The Truth Hurts

I am not ashamed to express my “not so great” feelings for our owner Jerry Jones. I lost 90% of all respect for him when he bought the team and treated our legendary coach Tom Landry like, in my opinion, “a piece of meat”. The way that he would come to the sidelines half-way thru a game and make decisions about the game that should have been left up to the coach. I could go on and on about the screwed up things he has done. The poor decisions he has made and how he has made the Cowboys organization a “laughing” matter in the past 15 years.

I said all that to say this. How many of us “die hard” fans out there are NOT worried about this game Sunday VS. the Eagles? First they blow us out of the water earlier this year. Then we come out against the Giants and decide that our defense was going to watch the game from the stands. Then against the Bucs, yes we won, but if you look at the 3rd and 4th quarters of that game. Josh freakin Freeman was tearing our secondary a new one with his passing game.

So Jerry comes out and says:

“There is obviously a thrill to dream about what can be out here, the success,” Jones said during one of his regular weekly radio appearances this week. “But I’m also, because it is the Eagles, after the butt-kicking they gave us up in Philadelphia, I’m scared.”

Truth hurts doesn’t it? There is no way ANYONE can come out right now and say with 100% CONFIENDENCE you are not in some way “scared” of this game Saturday against the Eagles with the poor defensive performances our team has put up in the past few games. I am TERRIFIED of what is going to happen. The Eagles beat us down earlier in the season and the Giants tore our defense up.


Do not take me being scared as I don’t think we can win the game. I ABSOLUTELY believe, just like every single week of the season, every time the Cowboys take the field I BELIEVE we can win that game. I BELIEVE we WILL win that game. But I am also realistic. We have 2 very critical games coming up, and we need to win to make the playoffs. I truly believe we will do it, however, I am scared!


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  1. Billy
    Billy says:

    I think the cowboys will win the next two games we have all the weapons that anyone could hope for and I truly think Romo will overcome the eagles in Saturdays game no question about it.

  2. Dallas
    Dallas says:

    I’m a realist too, but I just have this feeling about the next two games, the Cowboys can win them! They have the tools, they just need to believe in themselves and go kick some NFC East A$$!!!!!!! GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

    • billy
      billy says:

      You were right on with your Eagles prediction( not) and the G men will blow out the Boys next week. America loves to see that meddling fool Jerry Jones lose, almost as much as the NY fans loved to see Rex ( Loudmouth) Ryan lose. Maybe he will hire his brother as defensive co-ordinator so the Jets can set a record for giving up points in critical games. The two Ryan buffoons are worthless

  3. Leddy72
    Leddy72 says:

    I must eat an incredible amount of s!@# if the Boys fall tomorrow. I live in Philly. I despise the Eagles and the obnoxious fans surrounding me. Philly people live and die to watch the Eagles beat the Boys. It’s their passion. Every year the Eagles don’t win anything is another year that their anger grows. I routinely have someone get out of line with me in regards to it. I love the Cowboys. Always have. Can’t root for another team. That’s why it’s soooooo hard to see this team sooooo close to being an elite team. They have periods of success but never sustain it as witnessed in the Tampa game. What team shows up tomorrow? Please stop teasing me. It’s been 15 years of having to watch the Eagles and Giants have success. GET IT DONE! Win a big game at home and KILL the Eagles season. Put them down already! They have no right to even be here at this point. But I’m scared. Go Cowboys!

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    I have this sinking feeling that there could be a beatdown tomorrow night, especially if there is something to play for by kickoff. That being said, I think we perform just well enough on defense to come out with a win…just barely.

  5. Berry Henson
    Berry Henson says:

    I, too, have been duped by Jerry Jones. He is perhaps a better scammer than Madoff. This franchise will live in mediocrity until the Jones family sells the franchise and goes back to Arkansas. We have no hope for success as long as this owner continues to run it into the ground. The only way we as fans can do anything about this debacle is to stop spending our money on this franchise. That means all Dallas Cowboy merchandise, not just tickets. It means all clothing, memoribilia, trinkets, posters, calendars…everything with the star on it must be boycotted until Jones fails. It is the only way we will save our sanity. Turn your back on the cowboys or put a sack on your head like the saints, but we must get rid of Jerry Jones and his offspring as owners of this franchise.

    • billy
      billy says:

      You are absolutely correct about Jones, but I dont think that the average fan will boycott the team. It might not even matter, as Jones really does not need the money. After all, he built a 1 billion or so stadium as a monument to his ego, so do you really think that he even cares what the fans think or do?

  6. Josh Edwards
    Josh Edwards says:

    HAHAHAHA.. a true fan one of the following teams, Skins, Eagles or Giants has decided to post on OUR site and try to get us to turn our backs on our cowboys. Anyone else see that in that comment?????


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