Romo, Murray Key Cowboys 44-7 Win Against The Bills

Wow, I’m still flying high after watching the Cowboys annihilate the Buffalo Bills 44-7 in a game Romo and Co. had to win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Cowboys absolutely dominated the Bills from the opening kickoff to the final seconds and excelled in just about every aspect of the game.

Tony Romo was near perfect throwing 23/26 for 270 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Wide receiver Dez Bryant had a great game as well hauling in six catches for 74 yards with a TD. Laurent Robinson filled in for the injured Miles Austin and recorded three receptions for 73 yards and two scores.

Then you have rookie running back DeMarco Murray who continues cruise and picked up 135 yards on 2o carries along with six  catches for 36 yards. This kid’s a beast!

Murray was such a concern for the Bills’ defense, it freed up Romo to have a field day with his receivers in the secondary.

“They can’t load the box on us and they can’t double team wide receivers,” Murray said.

The defense was spectacular and featured great efforts by Terrence Newman who had two interceptions and a touchdown, and the always reliable DeMarcus Ware who picked up another sack.

“We’re banging away,” Garrett said. “We’re trying to take it one day at a time. … The teams that make the playoffs and the teams that do well in the playoffs are the teams that improve through the course of the season.”

Just an impressive performance all around…

How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!

Special Notes

  • This was Tony Romo’s 21st game with three TD passes, breaking the record held by Danny White.
  • Jason Witten caught five passes, pushing him past Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome for the third-most catches by a tight end in NFL history.
  • Cowboys rookie kicker Dan Bailey made three field goals to extend his streak to 21 straight, the third-best in franchise history.

Happy Veteran’s Day From LSS

StarStruck Graphics

On behalf of everyone at Lone Star Struck we would like to take some time to remember and honor all of our brave servicemen and women that have served and continue to serve our great country.

Each Veteran’s day we have an opportunity to recognize the all amazing men and women who make up the greatest military in the world. They faithfully protect our borders and our freedom and our way of life.

God Bless all of you for your unwavering loyalty, patriotism, strength, and courage.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

DeMarco Murray: The Greatest Cowboys Debut Ever!

I apologize if I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here, but is DeMarco Murray the next greatest player of the Dallas Cowboys?

I mean can anybody ever remember a rookie debut as phenominal as Murray’s first three games as a Cowboy?

Not even the great Emmitt Smith was this good. Check out Smith’s first five games as a starter:

  • 9/9/90 – 2 rushes, 2 yards
  • 9/16/90 – 6 rushes, 11 yards
  • 9/23/90 – 17 rushes, 63 yards
  • 9/30/90 – 12 rushes, 28 yards
  • 10/6/90 – 23 rushes, 121 yards

That is 325 yards gained in his first five games for Emmitt Smith.

DeMarco Murray on the other hand has 466 yards over three games.

Short sample size I know, but encouraging and eye-opening to say the absolute least.

Murray has been nothing short of phenomenal, and to come out of the gate and break Emmitt Smith’s single-game franchise rushing record with 253 yards in his first ever NFL start?

Un-Freaking believable!

That was what you call a bold statement.

And what about his power-run game coupled with all the twists and turns of a world class gymnast?

When was Felix Jones, Marion Barber, Tashard Choice and Julius Jones this tough and this elusive?

He’s averaging 6.7 yards per carry and freaking 3.14 yards after contact! After contact! Say it again… 3.14 YARDS AFTER CONTACT!

I’m not saying Murray is the next Emmitt Smith, only that we may be witnessing one of the best Cowboys debuts in recent memory. No Cowboy has ever busted 466 yards in his first three games, not one of them.

So let’s relish it and enjoy it like a fine bottle of champagne.

That’s all I’m saying…

If excuses equaled wins the Cowboys would be undefeated!

