We Finally Got A Featured Back!

Jason Garrett still won’t say if Felix Jones or DeMarco Murray is number one on the depth chart at Running Back, but we all know the answer to that.

Fresh off a record-setting rushing performance and the release of  Tashard Choice, Murray didn’t come close to replicating his breakthrough performance, mostly because Tony Romo had to abandon the run and play catch the Eagles.

Still, the rookie running back racked up 75 yards on just nine carries… wow.

The most important thing to remember is that what matters most is not who the starter is, but which RB gets the most carries. DeMarco Murray doesn’t have to be the starter as long as  he gets the bulk of the carries in the Cowboys’ backfield.

Eventually it will happen, and Murray will be named the official starter at running back, but not until a few bruised egos get a chance to heal.

Until then, just enjoy the ride… We finally got that featured back I’ve been crying about for the last five years on LSS.

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