Time to go back to your roots Monday Night Football

Since 1991 Monday Night Football has opened with Hank Williams Jr, singing “Are you ready for some football?” After some controversial comments by Williams this week ESPN has decided to part ways with Williams and his song. Even if ESPN wanted to keep the opening song they could not because Williams owns the right to his song.

So what should ESPN do now? How should they open the show? Maybe another celebrity should come up with a song just like Faith Hill on Sunday Night Football on NBC. ESPN will always have their viewers just like they’ve had since 1970, but they need to recapture the magic of their opening. So what to do?

In this fans opinion there is only one way to go and that is to go old school. Monday Night Football needs to go back to their roots. Go back to their old openings. They could even alternate between a few of their openings each week. When I think of the old openings I think how exciting Monday Night Football was as a child.  It brings me back to when football was new and how much fun it was to watch the Cowboys and stay up late when I wasn’t supposed to.

Give it some thought ESPN. It’s time to turn back the clock and recapture the opening Monday Night Football greatness.




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