So many people love to go down the “What if” road when it comes to sports. That always seems to be the case when it comes to the Cowboys and us fans, especially so far this season. I’ve heard that the Cowboys should be 7-1 this season or even 1-7 depending on what side of the fence you are standing on. But is that really fair to say or is it just excuses to make people feel better about their team? Sure things can happen during games that can make it swing one way or the other, but a win is a win and loss is a loss. Looking back on a tough loss and saying the Cowboys should have won doesn’t make the loss go away, it’s just a way to make excuses and to feel better about the game because in your heart you think they should have won. Cowboy’s fans want to feel good about their team because they live and die with them. But at the same time it’s a trap of living in a fantasy world and being hypnotized into thinking the Cowboys are better than they really are after a tough loss. As fans we want to believe there is always a reason why the Cowboys lost a game, instead of just being truthful that maybe they just blew it and lost. The opposite can be said when the Cowboys win a close game. As fans we beat our chests and say how they overcame the odds and obstacles and pulled out the win. We never think that when the Cowboys opponent wins the same type of game that they were the ones who overcame the odds and obstacles to win the game. When fans of the Cowboys opposition beat their chests over a win, it’s the Cowboys fans that automatically go into defense mode and once again make excuses why the other team beat the Cowboys. I guess it’s natural for fans, but as I get older the picture becomes so much clearer that we just need to be true to ourselves and tell it like it is.  

Some may be thinking right about now that I’m crazy for writing something like this since I am a Cowboys fan and have been since 1978. Others are thinking that I’m right on the money with my observations. I guess I can write about this because I was that person not long ago who made excuses for every loss and beat my chest for every win. As fans it’s very easy to get caught up in it, but there has to come a time when the spell we are under is broken and we are honest with ourselves. When the Cowboys lose a game like some this season, can’t we just simply say that they didn’t do enough to win? No excuses, no “what ifs”, no shoulda, woulda or coulda. Believe me, the Cowboys organization will not be upset with the fan base if we are just honest and say we lost a game and end it there.  Saying the Cowboys lost a game for this reason or that reason just puts us as fans in place where we should not be and that place is dwelling on a loss. Can you imagine if players and coaches thought that way? I would imagine they would lose a lot more games.  Sure it’s all right to get mad over a loss and yell and scream. I do it all the time, but I can’t sit there and say that if this happened or that happened that the Cowboys would be 7-1 and be in first place in the NFC East.

Of course there is a humorous way to have these discussions about why the Cowboys win games and why they lose games. Going down that road is what makes being a fan fun at times. I love to have these discussions with other fans until of course it starts getting serious and the excuses start to fly. We need to remember that this is just a game, but when it starts to become serious then it takes all the fun out of cheering.

So let’s have some fun…

If the Cowboys don’t turn the ball over in the 4th quarter against the Jets and blow a 24-10 lead they would have won!

And if Anakin Skywalker hadn’t become close to Chancellor Palpatine maybe he would not have turned to the dark side!

If Tony Romo hadn’t come back into the game against the 49ers while losing 24-14, they would have lost the game and the 49ers would be undefeated right now! 

And if Linus would have said “when”, instead of “If the Great Pumpkin comes”, then maybe he would have come!

If Tony Romo hadn’t completed a 30 yard pass to Dez Bryant late in the 4th quarter on 3rd and 21 against the Redskins, which included a 15 yard face mask penalty, then Dan Bailey would not have won the game!

And “If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never have happened” (Old Woody Woodpecker cartoon reference)

If the Cowboys would have played conservative in the second half against the Lions they wouldn’t have blown a 27-3 lead and lost!

And what if the other reindeer let Rudolph play in the reindeer games instead of making him run away from home?

 If Jason Garrett had tried to get a first down instead of running on three straight plays at the end of the Patriots game then the Cowboys would have won!

And what if Marty McFly wasn’t successful in getting his parents together when he went Back to the Future?

What if Felix Jones and Tashard Choice were the running backs against the Rams instead of DeMarco Murray and Phillip Tanner?

And what if Arnold Schwarzenegger had been successful in killing Sarah Connor the first time he found her?

What if the Cowboys defense had prevented the Eagles from scoring just once and forced the Eagles to punt at any time before the fourth quarter instead of being down 34-0?

And what if Rocky hadn’t gone the distance with Apollo Creed in their first match?

If the Cowboys don’t intercept Tavaris Jackson on back to back possessions in the second half maybe they lose to the Seahawks!

And what if the Grinch wasn’t able to save that sled full of Christmas stuff from the top of the mountain that he stole from WhoVille?

