shown in camp so far why he was the best kicker in college last season. I’m hoping in the next few preseason games that Bailey gets a chance to kick some field goals instead of just kicking them in practice.

 John Kitna vs Stephen McGee. I understand Kitna is a proven veteran and he did a good job last season when Tony Romo was injured, but he is 38 years old. Do the Cowboys move on and promote McGee to backup? I think playing behind Romo and Kitna has helped his game and has made him confident that he can get the job done. But do the Cowboys feel the same?

Montrae Holland vs David Arkin. The Cowboys are going with rookie RT Tyron Smith, but should they also go with rookie LG Arkin over Holland. Although Holland is a veteran the question is can he stay healthy? If Arkin is a starter will playing between Andre Gurode and Doug Free be enough to help him get adjusted in a hurry?

Anthony Spencer vs Victor Butler. At the end of 2009 Spencer showed some nice things in his game and then he followed that up with a disappointing 2010 season. Victor Butler has always been a favorite of mine and so far in camp and in the first preseason game he seems to always be in the backfield and around the ball. Do the Cowboys promote Butler to the starting lineup opposite DeMarcus Ware?

Some interesting battles for the Cowboys this preseason. I can’t wait to see how everyone votes and I can’t wait to see how these positions work there way through.

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