Cowboys Secondary Is My Big Concern For Cardinals Game

Future Hall of Fame safety and all around great guy, John Lynch, will be in the broadcast booth when the Cowboys take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The nine-time Pro Bowler knows a thing or two about what constitutes a difference-maker on a team. Regarding the recent good fortunes of the Cowboys in the last month, Lynch had this to say:

They have evolved in a very positive way. Before I worked the Rams game, I studied the Cowboys game from the week before up in New England. I am hesitant to give one guy credit for turning the team around, but DeMarco Murray has certainly helped. The team became a better team when he started against the Rams. He has helped Tony Romo. He has helped the offensive coordinator. He helped the passing game. He has helped the defense by having them on the field less time.

I loved Lynch as a player and he was one of the greatest safeties I’ve ever saw play. Who better to ask about the Cowboys’ secondary than him? Here’s what he had to say:

With all due respect, it is the weakness of the defense. The front seven is a strength. The safeties are playing well. The corners have been exposed in Mike Jenkins’ absence.

Personally, I think he was being too kind –  this Cowboys team has TWO HUGE GLARING WEAKNESSES…

Without a doubt the secondary and the other is the return game on special teams.

Here’s my one concern about Sunday’s game… Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman vs. Cardinals wide-receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

As ESPN correctly pointed out, Fitzgerald is so dangerous because of his ability to not only run routes and gain separation but also catch the ball no matter how poorly it is thrown.  Fitzgerald is one of the top five playmakers in the National Football League.

Control Fitzgerald, and the Cowboys should be able to come away on Sunday with a win. We need a HUGE effort from T-New this weekend.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I would agree Joe. The Boys secondary has been horrible. I’m hoping things get a little better when Jenkins is back and healthy. Lets face it, Scandrick is one of the worse cornerbacks I’ve seen in recent memory. He is always getting beat or missing tackles. How is it that he got a contact extension? Ball isn’t much better. This needs to be an area of concern in the offseason. But before then lets hope Jenkins and Newman can get things under control for the Boys in the secondary.


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