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Cowboys Need More Players Who HATE To Lose

Most of the time I hardly agree with anything JJT has to say, but I must say he is spot on with this post in which he calls into questions the Cowboys’ inability to come through in the clutch.

Jason Garrett can fix the Cowboys. First, though, he must stop lying to himself. He can add a pass-rusher from the draft, or a guard and a cornerback in free agency – and it still won’t matter.  Garrett needs a comprehensive study of why his team keeps collapsing every time the season turns to December and the games become more important.

It’s not a fluke. Or a coincidence. There’s something wrong with this team’s intangibles, and if Garrett keeps running from the truth instead of addressing it, then the problem is never going to go away.  Garrett likes to explain away the end-of-the-season collapses by saying each team is different.  Sometimes, he’ll just refer to it as a lack of execution. If that’s the case, then the players either aren’t good enough or smart enough.

Or tough enough… Something I’ve alluded to very often over the years. They just don’t know how to ramp it up and more often then not they piss their pants at the first sign of trouble. It’s a terrible thing to say about any team, but with the Cowboys it’s true. They wilt under pressure.

Jason Garrett has to deal with this and confront this issue head on…

They can’t continue to fall apart every year when it matters the most, it’s freaking embarrassing…

Since 2007, they’ve entered the final month of the season at least three games over .500 four times and they’ve made the playoffs only once… They have mastered the art of choking.

Jason Garrett has either been the offensive coordinator or head coach on each of those teams, so he gets no free passes from me and he gets the lion’s share of the responsibility for why his team suffers from a lack of focus, intensity and execution when it matters the most.

There’s a lot that needs fixing on this team ranging from offense to special teams and to defense. But what it needs to fix the most is their heads. Most of our players need a good chewing out and a nice ass-kicking.

We need players that love to play but HATE TO LOSE!

We need players that make big plays and not make big excuses.

I’m sick of this crap and you should be too….

  1. marcia


  2. Jerry

    Hallelujah!!! You speaketh the truth my brother. They need to learn how to win. They have losing down to a science. The talent is there, they just need to finish when things get tight.

  3. Dboyz62

    I agree!!!

  4. Rob V.

    A good example of this was the picture I saw of Marty B. getting off the plane after losing to the Giants and he was laughing and looked to be having a great time. Some of the pictures showed players who did not look happy that they had just lost.

  5. Nate

    Good job, Joe. You make a great point. I think the year will be phase two of a three part make-over that will be doing just what you just said. Ridding ourselves of those types of players and adding hungry players that hate to lose. i think it kind of goes along with what Garrett preached when he was named head coach, doing things “The Cowboy Way”, which I believe is not only being held accountable for your actions and play, but hungry for the win and miserable after a loss.

  6. Article is dead on I know I’m sick of it

  7. Tom

    I hate to agree with JJT (because I usually don’t). But in this case…

  8. Steve

    I know in the past I used to get sooooo angry at Romo for his lackadaisy smiles all the time and his ‘no big deal’ comments after losing, but i’ve seen some real changes in him during the game. Gone are the smiles, and no big deal attitude. Now I see him being a leader and showing real frustration with his teammates when they don’t do like they’re supposed to do. If he can change I don’t see why others can’t change as well.

    • marcus

      i agree with you steve, romo use to giggle like things were funny and shrug it off. i like his manorisms now and the fact that he shows his frustration is a step in the right place.

  9. the cowboys need some defence of backs who are not afraid to tackle someone not stand and look these back need a mirror pretty boys ive been a cowboy fan sence 1969 what is going on with my team hey cowboys i hate to see someone lose their job but you need to get rid of all those defence of back and ofence of line good buy you are getting my running backs hurt

    • marcus

      i agree with u vincent..terrance newman and orlando scandrick are the ones who need to be gone. when you are not in position to make a tackle 3 4 times in a row or even tip a ball, like whens the last time we brought a pickoff to the house, whens the last time we actually picked the ball off..i strongly agree

      • Nitro

        This season terrence newman had a pick 6

  10. marcus

    we need to have that backbone swag we always use to have. we need players who want to hit people and not chase people around. we need players who get in eachothers butt when they did something wrong, not this humble crap on the sideline. we need players to take the game more serious, we need to solve our defense, but more then all that we need to be pissed the giants are in the suprebowl, IT SHOULD B US!!!!!!

