Is A Little Objective Reporting Too Much To Ask From ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth?

Cowboys fans are well aware of the hating that goes on from the mainstream media. We see it whenever we tune in to watch the games whether on FOX, NBC or ESPN. Honestly, I’ve become so used to it that my mind just automatically filters it out now. I understand that the anti-Cowboys sentiment is here to stay and it’s not going away anythime soon.

What gets me though is one particular clown who just so happens to be a Cowboys beat writer. You would think any beat writer would show a little partiality to the team they cover, not a ton of it, but just enough to keep the fanbase appeased and feeling like hey, let everyone else hate us, at least we have this guy in our corner.  But no such luck for these Cowboys…

Our fanbase was cursed with the likes of Jean-Jacques Taylor: Cowboys Hater Extraordinaire.

It’s no surprise to most Cowboys fans that this season hasn’t played out the way most of us expected. Poor 4th quarter play and lack of concentration has added at least three games to the loss column that should have easily been wins. So instead of being 7-1 we find ourselves at 4-4.

Yesterday’s victory against the Seattle Seahawks was a must-win game for the Cowboys. If they lose that one, it’s a given that any remaining hope for this season would have been snuffed out and eliminated. So in that regard it was good win.

There were some good stories to take away from this game including the continued emergence of DeMarco Murray who posted his second 100+ yard effort in three contests. It could have easily been three straight 100-yarders, but he only got nine carries against the Eagles, but still managed 75 yards.

Anyway, back to my point…

Here is how JJT chose to open his recap of yesterday’s action:

When it was over, the scoreboard showed the Dallas Cowboys beat the sorry Seattle Seahawks by 10 points. Big whoop-de-do.

A good team would’ve trounced Seattle by three touchdowns. A great team would’ve won by even more. Your Cowboys?

They settled for a 23-13 victory at Cowboys Stadium.

Are you freaking kidding me or what???

How does ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth allow this poor excuse for a beat writer to continue tormenting Cowboys fans, rather than providing them with any substantive and objective inside opinion based on his access to the team?

I’m not asking for much… Just a little bit of objectivity and not the same kind of Cowboys reporting that I would expect to find on an Eagles or Redskins blog.

Is that really asking for too much?

I was so excited when ESPN decided to regionalize their sports coverage and launched ESPN Dallas, but now I think I’ve had enough of it. I can no longer put up with all the knocks on our team, the cruel jokes and all of the incessant snark.

The Cowboys needed a win, and they got a win, and for JJT to knock it only shows he has an agenda.

He’s being paid to cover the Cowboys, not constantly put them down and denigrate them.

We have enough outlets that do that against our team, the last thing we need is our own beat writers joining the fray.

ESPN should be ashamed of themselves… The worldwide leader in sports should concentrate on being the worldwide leader in objective reporting and professionalism.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Its sad that in our world hate and negativity attracts more attention than praise and an optimistic view. There’s a difference between honest criticism and just being spiteful.

    But it’s everywhere not just sports. See: Fox News, TMZ, or any newsstand.

  2. nate
    nate says:

    i watched the video this morning of him and todd archer. those two clowns are just sad, pathetic little men. ya know now that i think of it, if i looked like jjt and for sure didnt get any…EVER…id probably be a hater too…

  3. Derek
    Derek says:

    Taylor is such a clown. I’ve ruffled his feathers a few times on twitter, questioning his amateur analysis. He gets very offended when his “expertise.” There’s a reason he is an EX writer for the Dallas Morning News. Clarence Hill is another condescending local writer that I can’t stand. The arrogance of these two is staggering

  4. Ron
    Ron says:

    I don’t know, some days these idots with negative comments is just what I want to see. It often validates some of my own frustrations towards what seems to be a pretty average football team that thinks they deserve the respct of a champion. Year after year they find new ways to lose while continuing to do the same stupid things i.e., penalties, not recognizing young talent/heart and bad decision making. In all honesty, I expected more from the Cowboys against Seattle. It WAS disappointing. This collection of players can’t seem to find the motivation to get up for games that are deemed “big” games. They lack consistency and strong vocal leaders. Hopefully some of this young talent will change that mentality. The future is looking a little brighter.

  5. Tom
    Tom says:

    Abuse is part of a Championship tradition. I’ve accepted that as a Boys fan. I’ve learned even though we “should have put up 50 points on Team X”, I’ve learned never to take a win for granted. The other team gets paid as well, and is playing hard for the chance to beat “America’s Team.”

    Nothing surprises me anymore. “Fans” that don’t even remember what it was like in the 70s will harken back to those days when they probably weren’t even alive. People gloss over the 80s as we trended downward into the basement of football, only to spring back to life in the 90’s. Now here we are. A seemingly average team, that has won 2 NFC East titles under Wade “Cupcake” Phillips and now are looking for some magic with young players who are under the largest microscope in football.

    We’re the Yankees of football. No matter what you do, it’s simply not good enough. You get a little tired of it, but what can you do? Most of the frustration comes out of wanting our team to perform well and shut someone up. But when they do, they’ll wonder why we didn’t score an extra touchdown or whatever. It is what it is. I love my Boys and no matter what, I’ll always cheer and stomp my feet. The pinnacle is coming. And when it happens, we’ll all stand there and nod with our arms crossed, saying, “Yeah…How Bout Them Cowboys! SUCKAS!”

  6. Leddy72
    Leddy72 says:

    Well said Ron. I too really expected them to come out and hammer the Seahawks after getting embarrassed in Philly. Tied at 6 at half was incredibly frustrating. A win is a win in this league but it was antclimactic. Truth be told, they deserve some criticism for again playing sloppy and for what seems to be uninspired football.

  7. jj63
    jj63 says:

    we didnt even have highlight on espns blitz, there all biased and thats why i rarely watch espn, and what disgusting more is vick is not conciderd a choker WTF!!!! espn is a joke

    • Derek
      Derek says:

      They didn’t even have the Cowboys/Seahawks game on that childish Swami’s Picks segment either. Oh well, guess they didn’t have a game Sunday. Morons


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