Tired of riding the Romo Coaster!

I was all prepared to write a post about how things have gone so far for the Cowboys in the first quarter of the 2011 season. But after the epic collapse to the Lions on Sunday I have changed my mind.

As a writer I try to keep the writer in me separate from the fan side of me. I try to be professional and think things out. With this particular post I can say that the fan in me has won out over the writer. I can also say it was a landslide.

How much longer can I go on supporting Tony Romo as the quarterback of the Cowboys? Well, I’ve supported him a lot in his short career and I’ve also expressed my concerns about him. I’ve made excuses when he has played bad. I’m here to say I will no longer support Romo as long as he is the quarterback of the Cowboys. I simply can’t do it anymore. Year in and year out Romo shows how careless he is with the football. He makes bad decisions at the worst possible times. From the botched snap in Seattle in 2006 to blowing the lead in Pittsburgh in 2008 to the loss to the Lions in which he threw three interceptions that led to 21 points for the Lions. Two of those scores were returned for touchdowns by the Lions defense. In between Seattle and Detroit Romo has had many good moments, but the one constant is that he is careless with the football and has cost the Cowboys many games along the way. It’s back and forth with Romo as well as up and down. Kind of like a roller coaster. I guess we can call it the “Romo Coaster”. My point is that I’ve been watching him do the same things since 2006 and I don’t see it ending because it’s how he plays the position.

Then of course after these losses we have to hear Romo saying that he needs to evaluate the film, learn from his mistakes, get better and make sure it doesn’t happen anymore. As a fan I’m tired of hearing it time after time. I’ve questioned in the past that maybe Tony Romo is who he is and no more. Maybe he’ll never reach another level as far as an NFL quarterback. With Romo it’s usually two steps forward and ten steps back. I can’t name any other team that has a quarterback that loses as many games as Romo does because of their decision making and carelessness with the football over so many years.

“The games turn on turnovers. It’s the most important stat there is in the game,” Romo said. “It’s my No. 1 job and I didn’t do a well enough job of that today.”

“Today and over the next week or two, it’s going to be difficult to look back at it, but at some point here, we’re going to move on,” Romo said. “There’s a lot of guys doing a lot of good things. We’ll evaluate it and get better from it.”

As a fan I’m just tired of seeing Romo being careless with the football as he loses games for the Cowboys. I’m also tired of him saying he will learn and get better. He became the quarterback of the Cowboys in 2006 and now in 2011 can we say things are any better as far as him being careless with the football? Every season something bad seems to happen. It’s like the bad luck follows Romo each and every season. As a fan I’ve had enough of it. We as fans loved Tony Romo from his very first game because he was that breath of fresh air considering what we had gone through with Drew Bledsoe, Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson and others. All I know is that the Cowboys are not about to give up on Romo, especially when it comes to owner Jerry Jones and that concerns me. 

“We didn’t get it done, but we’ve got a lot of faith in Romo,” team owner/general manager Jerry Jones said. This doesn’t touch that.”

“What can you say when you blow a lead like this? But we must and will look ahead.”

“If you’re going to try to make the plays, then you’ve got a chance to have some bad plays,” Jones said. “However we go, we’ll go with Tony. As Tony goes, we’ll go.”

“There’s no issue about faith in Romo at any place in this organization, period, any place,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “There’s no issue regarding Tony. I had all the confidence in the world in him on the last drive. He has the ability and gives us the best chance to go down and score a touchdown. We didn’t get it done, but we have a lot of faith in Romo.”

Again I will remind everyone that I’m writing this post as a fan. And as a fan I can say that I’m officially done supporting Tony Romo as the quarterback of the Cowboys. Every season I hope that something will change as far as Romo being careless with the football, but nothing has changed and that is what has pushed me over the edge as far as my support for him. I truly believe that nothing will ever change with Romo. He is who he is. I heard a saying years ago that has always stuck with me…Once is an accident, twice is a trend and three times is a problem. With Romo we are well beyond three times and I see no reason to believe that after six seasons as the starter in Dallas that he is now going to change how he is with the football.