  11. Nitro

    The only way to get players to play with a hunger is a respected head coach

  12. Rob V.

    Not true. Players never respected Switzer and they won a Super bowl in spite of him.

    • Joe D.

      Nitro, read the book “Boys Will Be Boys” by Pearlman. You will learn that Aikman, Johnson, Irvin and Smith hated Switzer from the word go. They couldn’t stay in the same room with him. Also, if you were around back then, Aikman would intentionally show up late to meetings. As Rob said, which goes to your point about respecting the head coach, the Cowboys won in spite of Switzer not because of him. There was no respect.

      • Nitro

        hey joe I know about that book but when it came micheal went on local media him and nate Newton both and said that alot of the parts of the book where not correct and the book went Over like a lead balloon here you have to understand the aikman switzer relationship dating back to aikman’s recruitment by switzer to oklahoma to understand the why aikman hates switzer

  13. Nitro

    how do you know were you on the team rob I missed yur name on the roster coughlin and bellichek both are in your face guys the harbaughs are in your face guys all four well respected and switzer had jimmy’s coaching staff in your face guys

  14. Rob V.

    First of there is no reason to get rude. I know because the players have come out and said things like that about the Switzer years.

  15. Nitro

    Rob you are how many thousand miles away there were many players who loved switzer micheal, emmitt. deion all loved switzer and many others . switzer problem was the one person who did not like him was aikman because aikman spent a year at oklahoma and switzer promised to go to a pro style offense but he elected to stay with the wishbone offense. To this day switzer has pull with gerrett there is no demarco murray without a switzer phone call to garrett so add garrett to that list. another problem was the dallas media did not like switzer due to the fact of the texas oklahoma rivialary and the fact alot of the kid who played for switzer came from north texas and north east texas and still do today

  16. Rob V.

    What does it matter if I’m one mile away or 3,000 miles away. I’ve seen countless interviews with many players who have said they won in ’95 by doing things there own way and pretty much didn’t listen to Barry Switzer because there was no respect for him. Are you saying that those players were lying? Why would they lie about it? Why does it matter if Switzer has pull with Garrett. People make calls all the time about players. Don’t you think someone called Bruce Davis last year about Bruce Carter. You and I are not in thee meeting with the Cowboys and Jerry Jones. We are not walking the halls of Valley Ranch. But the proof is there that the Cowboys drafts were ten times better when football people were in charge like Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells. All the other seasons that it has been Jerry Jones the drafts have sucked. not to mention just look at the trades in the Johnson era compared to after the Johnson era. Do you think it’s just bad luck that the Cowboys have won just two playoff games since winning Super Bowl XXX?

  17. Nitro

    There’s a big difference There are items here that I can find out about easier than you there’s history or slanted media views that I know about or stuff I get from people I know in the media that I get because of living in the area all my life my connections are good in the media and there are things I get off the record that will not make the local media or nationally just like there are things about the new york teams you could tell me for example why does rex ryan get a pass and coughlin seems to always be on the hot seat

  18. Rob V.

    Oh Rex Ryan is no longer getting a pass. People are getting tired of him just like they were getting tired of his father in Philadelphia. If he doesn’t win next season he might be on the way out. As far as Coughlin, that’s just how the NY media is. But him getting to another Super Bowl just made it that he can leave whenever he wants. If he wins another one then he becomes a better coach than Parcells in a lot of Giants fans minds.

    • Nitro

      see that what I’m talking about and hey I did not mean to come off so strong on your article but you’ve made my point there was an article here locally about a week ago that said rex was getting an pass thats what i’m talking about though that when I say there’s things I get with my connections in the media that you my never see and other things that I don’t mind letting you or joe or nate know about I mean because you live so far away so things that will not even make it locally in the news

  19. Rob V.

    Just keep in mind that my article was purely Fantasy. I was having some fun mostly because I was beyond pissed that the Cowboys just lost to the Giants. Actually, they were crushed by the Giants on National TV. So instead of bashing them I decided to have a little fun at their expense. Freedom of speech is all it is. Well, it’s been real nice fighting with you Nitro. LOL!!! Keep it real!!

  20. Nitro

    As long as you understand that as long as jerry stephen or jerry jr are in control there will never be a gm in dallas talk to you later I’m watching the mavericks lamar odom finnally looks like he’s comming out of his funk best game he’s played since he’s been here

  21. Rob V.

    I understand it and and I don’t like it. The only thing I can do is give my opinions and speak my mind on LSS. It makes me feel better. See ya!