Of course I’m just trying to have a little fun here and hopefully I put a smile on some of your faces as the Cowboys sit at 4-4 and having a difficult season so far. Maybe sometimes we take this game a little too seriously. Let’s just try to keep things in perspective and not take things so seriously. It’s a game after all and it should be fun. If the Cowboys coaches and players can move on from tough losses then I believe the fans can as well.

Is A Little Objective Reporting Too Much To Ask From ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth?

Cowboys fans are well aware of the hating that goes on from the mainstream media. We see it whenever we tune in to watch the games whether on FOX, NBC or ESPN. Honestly, I’ve become so used to it that my mind just automatically filters it out now. I understand that the anti-Cowboys sentiment is here to stay and it’s not going away anythime soon.

What gets me though is one particular clown who just so happens to be a Cowboys beat writer. You would think any beat writer would show a little partiality to the team they cover, not a ton of it, but just enough to keep the fanbase appeased and feeling like hey, let everyone else hate us, at least we have this guy in our corner.  But no such luck for these Cowboys…

Our fanbase was cursed with the likes of Jean-Jacques Taylor: Cowboys Hater Extraordinaire.

It’s no surprise to most Cowboys fans that this season hasn’t played out the way most of us expected. Poor 4th quarter play and lack of concentration has added at least three games to the loss column that should have easily been wins. So instead of being 7-1 we find ourselves at 4-4.

Yesterday’s victory against the Seattle Seahawks was a must-win game for the Cowboys. If they lose that one, it’s a given that any remaining hope for this season would have been snuffed out and eliminated. So in that regard it was good win.

There were some good stories to take away from this game including the continued emergence of DeMarco Murray who posted his second 100+ yard effort in three contests. It could have easily been three straight 100-yarders, but he only got nine carries against the Eagles, but still managed 75 yards.

Anyway, back to my point…

Here is how JJT chose to open his recap of yesterday’s action:

When it was over, the scoreboard showed the Dallas Cowboys beat the sorry Seattle Seahawks by 10 points. Big whoop-de-do.

A good team would’ve trounced Seattle by three touchdowns. A great team would’ve won by even more. Your Cowboys?

They settled for a 23-13 victory at Cowboys Stadium.

Are you freaking kidding me or what???

How does ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth allow this poor excuse for a beat writer to continue tormenting Cowboys fans, rather than providing them with any substantive and objective inside opinion based on his access to the team?

I’m not asking for much… Just a little bit of objectivity and not the same kind of Cowboys reporting that I would expect to find on an Eagles or Redskins blog.

Is that really asking for too much?

I was so excited when ESPN decided to regionalize their sports coverage and launched ESPN Dallas, but now I think I’ve had enough of it. I can no longer put up with all the knocks on our team, the cruel jokes and all of the incessant snark.

The Cowboys needed a win, and they got a win, and for JJT to knock it only shows he has an agenda.

He’s being paid to cover the Cowboys, not constantly put them down and denigrate them.

We have enough outlets that do that against our team, the last thing we need is our own beat writers joining the fray.

ESPN should be ashamed of themselves… The worldwide leader in sports should concentrate on being the worldwide leader in objective reporting and professionalism.

The Roller Coaster ride continues

Roller coasters go up, they go down, they have sharp turns, they loop, and they go upside down, they go backward, they go sideways. I’ve just explained the 2011 season for the Dallas Cowboys. Against the Seahawks it was an up week as the Cowboys won, 23-13 to even their record at 4-4 and stay two games behind the division leading Giants who they still have to play twice.

Once again DeMarco Murray took over the running game against the Seahawks. He showed his quickness, his moves and his toughness as he rushed for 139 yards. He now has 539 yards rushing for the season and is averaging 6.7 yards a carry. It’s been reported that injured Felix Jones will be practicing more this week in hopes that he can play against the Buffalo Bills next Sunday, but to remove Murray from the starting lineup at this point would be wrong. Murray has given a spark to the Cowboys running game that they desperately needed. The offensive line has been opening holes and has been playing better as a unit.

