Cowboys Are Large And In Charge!

I’m shocked at how the excitement level hasn’t ramped up all that much among Cowboys fans after back-to-back invigorating wins for the team. I look here and on other Cowboys sites and it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. How come? Where’s all the “True To The Silver And Blue” fans and bloggers that used to come out in full support for America’s Team?

I just don’t get the lack of enthusiasm especially when the Cowboys, the team I love, is only one game away from taking over first place in the NFC East. I guess I expected more enthusiasm from Cowboys fans. It’s too quiet around here.

For those of you still reading, here’s the latest news from the Cowboys beat:

  • When the Cowboys signed wide receiver Laurent Robinson before the start of the season, I can honestly say that I didn’t know much about his game or what he could have brought to the team. Robinson has been more than just a reliable third receiver. He functions well as the No. 2 guy.  Robinson has come in, learned the playbook and been super productive. Robinson runs nice routes and adjusts well to the ball on the move. More importantly, he has become a target that the quarterback feels very comfortable throwing the ball to in any situation.  ~ ESPN Dallas
  • Lets hear it for Tony Romo! The Cowboys quarterback posted the highest Total QBR of any NFL quarterback so far in Week 10. Romo’s mark of 99.3 is also the highest recorded by any quarterback so far this year and the third highest by any quarterback since 2008. Only Cincinnati’s Carson Palmer (Oct. 25, 2009) and Philadelphia’s Michael Vick (Nov. 15, 2010) have had higher single-game QBRs during that time period.
  • Remember that other running back I used to call Mr. Glass? You all know him better as Felix Jones. Well Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is hopeful that Jones will return from his ankle injury and start to practice this week, maybe on Wednesday. As for who is the official starter, Garrett refuses to address the purple gorilla in the corner. “We just want to get him back into action,” Garrett said. “He’s been a really good football player for us the past few years. A dynamic player both in the run game and the pass games. We just want to get him some touches.”  When asked to elaborate, Garrett said, “Don’t have a specific plan for him.” Good coaches make tough decisions, weak coaches dance around the tough ones. Come on Garrett, man up and tell it like it is. DeMarco Murray IS the everyday back and WILL NOT give way to Felix Jones when he returns. So let it be Witten, so let is be done! (Sorry Rob, I had to steal that line from you!)

As for the rest of you, lets get pumped up and show some of that COWBOYS PRIDE! It feels like a damned morgue in here lately.

We’re playing the Redskins this weekend… I hope we scalp them!

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  1. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    OH NO YOU DIDNT! LOL @your title!

    You are completely right though. I guess if I were speaking for the general fanbase I would have to say we are waiting for that consistency that we have lacked for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally excited and proud of our Boys, but when we clinch the division or wildcard then I will definitely be doing my happy ‘Cowboys in the playoffs’ dance! 😀

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Just enjoying the ride. But as Cowboys fans I think we are very guarded against many things that have happened over the years as well as this year. One game at a time. Things seem to be coming together and I love that. Now we just need to get JJ to shutup!!!!

  3. Nate
    Nate says:

    Great read, Joe. and Kelly, im with you…i think you can only get burnt so many times before you take a step back and think about it before doing it again…this of course is about us getting excited for our season again…at the beginning of the season i predicted 8-8 and a rebuilding year…now with players like lee, murray and robinson playing so well, its kind of putting us over the top of my original expectation…im still keeping my feelings tempered until we consistently beat GOOD teams, but will always root for and enjoy these games…

  4. caleab
    caleab says:

    Cowboy fans are not excited because we simply don’t trust this team. Garret and Boys have to show us more than two wins in a row. Beat the Giants, beat the Eagles, win the division, go to the playoffs and win, take us to the SuperBowl, and quit letting the fans down.

  5. myloveisonguard
    myloveisonguard says:

    LO-OOOVE the ‘Boys, but cannot take the whiplash anymore. When they blow 3-TD leads in less than a quarter, I am sick for the next 3-4 days. When they can get absolutely destroyed by what seems to be an overall inferior team (Iggles), well, it’s hard to allow myself to get pumped after a couple of good showings.
    My sports ulcer has had a lot to deal with this season. So my devotion is subdued.

    …still burning, but not the raging fire that it was when Jimmy was here.

  6. Midnite
    Midnite says:

    Yes it’s become exciting again! Still, most fans remain cautiously optimistic. Every team has it’s dog-butt game where it just never comes together. The Eagles game was just that for Dallas. If Philly could get that “up” against every team they would be dangerous, but I digress.

    Did anyone notice that the Cowboys scoring touchdowns on their first four opening drives was a Cowboy record? First time in Cowboy history that has happened! Murray opens up a whole new dimension for the Cowboys, instead of the previous living-and-dying by the passing game.

    As I stated most fans are excited yet cautiously optimistic. At least until the final hex is eliminated – Cowboys have yet to put together a 3 game win streak in the Jason Garrett era. Good teams beat the teams they are supposed to beat. If it’s really Dallas’ time, they SHOULD win the next 3 games (@ Wash, vs Miami and @AZ). Such would have Dallas @ 8-4 and in total control of their own destiny. It’s entirely possible. But again I digress…

    Win @ Fed-Ex field against an inferior opponent and break into the 3 game win streak zone, and the Fandemonium will be off the hook. This see-saw season will tilt one way or the other Sunday. There are no slam dunks against the Redskins. It’s a heated rivalry and the only game of the year where both owners talk to the team pregame and demand a win. Cowboys are breaking out of the Mediocrity Zone. This Sunday will define Garrett’s Cowboys. With a running game in hand, there are no excuses.

  7. Bob Weikel
    Bob Weikel says:

    I just found this site by accident. I am a die hard Cowboys fan ever since I was a kid. I followed the Cowboys through the 70’s. I always loved Defense in football, and played linebacker in high school for one season, until i blew out a knee. Of course I had the jersey number of the BEST Linebacker turned Defensive Tackle to ever play the game. My personal Football hero “THE MANSTER” Randy White. I will always cherish the Superbowl against Denver, when Randy and Harvey Martin won co-MVP honors. Poor Craig Morton was hammered all game!!
    Now I see a new and potent defense under Rob Ryan. and I Love it!! of course there is a new QB cruncher in the Name of D-WARE!! This kid is awsome. as a person and a football player!!! Ryan has really turned this defense around and i am psyched!! We have a good shot at going all the way. Only Greenbay provides a real threat. Tony, Demarco, Laraunt, Jason, and Dez make an unstoppable force on offense. Unfortunately for my daughter Jenn and I we live in PA and are surrounded by Fleagles fans. (YUK). and we don’t often get to see our Cowboys play, but we both still bleed BLUE & SILVER!!!!!!!! All I can say is this “HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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