  1. Ayre

    Excellent article, pretty much sums up my feelings for Romo. I feel like I will never be comfortable watching a game with the fear of him totally screwing up.

  2. Tom

    Maybe so. I’ve been a fan of this team too long to not support anyone wearing the Star. All I have for Garrett is to place him in situations where he feels like he doesn’t HAVE to make a play. He put the ball up 47 times. If he had any semblance of a running game, especially in short yardages, maybe he would have cut down on the egrigious mistakes.

    The way I saw it, two of the picks (1st and 3d) were all him. The second was just a good play by the defender, where Robinson said he cut off his route and he took the blame. Either way, a wideout doesn’t have a stat line, but a QB does.

    He is what he is. It’s going to be up to Redball to save him from himself. I’m not even upset because I’ve accepted it. Until they give him the pieces he needs and support he needs, then he’ll continue to be placed in situations where he’ll be forced to recapture that “Romo Magic.” What we’re seeing is not good, but I will continue supporting him until he doesn’t wear my Star. But I say to those who want to get rid of him, replace him with who? A rookie? A 40 year old vet who can’t throw a 25 yard out route? A 4 year vet who is mobile but makes WORSE decisions? No. I’m rolling with Romo. After all, what choice do we have?

    • Rob V.

      I think that is where a lot of fans are right now…”He is what he is”, “What choice do we have” and “I’ve accepted it”. That’s not a good place to be. Romo has shown no signs of improving his bad decisions and bad reads. This is his first year dealing with two rookie Olinemen, but in the past he has had all vets on the line. He has RBs, TEs, WRs. What other support does he need. And with all due respect what “Romo Magic” has he shown? And I agree he is the best option right now with Kitna and McGee behind him. But Jerry Jones bette start thinking about the future because I believe right now that the Cowboys QB to get them to the Super Bowl is currently not on the roster.

      • Tom

        I can’t agree that he’s shown no signs of improvement. How quickly have we forgotten his 26/9 campaign. Solid O-line, great running game, solid receiving corps in 2009-10. He even won a playoff game. Last year, out in game 7 after some bad breaks, a crappy line and receivers who couldn’t haul in anything when it hit them in the chest. When he feels like he needs to make “the play” it’s usually because there is a deficiency elsewhere. We can’t pick up 3rd and 1 from the goal line. So what do I do? They called run, but dang it, Felix can’t find the hole or get that burst to get to the edge. I have to throw. Or you see a look, crap, they’re coming. I need to think fast and get the ball out. But Tree cut off his route and almost cost me a pick.

        Even when Romo had the exact same line the next year, a funny thing happened. The line got old and less mobile. He made them look better than they were. Once he started relying on them for protection to stay between the tackles, they failed him, so he started reverting to, “I need to save this team” mode again.

        Sometimes it’s him, sometimes it’s not. Most QBs DO NOT win the Super Bowl or even get them there. Rivers hasn’t and he’s supposed to be better than Romo. Vick? Can’t stay healthy and makes a great play then throws a pick or drops the ball carrying it like a loaf of bread. Matt Ryan? Apparantly is hitting the wall this year. Schaub, Cutler, Sanchez? I can go on. These guys aren’t Brees, Brady, Rodgers or Manning and neither is Romo, and never will be.

        Playing a couple of weeks ago while performing offensive coordinator duties on the field, didn’t impress you at all? The guy can’t win. And that’s the problem, the guys I mentioned up there can’t seem to figure it out either. Sure. They have a decent season, then they get blown out to miss the playoffs or lose in the first round. Manning’s a great example of that. Yes, he has his ring, and so does his idiot brother. But his brother also threw 20 INTs last year. But he has his ring, so it’s OK, right?

        We’re both frustrated, I know, as are millions of Boys fans. We hate seeing them lose, and spectacularly. But right now, I can’t lay all of this on Romo’s feet. Some? Absolutely. Is he the guy? I don’t know, but the last time I checked, no one wins by themselves. There’s not 11 Romo’s out there. He can’t tell Dez to condition himself better to make it through an entire game, or Felix to hit the hole (when there is one) faster, or T-New to cover tighter, or Scandrick not to overcommit to a pump fake. He has the win-loss record. It’s not fair, but that’s the life of a QB. When you’re the Dallas Cowboys QB, the standard is higher. I wish he would make a better read during those times too, but he’s also brought this team back more times than not, or at least gave you a shot to win, when we lived through the Carter, Stoerner, Leaf, Bledsoe, etc. years.

