The Rematch

As I sit watching the replay of the Cowboys-Giants game from a few weeks ago on NFL Network, a few things are clear.

1. Terence Newman should have had a pick six early in the first quarter.

2. The Cowboys secondary played horrible.

3. Eli Manning had all day to throw.

6. The Cowboys defense seemed confused many times.

4. Felix Jones ran the ball very well.

5. Tony Romo played amazing.

6. The Cowboys receivers were open all night.

With the Cowboys and Giants knowing each other so well I don’t see either team changing much as the season finale approaches. The winner takes the NFC East division crown and the loser goes home.

In the first game between these two teams we can look back and see that the loss was on the shoulders of the defense. The Cowboys offense built a 12 point lead late in the fourth quarter and the defense could not stop the Giants offense when it mattered most. I understand that if Tony Romo and Miles Austin could have connected with just over two minutes to play it would have ended the game, but the game should have never come to that. Also, ten penalties on the Cowboys cannot happen again.

This game will be another NFC East battle as both teams exchange blows in this heavy weight fight.

Keys to the game for the Cowboys…


1. Pressure Eli Manning.

2. Don’t give up the big play.


1. Establish the running game.

2. Protect Romo.

Yes, all obvious things and yes, all things that are easy to write down. But as I sit watching the first game the Cowboys had so many opportunities to win the game. If the defense can get to Manning in this game (no sacks in first game) and cause him to throw before he wants to I think it will allow the secondary to be more effective. Let’s face it after allowing 400 passing yards to the Giants and countless big plays of 20 yards or more, can the secondary play any worse?

Felix Jones will be the key to the Cowboys offense. If he can be effective and get the running game going it will open up the passing game for Romo. I don’t believe the Giants secondary can slow down Austin, Bryant, Robinson and Witten. Also, with an effective running game it will slow down the Giants pass rush.

 Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for another wild ride in The Rematch.


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