It Takes More Than Sexy Stats To Be A Warrior

I warned about this in my post yesterday in which I wrote:

The NFC East title is at stake tonight and for either the Giants or Cowboys, their season is at stake as well.

A loss for the Cowboys will be a devastating blow to their season and they’ll have nine months to lick their wounds if that happens.

The best bet for the Cowboys, is to take Eli Manning out of the game.

Manning is 2-0 in his last two games at Cowboys Stadium and has completed 68.5% of his passes for 636 yards and 6 TDs. He has beaten the Cowboys in five of their past seven meetings.

He Must Be Stopped!

Manning is a closer… That means he can engineer a 4th quarter rally with the best of them. No 4th quarter lead under 15 points is safe with Manning.

The Cowboys defense cannot fall asleep at the switch in the fourth quarter. In fact, I believe this game will be won by the team that wins the fourth quarter no matter what the score is going into it.

There’s no room for unnecessary penalties… No blown coverages in the secondary or missed tackles behind the line of scrimmage where Manning is elusive and dangerous.

This is a winner takes all game…

Prophetic, huh?

This Cowboys team lacks killer instinct. That is why they always implode in December when games mean the most. They are never hungry enough or motivated enough to win the games that count the most.

Romo is a nice quarterback, but in big must win games he is 1-13 in his career. That tells you all you need to know about Romo.

Everyone knew the skills Romo had in the draft, but every single team passed on him because he lacked the killer instinct you LOOK FOR IN A QUARTERBACK.

That is why Romo went un-drafted and the Cowboys signed him as an un-drafted free agent.

The best players in the draft don’t just have sexy stats, they usually come from winning college teams – big teams – championship teams.

You can have a guy like Romo and still win, but only if you have someone else on offense that is a show stopper and a “play for blood” type player. An all out  high intensity type player who oozes with the killer instinct and HATES to lose.

It takes more than good numbers in meaningless games to win a Super Bowl. It takes a warrior’s mentality who attacks the gridiron like a battlefield leading his men to war and ultimately victory.

You don’t win Super Bowls when you can’t win in December. Last night you saw why I called Eli Manning a closer yesterday… Last night you saw what I meant when I refer to a warrior’s mentality.

The Cowboys should have never given the ball back to the Giants after their last possession. A great quarterback would have known that and would have never allowed that to happen. You NEVER give the football back to Eli Manning with more than two minutes on the clock. NEVER.

When the Giants converted that 2-point conversion – that was a warning. The Giants were sending the Cowboys a message. What they said is “we’re coming at you and we’re gonna rip your freaking hearts right out of your chests and leave your battered and bloodied bodies all over your shiny new stadium.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

How can the Cowboys ever win another Super Bowl, when they can’t even get passed Eli Manning?

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  1. Jason meehan
    Jason meehan says:

    I said this all season long.. I like how Romo plays but hate how he finishes! That last drive for the cowboys when he over threw. Wide open miles was the game loser! How can you be ahead with only 3 minutes left at your own 22 and over throw a wide open receiver?!…
    Mr Choke artist is killing the cowboys! Our vets on defense are playing scared lose coverage and tackling on the line is just outright nasty!
    I love the cowboys! Always have.. Always will! But damnit if it’s not hard to sit and watch these types of games slip away! And Rob Ryans defense… I laugh@ it!

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    Joe, I love ya. But, how did Sunday’s loss become about Romo again? The Defense was clearly at fault. They couldn’t stop anyone or anything. While Eli is a darn good QB, he basically was eating a ham sandwich out there each on his 47 dropbacks. No pressure, no secondary worth a darn, and the only real place to lay the blame. The QB gets the loss, but when you throw 4 TDs, 300+ yards and don’t turn the ball over, that QB needs support, such as wideouts that run their correct routes and don’t lose balls in the lights. Next we’ll be blaming Bailey for having his kick blocked or Murray for allowing his ankle to be broken.

  3. Derek
    Derek says:

    I don’t know why anyone is blaming Romo for the loss. What more could he had done to win the game. You knew in the last five minutes Jason Garrett was going to play it conservative, so what did you expect? So he missed a throw to Miles Austin…big deal. It actually looked like Austin hadn’t run a full route. He didn’t turn to ball over, threw four touchdowns, and drove them down the field in the final minute to get them in position to win the game. I don’t know what more you could have asked a quarterback to do, and I don’t know how many other quarterbacks, except 3, maybe 4 in this league could have done that at all. This was one of the most emotional games for me, and hurt more than any I’ve seen in the past few years, but it was not Romo’s fault. This loss is blamed solely on the defense, who opened the floodgates for New York in the last 5 minutes.

  4. G-man, 44 years a diehard cowboy fan
    G-man, 44 years a diehard cowboy fan says:

    You should really gain a little knowledge of the subject your writing about, before you look like and DF -too late.


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