  3. Rob V.

    This is not about winning Super Bowls or winning playoff games. This about Romo growing as a QB since 2006. And since then he has shown his inability to come through a lot of times. More than a lot of times. It’s also not about his TD to INT ratio. It’s bout him throwing games away, then having a good game, then throwing away a game. That’s how it’s been with Romo. I see no evidence that he has improved in that area. Yes, he is who he is. I understand that, but i don’t think most people understand that, they just accept it. No one is questioning his toughness or his will to win. Maybe, just maybe Romo is an average QB and will never be any more than that. It’s not a knock on him and its not his fault. It’s just who he is!!!

    • Tom

      Now that we agree upon. Maybe he is just average, but then again, sometimes average QBs bear fruit. Just not as much as some others. :o)

  4. Rob V.

    True. and some others who shall remain nameless (Eli Manning) LOL!!!, get verrrrryyyy lucky. But that’s another discussion. Nice chatting with you Tom. I’ve been a fan since 1978 and kind of nut as I’m sure you are when it comes to the Cowboys.

    • Tom

      Yeah, that was one of those cases of basically Eli needing to stay out of the way, but he got the credit.

      Been a fan since 1975 much to the displeasure of my Skins fan father. I love my team, no matter who plays for it. We’ll not always agree, but we’ll always be fans!

  5. Michael

    We have to remember that Tony’s hero growing up was Bret Farve… Tony has both the great and the terrible mistakes. Also, Bobby Carpenter was the worst draft pick for the Cowboys in years. He just happened to be in Tony’s wedding and the only way he could intercept a pass if his friend Tony was looking for him. The Cowboys should have picked on Carpenter the whole game. I’m 63 with bad knees and he couldn’t cover me. Tony has great talent, but he needs to plat smarter. I would like to see the offense speed up more like they do at the end of the game when trailing. Maybe Tony wouldn’t kill kill kill so many times then. ANYWAY, Go Cowboys!!!

  6. Leddy72

    I needed a few days to assess the efforts of Tony. My reaction to the game as it unfolded was revisited frustration and then complete anger. Detroit had no business stealing this game. They are certainly turning the corner, but yet to become a top flight team. Not yet. A Dallas win was certain here. Hard to swallow this one. What is apparent here, to me is that without a running game, Tony cannot force these decisions he’s making. When will it stop? Who knows. Maybe with Miles and Dez healthy. Maybe with a semblance of a healthy running attack. What I do know in my heart is that I’ll be right back on this ride cheering for him. I can’t dismiss him. The constant knowing of what he is capable of has us Cowboy fans ridin this coaster. Let’s win the division. The Giants are still banged up. Are the Redskins better than the Boys. No! The Eagles are in shambles. A little more consistent play from here on out, please. Tony knows his own weakness. Will he finally fix it one day? I don’t have a choice as as a fan other than to find out. He’s my quarterback! (without the T.O. tears).

  7. Mike

    Only 2-2 guys… Im on the same page, this is the last year I can support Romo but its only week 4… Remember the packers weren’t 4-0 last year at this time and they entered the playoffs as a sixth seed. Good article Rob but I truthfully think that all of this Romo talk at this point is disappointment that we are 2-2 and that we lost the lead we have. If we were to win a Superbowl all this talk would be for nothing. Give it time still and make up your minds if in week 10 we are 2-7 or worse.

    • Rob V.

      It’s not so much the record or Super Bowls, it’s how Romo has not got any better since 2006 as far as throwing the bad interceptions that seems to always lose games or making the bad reads. Every season we as fans seem to say give it time, it’s only week 6, it’s only week 8. When does it stop? Believe me, I hope that I’m wrong about Romo, but at this point with all the evidence against him as far as being careless with the football every season I just don’t see him being the guy to lead the Cowboys to the next level.