Going For The Kill

Anybody who knows me personally, understand my outlook on football and baseball; GO FOR THE KILL NO MATTER THE SCORE!

My buddies and I also refer to it as PLAYING FOR BLOOD!

I have long killed the Cowboys for this basic lack of KILLER instinct. For the better part of the decade this ultimate level of competitiveness has been widely unseen. And that explains all the late game and late season collapses. Only The Strong Survive!

Color me shocked when I read owner Jerry Jones comments after another heartbreaking loss on Sunday.

First of all, this is what he said from the owners box when the Cowboys punted the ball back to the Patriots with more than 3 minutes left on the clock.

“They’re gonna get at least a field goal,” Jones grumbled in his luxury suite after the Cowboys, clinging to a three-point lead with less than three minutes remaining, punted the ball back to the Pats following three consecutive running plays. “We’ll be lucky to get to overtime.”

I grumbled EXACTLY the same words, and of course the inevitable happened leading Jones to say this:

“When you get in a situation like that, you’ve got to go for the kill.  I felt like we could’ve been more aggressive. Our defense had been good all day, but you knew Brady had a length-of-the-field drive in him – so it didn’t surprise me at all when he took them down at the end.”

Wow, is Jerry Jones finally coming around and to his senses? Did he really say we had to go for the kill? I guess Hell has freezed over – now if only he could preach that message to Tony Romo and the rest of the team.

Go For The Kill Cowboys! Don’t Just Say It – DO IT!

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Its not the first time Jones has questioned the head coaches play calling as we all know. I’m telling you right now do not be surprised if Jones fires Garrett after this season and promotes Rob Ryan to head coach while still handling the defense ala Rex Ryan. Then Jones can bring in an offensive Corrdinator. Especially if the Cowboys continue to have issues on offense and if they end up 8-8 or 9-7 whiel the defense improves. Watch it happen by fellow Cowboys fans!!

  2. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    That’s like last year, when the Bears came into Dallas. We were beating them up so badly, then it was as if they let of the gas. Same thing with the Lions this year. As if we feel bad for the other team because we are beating them so bad that we start to play a little softer.

    And it seems to me like the Cowboys like to play from behind. Remember that scene in The Dark Knight, where the Joker is talking to Harvey Dent in the hospital and explains to Harvey what he is. He says ” You know what I’ am, I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it!” That’s what I’m seeing from the Dallas Cowboys, they don’t know what to do with leads when they have them.

  3. Leddy72
    Leddy72 says:

    Until Jerry relinquishes some of the on field control and interaction he so desperately covets, this team will never, ever have another coach that runs the team the way a Johnson or Parcells did. I was patient with Garrett, but it is painful watching the lack of enthusiasm and killer instinct he brings to the Cowboys. I’m so tired of seeing mediocrity. ENOUGH! Too much talent! Tony played well yesterday considering they were in Foxboro. Dez screaming on the sideline made me scream at home,way to go young man. They need a Michael Irvin yellin at everybody. Who can bring back the fire of days past?

    I hope Rob Ryan takes over the job. I know there’s passion in that big belly. But I don’t want a Rob Ryan who has to take a back seat to Jerry. Garrett, Gailey, Campo and Phillips. All were “Yes” men for Jones. Parcells had enough of his interfering and split. It starts with Jerry and trickles down. The Cowboys must find a fiery coach who wants complete control. Get out of the everday football operations, Jerry. Stay out of the war room. Bill Cowher sure sounds nice right about now.

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    Rob, I totally agree. Rob Ryan is going to be offered a head coaching job as soon as this season is over. He basically took the same underachiving guys and made them into a true force. Even the corners are producing, which is really saying something. I totally see Jerry making a change if this team doesn’t make a dramatic improvement soon.


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