So now what happens?

Now what happens with the Cowboys? How many times can we watch these Cowboys lose these kinds of games? The Cowboys looked like they were heading towards a division championship as they led the Giants 34-22 with five minutes to go in the game. Then once again as has been the case this season and in past seasons the Cowboys defense allowed a team to drive down the field and score. Then with the Cowboys leading 34-29 all Tony Romo needed to do to seal the game was connect with a wide open Miles Austin for a first down and the game was over. Then the ball sailed over Austin’s head and the Giants got the ball back. Can anyone say that they were confident that the defense was going to make a stand? Right down the field the Giants went and took the lead.

Yes, I understand that Romo brought them down the field to set up a game tying field goal attempt that ended up being blocked to end the game. But does that drive really make anyone feel better about the game?

This team needs major changes from the owner to the coaches to the players. Since we all know that Jerry Jones isn’t going anywhere then it’s the current coaching staff that needs to go along with many of the players. Maybe it really wasn’t all Wade Phillips fault last season. The last I checked the Houston Texans had the best defense in the league and were division champions. And this without their best player, Mario Williams. Maybe a lot of the blame needs to go on these players and the fact that they just can’t seem to get the job done.

*Tony Romo just can’t get the job done and hasn’t over the years. How many more years can he say that he needs to learn from losses and get better?

*The offensive line gets pushed all over the field and it seems like defenders are in the Cowboys back field more than the Cowboys are.

*Any time the defense blitzes you can get bet there is going to be a big completion. For whatever reason when the Cowboys blitz they seem to hit a brick wall.

*Orlando Scandrick has to be one of the worst cornerbacks to ever play the game, but Jerry Jones gives him a contract extension. He is beaten every single week by every receiver that lines up opposite him.

*Penalty after penalty which has been the case for years now. Can anyone name another team that gets penalized as much as the Cowboys at the worst possible times in games?

*Where is this great Rob Ryan defense? I don’t care what they are ranked in any category. Make a stop!!!

I just don’t get it. I don’t understand it. These Cowboys are supposed to be loaded with talent. So why is it that they can’t get the job done? Especially in what was the biggest game of the season.

“This is going to hurt, it’s going to sting,” Romo said. “But we need to figure out how to do some things a little better, come back better next week and play our best game of the season.”

“You have to put your head down and keep playing games,” Romo said. “For us it is about us coming back and figuring out some detail things that we can use from this game to improve and using that. Getting better as a team and playing our best game next week.”

Wasn’t the Giants game the biggest game of the season? What about the Cardinals game when the Cowboys could have taken a two game lead on the Giants last week? The Cowboys had the division title in their hands and just could not get it done. How is it that a team (Giants) that had lost four in a row is now in first place with a division title and the playoffs right there in front of them? There seems to be so many excuses, but there comes a time where the excuses need to stop.

“This is like the playoffs for us,” inside linebacker Bradie James said. “It’s sudden death. We have to win the next three to give ourselves a chance. But we knew this one (was) a big one, too.”

And even if the Cowboys somehow pulled out a victory against the Giants would anyone had felt good about it? Would anyone think that this team could deal with the Packers or Saints in the playoffs?

“The nature of our team is we’ve played a lot of close games,” Garrett said. “We’ve won maybe half of them and we’ve lost some other ones. You have to look at situations, see what happens, process it, learn from it and hopefully go forward.”

Once again it’s time for changes, but since Jerry Jones is running the show I can’t say that the future looks bright for the Cowboys. I can’t even say next week in Tampa looks bright. This team could be headed towards a collapse of epic proportions.

So now what happens?

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    I admit it. I’m crushed. For the first time all year, I’m just on the floor. The secondary couldn’t cover anyone with a blanket. I’m shocked, sad, angry, upset, embarrassed. Anytime your team can put up 34 points then LOSE, is just a damn shame. People want to point to one bad pass from Romo and use that as a reason. BULL. The secondary was abysmal. We’re headed to 8-8 at best. It serves us right. Another long off-season of not addressing obvious needs is coming.

    • manuel s godina
      manuel s godina says:

      I agree with you to Tom !! I for the first time I am crushed!! I dont know whats worse? three years we went 5-11 or the 1-15 or even the way we played last year! But I also notice we don’t get many calls..either but if you see the games where the packers are playing they harldy ever get penalized! and I think we are not liked! I don’t we will ever see a superbowl again unless we get rid of alan ball, terrence newmann, sensabauch and get a new COACH! a real COACH!!!

  2. Bruce _Wayne
    Bruce _Wayne says:

    I wish all Cowboys players had half the heart and the will to win like Tim Tebow. I agree coaches should be fired and some players, starting with Jason Garrett. I am happy for Wade Phillips. Everybody was kissing Garrett’s a$$ when he was coordinator. He’s predictable. Sad that our toughest guy got hurt, Demarco Murray. I really hope Jerry Jones cleans house. I’m soon sick of the excuses and shitty “We’ll learn from our mistakes ” comments.