With the running game working that leads to better results in the passing game. Tony Romo threw for 279 yards and two touchdowns and was never sacked against the Seahawks. He had time to look for the open receiver and had the time to step up in the pocket where he seems to be at his best. As each game passes Romo’s ribs are healing and hopefully that will mean the end to him wearing his protective vest.

Injuries remain a concern for the Cowboys as once again Miles Austin left the game when he hurt his hamstring. He is scheduled to get an MRI today to find out the extent of the injury. But with Austin out it was Laurent Robinson who stepped in and continued to impress for the Cowboys as he caught five passes for 32 yards and added a  fourth quarter touchdown to put the Cowboys ahead , 20-6. If Austin is out for any amount a time it should be Robinson who takes over the starting spot opposite Dez Bryant, who caught four passes for 76 yards, but also fumbled on the one yard line when it looked like he was going in for the touchdown. Jason Witten remains the one constant in the passing game as he collected four receptions for 71 yards and a 33 yard touchdown from Tony Romo.

Once again the Cowboys offense gained over 400 yards against their opponent, but they also failed to score touchdowns on two of their the red zone visits and had to settle for two Dan Bailey field goals of 20 yards each. Bailey also connected on a 42 yard field goal and is now 20 of 21 this season.

On defense the Cowboys intercepted Seahawks quarterback Tavaris Jackson three times in the second half. Two of the three interceptions, by Jason Hatcher and Terance Newman were converted into ten points by the Cowboys offense. The third was by Gerald Sensabaugh that ended the game. Just like against the Eagles the Cowboys defense gave up a lot of yards rushing to the Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch led the way with 135 yards and scored once. A Cowboys defense that had played great at stopping the run has been anything but great the last two weeks.

The Cowboys now turn their attention to the second half of their 2011 season. Sitting at 4-4 it’s going to take a tremendous effort to win the NFC East or even reach the playoffs as they prepare for the Bills, Redskins, Dolphins, Cardinals, Giants twice, Buccaneers and the Eagles.

The Cowboys roller coaster ride cannot continue like it did in the first half of the season. Some things that need to improve is the run defense, red zone offense, both punt and kickoff returns as well as getting the injured players back on the field. For those who have watched this Cowboys team know how up and down they have been all season and how many twists and turns that have happened as each game has been played. If there is more of the same in the second half of the season they are looking at an 8-8 record. I can’t write that should have beat this team or they could have lost to that team or they should beat these teams coming up. They are what they are right now and that is a roller coaster team.


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The Cowboys welcome three new members into the Ring of Honor

At halftime of this Sunday’s game against the Seahawks the Cowboys will be inducting three more players into their Ring of Honor at Cowboys Stadium. The three players are Drew Pearson, Charles Haley and Larry Allen. The last inductions into the Ring of Honor came in 2005 when Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin were inducted together. With the three new additions it brings the total number of players in the Ring of Honor to 18.  Then add in Coach Tom Landry and General Manager Tex Schramm.

Drew Pearson played for the Cowboys from 1973-83 and helped them win Super Bowl XII over the Broncos. He collected 489 receptions for 7,822 yards in his career, averaging 16 yards a catch and scored 48 touchdowns. Pearson was also voted into three Pro Bowls in 1974, ’76 and ’77 and was also named first team All-Pro in those same seasons. Pearson was forced to retire after the 1983 season when he was involved in a serious car accident in which he suffered internal injuries. Pearson, also known as Mr. Clutch for his big receptions caught the game winner in the 1975 playoffs against the Vikings that became known as the “Hail Mary”. He also caught two late fourth quarter touchdown passes from Danny White to win the game in the 1980 playoffs against the Falcons.

Charles Haley came to the Cowboys right before the start of the 1992 season in a trade with the 49ers and played through 1996 for the Cowboys. Some say Haley was the last piece to the Cowboys puzzle as he helped them win their three Super Bowls in the early 90’s and become the team of the decade. Haley collected 34 sacks while playing for the Cowboys and also caused the fumble of Bills QB Jim Kelly in Super Bowl XXVII that led to Jimmie Jones scoring and the Cowboys taking their first lead in the game.

