It Was Not Romo’s Fault

Ok I have read the past few posts of my fellow fans and bloggers. One thing is really starting to bother me about this sunday’s game. That you are blaming Romo for this loss. It was NOT Romo’s fault we lost this game. He got the job done. When we needed him too, he drove the team down the field, made the plays and got HIS job done. How is throwing for 321 yards with 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions his fault??? SERIOUSLY???

IT WAS NOT ROMO THAT LOST US THIS GAME!!!!!! It was our defense, OH WAIT we decided that during this game we would not even play defense. Our lack of defense in this game was the cause of our loss. I mean we had a 12 point lead with just over 5 minutes left in the game. All we had to do was stop them ONE TIME..ONCE!!!! and we did not do that. Rob Ryan is to blame. Our safety coach is to blame. Our defensive backs coach is to blame. Our linebackers coach is to blame. Our defensive line coach is to blame. Our ENTIRE defense is to blame. I don’t even think that this time we can put blame on the head coach, or any of the offense AT ALL. OUR DEFENSE IS PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will FOREVER be a fan of our Cowboys, but am willing to tell the truth when it needs to be done. If we get LUCKY enough to make it to the playoffs, our defense will lose us another game with the elite teams in the playoffs unless there is a DRAMATIC change made.


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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I agree with you that the Cowboys defense leaves a lot to be desired. They very rarely make a stop when its needed especially against a good offensive team. They can’t seem to blitz like other teams can. Their secondary is always getting beat, especially Scandrick. But this was a team loss. Yes, the defense gets more of the blame, but if Romo connects with Austin on 3rd down with 2:20 left then the game is over and Cowboy fans are enjoying first place and the inside track to the division title. Everyone gets part of the blame here. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching.

  2. Robert
    Robert says:

    Okay so our defense intercepted a pass to set up a long TD to give us a 12 point lead. All we need is a first down and our defense stays on the bench. The team lost the lead not just the defense. We could not run out the clock in a game when JJ averaged what over six yard a carry–plenty of blame to go around in this loss . . .

  3. Joshua Edwards
    Joshua Edwards says:

    Rob, Had our defense made stops in the game and not allowed the Giants to score 30+ points. We would not have to HAVE a first down to win the game. That is my point.

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    Offense, Defense and Special Teams equals TEAM. But I thought Romo played a good game. But we can’t start pulling the team apart. We win and lose as a team.

  5. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    All areas of the team failed to execute when it mattered. Romo should of made the completion to Austin. McBriar having a 30 yard punt instead of his 50+ yarder. The defense getting penalties and not able to make a stop when it needed to. Special teams allowing the Giants to block the field goal.

    • Leddy72
      Leddy72 says:

      Very true about McBriar. His shank could not have come at a worse point. Huuuuge choke job along with the D’s performance. Please, no more about Tony. He has really cut down on the poor decisions and turnovers. He can make a mistake or two in my assessment. He drove them late again for a chance to tie the game. Not his fault it gets blocked! Not his fault the d backfield can’t cover an old woman in a wheelchair!

    • jruiz
      jruiz says:

      Dude…didn’t you read? Miles said that he lost sight of the ball because of the lights….If you are to comment on something please do the research so you won’t look like a dummy

  6. MegaVoices
    MegaVoices says:

    I totally agree you Josh! Jerry Jones is an idiot…..nor only did he NOT get Nnamdi Asomugha, he released Ken Hamlin prior to last seasons training camp (a very good DB, good enough to put the franchise tag on him in the ’08); allows Bryan McCann to get away this year (you remember him don’t you, he “was” one of the bright spots during last years “Nightmarish” season [running an Eli Manning “Pic 6” back 101yds.for a TD]), and then gives a 5yr. extension to an AVERAGE Safety….Gerald Sensabaugh????? Our secondary is PATHETIC!

  7. Danny
    Danny says:

    Team loss. But didn’t everyone get the feeling that only up 12 points with a long 5 minutes left something was gonna happen? Ugh that shanked punt is what made that loss happen. Good punt inside 20 vs the measly 30 yrd punt was just bad….Go cowboys! play in little over an hour. Take out the frustration on those BUCS!


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