Can negative stats work in the Cowboys favor against the Giants?

Have you ever been watching a game and a stat comes up on the screen saying something like a particular quarterback has not thrown an interception in 200+ pass attempts or a defense has not allowed any points in the last two minutes of a game in the last 30+ games? Then of course that quarterback throws an interception at the worst possible time or the defense gives up the touchdown to lose the game with five seconds left. It happens time and time again. I hate when those types of things are announced, especially when it comes to the Cowboys. Anytime a positive stat is announced something bad seems to happen. Since I’m a little on the superstitious side I’m thinking that those types of stats can also work in reverse and bring some good luck. Maybe if some negative stats are announced then only positive things will happen. So here is hoping the football gods will read this and bring good luck to the Cowboys this Sunday as they take on the Giants in a game that just might decide the division title.  

*The Cowboys are only 6-9 against the Giants in the last 15 games dating back to the 2004 season.  

*The Cowboys are only 5-5 against the Giants in the last ten games, which goes back to the first time Tony Romo started against the Giants during the 2006 season.

*The Cowboys are only 2-3 at home in those ten games. One of those losses came in the playoffs.

*Since Cowboys Stadium opened in 2009 the Giants are 2-0 there. 

*Tony Romo has not beaten the Giants at home since December 14, 2008.

*Tony Romo is only 2-3 starting against the Giants at home since becoming the starter for the Cowboys during the 2006 season.

*Eli Manning is 8-6 as a starter against the Cowboys dating back to the 2004 season.

Now that I’ve announced the negative stats everything should be set for the Cowboys to take hold of the NFC East this Sunday against the Giants. 


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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    YEAH! I believe we do it. The Giants can not only be run on, but thrown on…check that…gashed. They’re not the same team because most of their playmakers are hurt. It’s going to be up to our D to keep Eli and Crew in check and our O line to keep Romo on his feet and Murray running for daylight. The addition of Miles will help spread them out and Fiametta will play clean up and keep Murray moving.


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