Do or Die Next Week… Again…

With the relevancy of the Cowboys-Eagles game reduced to an exhibition game yesterday afternoon, the Cowboys decided to take Christmas Eve off in what I still considered to be the tune up to Armageddon next week against the Giants.

The Cowboys have now lost three of their last four games after their 20-7 loss to the Eagles, the Cowboys also lost to the first meeting with the Eagles 34-7.

Sadly, we’ve all seen how the Cowboys usually handle these must win – do or die games before… They fold like a cheap chair.

What will they do next week?

Will Tony Romo finally get over the hump and win a big game?

Will Felix Jones finally play like the No. 1 running back he was expected to be when he was drafted?

Will Rob Ryan finally have the defense – especially the secondary – firing on all cylinders?

Will Jason Garrett make any bone-headed moves that will prove costly?

These are all legitimate questions for these Cowboys who continue to frustrate fans with their inconsistent play and poor performances when the games matter most.

Hopefully, they have learned from the ups and downs of this season and learned a valuable lesson for next week – and that is that the team that want’s it the most always proves victorious.

So how bad do you want this game Tony? DeMarcus? Miles? Felix?

Seriously – how bad do you want to win this blood-match against the Giants?

Are you ready to elevate your level of play and give the fans and this team the best performance of your careers? Is that too much to ask?

We’ll all soon find out, but here’s something for you to chew on, Garrett…

Boomer Esiason predicted that the losing coach of the Cowboys-Giants game would be fired. I agree.

Do or die game for the playoffs, yes. But it’s also do or die for Tony Romo and Jason Garrett. Both of them have their butts on the line on Sunday and depending on how the Cowboys fare, both could be ex-Cowboys in the long, cold offseason.

Tight end Jason Witten said understand the stakes are high, “We will have to play our best football. It’s on the road. It’s going to be tough. But that’s the environment you have to take.”

Lets Go Cowboys!

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  1. Leddy72
    Leddy72 says:

    Agree with everything here. Except Romo’s butt ain’t on any line. I still believe he has the ability to lead this team to higher levels. Clarification, he has the ability to lead this offense to higher levels. The D clearly has major issues and lacks leadership.

  2. billy
    billy says:

    They will not can Romo because there is no valid backup. He has been historically terrible in big games and I expect the trend to continue. As far as Ryan is concerned, he would be the biggest clown in football if it were not for his brother, who is a total jerk.

  3. Leddy72
    Leddy72 says:

    Tony has certainly had his brain farts and bad games in big spots. I guess I’m hoping for a trend breaking performance on Sunday night.

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    Romo’s behind is not on the line. Nor is Garrett’s. I believe in Tony more than Garrett because he’s finally figured out that he can only do his job, not everyone else’s, and has had the best statistical year of his career, only once has he went this late in the season with single digit picks and he has done 1000% better in the turnover category. The playcalling has and will continue to be suspect. The secondary is a joke. This is going to be another trackmeet. It comes down to Bailey again. And this time, he’ll knock it through.

  5. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    As much as I have been on Romo’s back, he is the best the Cowboys have right now. But if the Cowboys try to make a move to replace him as far as making a huge deal to move up in the draft then I have no problem with that. As far as Garrett I don’t think he can handle being a head coach and OC. If JJ doesn’t make a move with Garrett then they need to bring in an OC so Garrett can focus on being the coach.


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