Larry Allen played in 176 games for the Cowboys from 1994 to 2005. He helped the Cowboys win Super Bowl XXX over the Steelers. He was voted to the Pro Bowl ten times while with the Cowboys and was a seven time All-Pro selection. Allen was an intimidating lineman at 6′ 3″ and 325 pounds. He also was regarded as one of the strongest, if not the strongest man in the NFL and has a recorded bench press of 692 pounds.

Congratulations to all three of the newest Cowboys Ring of Honor inductees. Their names will now hang with the other members of the Ring of Honor and will forever be part of Dallas Cowboys history.


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We Finally Got A Featured Back!

Jason Garrett still won’t say if Felix Jones or DeMarco Murray is number one on the depth chart at Running Back, but we all know the answer to that.

Fresh off a record-setting rushing performance and the release of  Tashard Choice, Murray didn’t come close to replicating his breakthrough performance, mostly because Tony Romo had to abandon the run and play catch the Eagles.

Still, the rookie running back racked up 75 yards on just nine carries… wow.

The most important thing to remember is that what matters most is not who the starter is, but which RB gets the most carries. DeMarco Murray doesn’t have to be the starter as long as  he gets the bulk of the carries in the Cowboys’ backfield.

Eventually it will happen, and Murray will be named the official starter at running back, but not until a few bruised egos get a chance to heal.

Until then, just enjoy the ride… We finally got that featured back I’ve been crying about for the last five years on LSS.

Happy Halloween Cowboys Fans!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween from all of us at Lone Star Struck!

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Sunday against the Rams there was was no need for a comeback. There was no huge lead that disappeared. It was just 60 minutes of solid football from the Cowboys as the offense was able to take control from the start and the defense continued to impress as they shut down the Rams offense and created turnovers. The result was a 34-7 victory over the St. Louis Rams. True, the Rams are one of the worst teams in the NFL right now, but at the same time in order for a team to get on a roll it has to start somewhere.

“You take each of them individually,” Jason Garrett said. “You play 16 games and count them up at the end. What we’re trying to do is get better every week and take advantage of our opportunity on Sunday.”

That roll started with rookie DeMarco Murray who took center stage as he rushed for a Cowboys record 253 yards on 25 carries and scored once. The touchdown came early in the first quarter when Murray ran through a huge hole from his offensive line and found himself in the Rams secondary and scored from 91 yards out. Murray’s 253 yards rushing broke Emmitt Smith’s single game record of 237 yards against the Eagles in 1993. It also broke Tony Dorsett’s rookie single game record of 206 yards also against the Eagles. It was the longest run for the Cowboys since Tony Dorsett ran 99 yards against the Vikings in 1982. Phillip Tanner added 34 yards of his own on six carries and scored his first NFL touchdown in the fourth quarter.

“I never thought in a million years that I’d ever have a day like this,” Murray said. “This is what I’ve been working hard for since my Pop Warner days.”

The Cowboys will most likely be without Felix Jones again this week. That means DeMarco Murray will once again be able to show that the Rams game was not a fluke and that he is the man for the job. They say everything happens for a reason and the Cowboys might have seen their future on Sunday with DeMarco Murray and Phillip Tanner running the ball.

Even Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett gave their congratulations to DeMarco Murray through their Twitter accounts.

“D.Murray congratulations on your performance today for the Cowboys,” said Dorsett.

“In order to be the best, you must be consistent for a long time. Hopefully this is the start of things to come.” said Smith.

As far as the passing game, Tony Romo only passed for 166 yards, but when the running game is as strong as it was against the Rams the passing game can take a backseat. Romo threw two touchdown passes as he found Jason Witten in the second quarter from one yard out and then Dez Bryant late in the fourth quarter from 20 yards out.

“It was nice to play a game like this,” said quarterback Tony Romo, who threw for just 166 yards. “We haven’t played in a game like that in a while where I felt like the game was decided toward the end. We did a great job in the run game. The defense played a great game. It just all came together.”

The Cowboys defense continued to impress as they held the Rams offense to just 265 yards. That includes the 40 yard run by Steven Jackson in the second quarter on their only touchdown drive. The defense also collected two turnovers as Abe Elam forced and recovered a fumble and Mike Jenkins intercepted his first pass of the season. The offense was then able to convert those two turnovers into 10 points.

