Romo Brushes Off Jerry Jones

Watch this video of Tony Romo shrugging off owner Jerry Jones after the Cowboys blew a 27-3 lead and lost to the Detroit Lions 34-30 at home on Sunday.

After the game, Jones said he understood the timing of approaching Romo may not have been ideal.immediately after the loss. however, Jones reemphasized with reporters he still had “faith” and “confidence” in Romo as the team’s on-field leader, and told that he understands the overall ups and downs that come with his play.

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    • rachel
      rachel says:

      Stop with the excuses. He needs to “cowboy up” and play like the QB that these idiotic Cowboy fans claim that he is. He has a job and needs to man up. If anyone behaved that way to a boss, no matter the circumstance, they would have been fired….on the spot. This was done on National television. Jerry Jones has to take this, from now on, from other players. Why…he “understands the circumstance”.


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