Romo Was A Warrior In A Sea Of Ineptitude Against The ‘Skins

   Jason Witten #82 Of The Dallas Cowboys Runs
What a game last night against the Washington Redskins. It had all the drama of a post-season game and all the mistakes and mental lapses of a pre-season game.

The 18-16 win was as maddeningly frustrating to watch as it was wonderfully satisfying and enjoyable, when all was said and done.

And while running back Felix Jones, who rushed for a career high 114 yards, and Dan Bailey, who kicked an amazing six field goals, will get most of the headlines today, to me the game ball and all of the credit for that win goes to quarterback Tony Romo.

  Tony Romo #9 Of The Dallas Cowboys Celebrates

Nobody has given Romo more flack than me on this site, but I have to give credit where credit is due and last night I saw not just a quarterback on that field, but a true leader – a teacher – and a fearless warrior.

Although the score would indicate a hard-fought evenly-matched encounter with Washington, the truth is that the Cowboys should have won this game in a 33-16 blow-out win.

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Grabs

The number of missteps on offense, defense and special teams were just too many to count and as costly and deflating as you can get. Yes it was a win, and that’s all that matters, but it was as ugly a win as you will ever see, and clearly there’s a lot that needs fixing on this team.

To begin, I wonder if Jerry Jones ears were ringing last night as I cursed him out every time Cowboys center Phil Costa muffed a snap, six times to be exact with four of them being very costly. Was this pathetic performance by Costa worth saving a few million dollars by cutting the always reliable Andre Gurode? I’ve never seen Romo get so infuriated and animated that he would chew out a teammate in front of millions on national TV, and believe me, Costa deserved every bit of that profanity laden tirade by Romo. You have better odds of winning big in a game of online roulette, than Costa going an entire game without at least one muffed snap. That is unacceptable!

  Tony Romo #9 Of The Dallas Cowboys Reacts

And what the heck has gotten into Kevin Ogletree? So far, in the first three weeks of the season, Tree has been taking the field and doing his best Roy Williams impression with pass after pass aimed at his chest and slipping through his fingers. He was killing me last night, running bad routes, muffing up perfect passes, lining up incorrectly, geez… Get your head in the game or get your ass on the bench!

Is there anyone among you who gets as nauseous as I do every time Tashard Choice touches the football? What purpose does Choice serve on this team, can somebody please tell me? He is the biggest waste of a roster spot on this team, oh and while I’m at it, great job by Felix last night, but was anyone surprised he ended the game on the sidelines nursing an injury? Call him Mr. Glass. What I would give to have an every-down running back who can punish defenses and CONVERT on third down and EXECUTE in the red zone!

Marty B? Get outta my face and outta our place – you are as soft as new and improved Charmin. He may be the only Cowboy I’ve ever seen who hits the ground before he even gets tackled and he does it all the time. He’s a terrible blocker, has no toughness, can’t hold onto the ball, and is just a negative impact player on this team. Off with his head…

I should be elated after a big win against a bitter rival like the Redskins, but the truth is I’m frustrated. I saw too many mistakes and too many failures to execute inside the 20 which is becoming very routine for this team I’m sad to say. We need some asses kicked in that locker room and on that practice field this week.

   Roy Helu #29 Of The Washington Redskins Runs

On a happier note, I want to recognize the outstanding efforts by linebacker Sean Lee who is an emerging star, and wide receiver Laurent Robinson who made a couple of key receptions last night. Of course I also tip my cap to place kicker Dan Bailey. Could this spell the end for David Buehler?

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  1. Nitro76
    Nitro76 says:

    I agree romo gets some credit for the win but alot of the credit should go to the rob ryan defense this is the same unit that wade had that was horrible that could not get turnovers or sacks last year that is getting it done. going forward the cowboys must get robinson ready to go at receiver then its time for them to look the next week and see if they can find another guy out there to come in and play receiver. because ogletree has been here 3 yrs and still does not know his routes that is is time for them to cut loose ogletree and there kick off man

  2. Leddy72
    Leddy72 says:

    Kudos JoeD. and Nitro76, It’s becoming exhausting watching the mistakes. Yes! Ogletree has been a Boy too long to be looking lost. When was the last time this team made a game look easy? Beat up an opponent? I know Tony has a propensity for blowing crucial moments. But he was an awesome leader/teacher last night. I thought he was intense and willed them to an ugly win. Just enough big plays to win. I would just LOVE to see some better play calling in the red zone. They can look unstoppable and usually are between the 20’s, but without a pounding back they look lost inside the 20. Felix is electric. But can he please stay on the field. How nice would it be if he was an every down back? Sick. He can run with the wind and break ankles when healthy. Let us hope that this week we can show Detroit the defense they have yet to see. I don’t think they have completely turned the corner. KC and Minny are bad teams. But the desciplined Boys must show up in order to defeat this up and coming team.

    • Nitro76
      Nitro76 says:

      Leddy I’ve been preaching about the offense play calling especially in the red zone for a couple of years now it is horrible you never run a spresd offense at the 2 yard line especially with a limited romo and your main wide outs hurt

      • Leddy72
        Leddy72 says:

        Clearly without Miles the offense struggled. I couldn’t tell if on Monday night, Dez was either taken out of the equation by the Skin d or has he not been getting open. I know bout the thigh, but 7 catches in 2 games seems weak. Sure hope he and Felix have big games Sunday.


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