“I thought we did well other than that one run,” Sean Lee said, referring to Jackson’s 40-yard scamper that led to their only touchdown. “We did a good job after that. We won the game, which is the most important. As a defense, we have to stop the run and we did that today.”


Rookie kicker Dan Bailey added two field goals in the game. One from 51 yards, which is a career long for him. Bailey has now made 16 straight field goals for the Cowboys and is 17 of 18 for the season.

“It feels good to hit a long one like that,” Bailey said. “They all count the same, of course, but that was a good kick. Hopefully they have more confidence in me now. But I know I just have to keep it going and keep focusing on each kick at a time.

The Cowboys are now 3-3 and sitting one game behind the division leading Giants. The victory over the Rams could be just what the doctor ordered and will hopefully send them on a run as the season continues on. Next up is an important visit to Philadelphia to take on the 2-4 Eagles who will be looking to save their season, but it could also be an opportunity for the Cowboys to hand their division rival a knockout punch.

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Make or break game for the Cowboys

With the Cowboys sitting at 2-3 and currently in 3rd place in the NFC East, what should be expected when they host the 0-5 St. Louis Rams this week? The Cowboys have lost games to the Jets, Lions and Patriots after blowing leads. Then they needed to come from behind against the Redskins and 49ers to win. Who are the real Cowboys? Who will show up on Sunday?

The Rams come to Texas Stadium with the 23th ranked rushing offense and the 25th ranked passing offense. You would think the Cowboys defense would be able to dominate the Rams offense with their number one ranked rushing defense and 14th ranked passing defense. Steven Jackson should be the Cowboys main focus as he is the Rams primary threat.  Sam Bradford now has Brandon Lloyd to throw to, but he has only three touchdown passes in his first five games and has also been sacked 21 times. The Cowboys defense should be able keep Bradford under control and hopefully create some turnovers.

If the Cowboys cannot get their 27th ranked rushing offense jump started against the NFL’s worst rushing defense in the Rams, then the problem is even bigger than most think. With Felix Jones out with an injury DeMarco Murray will get his chance to show himself off in front of the home crowd. Maybe it’s the spark the Cowboys running game needs to go along with the added experience on the offensive line with Montrae Holland taking over for injured rookie Bill Nagy. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are now healthy and should be able to stretch the Rams defense. Add the surprise of Laurent Robinson to the mix and the Cowboys should be able to put up some points Sunday.

It’s understood that these are just numbers and rankings and they mean nothing once the game starts. But I see this as the Cowboys opportunity to put a complete game together for the first time this season and get themselves to 3-3 before a very big divisional game in Philadelphia on October 30th. The NFC East is a very close race right now and the Cowboys still have five more games to play against their division rivals. That is what makes the game against the Rams so important for the Cowboys. With the Giants and Eagles having their bye week and the Redskins traveling to Carolina with quarterback questions, the division might get even closer come Sunday night.

If the Cowboys are to make something of this season then this has to be the game that gets them going. Falling to 2-4 cannot be an option. If there is such a thing as a must game, then this is it for the Cowboys. It’s time to put the three horrible losses behind them and move on. But if they lose to the Rams it may be the start of a free fall similar to 2010 that they won’t be able to recover from. Even though the Rams are 0-5 they are still a team hungry for a win. The Cowboys cannot look past the Rams with the Eagles next on the schedule. They need to hit the Rams with everything they have. They need to come out and make sure the Rams go home with their sixth loss of the season. The Cowboys can’t feel like they can dodge the Rams game and move on. So, like the Dodge saying goes…

“If you can’t Dodge it, Ram it!!”





Call Him Mr. Glass

As I pointed out on September 29, we need a workhorse every-down running back and Felix Jones, who I referred to as Mr. Glass in that post only proved what I said all along.

Jones has been placed in a walking boot this week and is expected to be out anywhere from two to four weeks according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.

Jones suffered a high ankle sprain in the second quarter of the team’s loss to New England and didn’t return.

Jones has fought through a dislocated shoulder to stay on the field this season. He won’t be able to do that with this injury.

Jones will miss the St. Louis and Philadelphia games at a minimum meaning he won’t return to the field until November.

We’ll save a drumstick and some pecan pie for you, Felix.