    • manuel s godina
      manuel s godina says:

      i agree with you guy! I have been a cowboy fan for 37 years!! i have never been so embarrassed! Im upset, disappointed, angry, mad!! pissed! I live in Wisconsin and sik of hearing crap from pack fans who annoy me!! we need a change! fast! we need to be dominate!! we need to win win win winw in!! 3 superbowls! stay on top for long time! looks like it will never happen!

  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    I have been a Cowboy fan since 1975, and only one other season (1985) could I say I just don’t know what to expect from week to week. And the ’85 team won the East. Interesting stat…..only twice in the first 52 years of their existence had Dallas blown a lead of 12 or more points in the 4th quarter. This year alone, they have done it 3 times. I don’t know why they cannot finish these games. We fan say all we want about how Dallas should be 12-1 if they did this, or if they did that. Bottom line, a good team knows what had to be done to get to 12-1, not 7-6. And despite all this, they win out, they win the East. Hard to believe they control their own fate. But as a diehard, I will be there, thick or thin. But I am truly pulling my hair out on the 2011 Cowboys.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      I just has a sad…we’re in control of our own destiny. I just hope there’s something to play for when we see the Giants again in 3 weeks.

  4. Joe D.
    Joe D. says:

    The problem with the Cowboys in addition to what I just posted, is that every post season chance is based on hope.

    I hope they dont make 12 penalties.

    I hope Ryan has his defense ready.

    I hope Romo doesnt throw an interception.

    Sorry people, but as I always say, HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY.

    Team lacks confidence, killer instinct, and they are not highly motivated. However they are highly paid.

  5. Andrea Restivo
    Andrea Restivo says:

    Houston are #1 defense, without Mario Williams, and won their division ALSO without their starting and backup QBs!
    Imagine, as a parallel situation, the Cowboys being #1 defense without Ware and still winning the NFC East without Romo AND Kitna…
    …easier to meet with an UFO…

  6. Andrea Restivo
    Andrea Restivo says:

    OLine: Free is much worse than anyone projected. He was a very good RT but never will be a legitimate LT. We drafted Smith in order for him to move to the left side…hopefully he can do that next year, while also improving a lot, brining Free back to the right side…But we need help inside as well, need to bring some top player in there or draft high once more. Kosier is one of my fav. but he’s done and I’m not comfortable with Holland Dockery plus Costa at center.

    WR: Robinson earned his grades on the field to become a #2 receiver, and we need to re-sign him as such. Dez is puzzling me, he can make the difference but if offered a 1st rounder for him, right now I’d take it!

    QB: I still think Romo’s fine, even Eli with such an OLine we got would have problems… Need to draft high for the future though in any case…

    RB: Murray’s injury is a bad one…but Felix can run too…in both of his games with Fiammetta leading he also went over the 100 marker, it’s Fiammetta the key.

    DB: Scandrick is very suspect at best, Newman is done instead for sure. Need to go after Samuel, pair it with Jenkins and get another backup corner since Ball is awful and Walker can’t cover either. Elam had a fair season but I’d expect much more from the Boys starting SS… I’m fine with Sens instead.

    LB: Carter??? If he can’t make the same jump Lee did this year then we need to get big help at ILB in the draft again, or in free agency. On the outside, Spencer is really good for Jax, not for a SB bound team and Butler is not making a jump high enough to replace him. Sooner or later we’ll need to draft a 1st rounder OLB again…

    DLine: Ratliff is having his worst season…scheme? position? Dunno…but he can’t be that non-factor if we want to have success…

    COACHES: Cowher (Fisher) HC with Turner as OC and someone better than smoke as DC….I’d say Eberflus but he will likely join Ryan if he goes (let’s hope!) to head coach some other (crazy) team…but as long as Campo goes as well I’m happy.

    • manuel s godina
      manuel s godina says:

      I agree with some of the stuff you said!! we need to get rid of newmann, ball, scandrick, sens is Ify…! but that secondary is horrible! really bad! I saw the game and even listened to the boring crowd they weren’t into it!! looks like a show! we can’t even protect our own house!! we do need to get in here ed reed! samuel!!! n LSU corners!!!! i don’t know whats wrong with the offence either but when we had T.O !!! we scored!! we were explosive! I am embarrassed here in Wisconsin!!

  7. chris
    chris says:

    I have been a Cowboy fan since I was 7. I have NEVER been more disappointed in a team ever! This team should be blowing people out. If Jimmy was still here this team would be doing just that! I don’t want to live in the past but this team has given me no choice. No playoff wins in what 4 years! And not even close to a championship since 96′! After 33 years of being a fan maybe its time to find another team! I am just done!

  8. sammy
    sammy says:

    Get rid of Ryan he supposedly is a defensive mind his defenses get torched every game in crunch time! You have to find a way to get some that secondary to play better,has far as Romo goes the man misses on to many important throws.Coach Garrett to conservative,no guts to call the big pass lay down field some times to keep the other teams defense of balance.

    • Leddy72
      Leddy72 says:

      Alot of deserved anger here gentlemen. But whoever is blaming Tony for this loss is clueless. 300 and 4 tders is getting it done. Again, I’ve said it before. This team lacks passion and leadership. The D needs serious work. I want to see fire in this team. Where’s the killer instinct? It all starts with the HEAD football coach. Ultimately it should be his head on the choppin block.


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