Another Cowboys season ends in disappointment

I can’t say I was surprised at what happened against the Giants in the final game of the season. The Cowboys have been inconsistent all season long. Why would I believe things would be different in the final game, which is what I wrote about last week? I won’t even get into the specifics of the game other than to say once again this team could not play four quarters, which has been the case in just about every game this season. It’s also been the case going back to 2008. The offense has no consistency and the defense does not respond when needed. Every September Cowboys fans, me included believe it could be a special season, but are then disappointed in the end. Maybe it’s time to see the Cowboys for who they are. An average 8-8 third place football team who are blinded by the star on their helmets. This team has almost the same core of players for the last few seasons and the problems remain the same. So where should blame be placed? Coaches? Players? Owners? I guess the answer is yes for all three, but more of the blame needs to go to Jerry Jones who is the one making all the decisions on the players that are selected in the draft as well as which free agents should be signed.

I read articles that the Cowboys are loaded with talent. Where? Sure they have a few talented players, but so do the Cleveland Browns. The problems start at the top with Jerry Jones who evaluates these players. He also makes head scratching decisions like giving a new six year contract to players like Orlando Scandrick who just can’t cover anyone. Jerry Jones is not a GM, but he loves to act like one just like those who play fantasy football and pretend they are really running a team. He truly believes that he is an outstanding evaluator of talent. Outside of players like Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware this Cowboys team is average at best. The jury is still out on players like Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Tyron Smith, DeMarco Murray and Dan Bailey after having one good season. Players like Tony Romo, Phil Costa, Doug Free, Felix Jones, Miles Austin, Anthony Spencer, Jason Hatcher, Kenyon Coleman, Marcus Spears, Bradie James, Terence Newman, Gerald Sensabaugh, Orlando Scandrick and many more are just average football players. I understand that teams cannot have super stars at every position, but it also comes down to coaching players the right way and getting the most out of them. Then it’s up to the players to execute out on the field.

This current Cowboys defense looked confused and out of position countless times in 2011. Is it that they are all just average coaches and players and are playing at an average level? Look back at the 1992 Cowboys. How many great players outside of Charles Haley played on that defense? They were a collection of average players who were coached the right way and got the most out of them. They were then held accountable for their play and went out and executed on the field at a high level. I guess what I’m saying is that everyone needs to be blamed from Jerry Jones down to the players.

It’s been the same excuses every season since losing to the Giants in the 2007 playoffs. The Cowboys will learn from the losses. They will get better. They will come back stronger.  It makes me roll my eyes and shake my head every time I hear it. When? When?

Average players play average when they are coached by average coaches. It can be suggested to bring in coaches like Steve Spagnuolo to coach the defense and Norv Turner to be the offensive coordinator, but it still comes down to having average players who do not execute on the field. Since the player evaluator (Jones) is not going anywhere I don’t see things getting any better for the Cowboys.  Adding to all the problems for the Cowboys is that come next season they have games with teams like the Steelers, Ravens, Saints and Falcons; I don’t see many wins in the Cowboys future until things start to change from the top down and we all know that is not going to happen. Jerry Jones is running this team and for him to give up power to a real general manager will be admitting he could not do the job and I just don’t see him doing that.

What else can I say? I have all these thoughts rushing around my head and sometimes they just don’t translate while typing. What it comes down to is that I’m tired of every season being disappointed by this team and I’m tired of the excuses. It’s going to be a long offseason and if things don’t change I don’t see much of difference come the start of the 2012 season or any season after that.



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  1. Leddy72
    Leddy72 says:

    I agree with everything. Couldn’t have expressed my distraught any better. We fans have to wait until Jones passes or decides it’s in the best interest of the Cowboys for him to get out of the talent evaluation. We all saw what happened for years in Oakland under Davis. Feels kinda the same with Jerry Jones.

    • marcus
      marcus says:

      i agree with you leddy72, he has way to much of an impact on what goes down, garrett is the puppet who wont say no to him….

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    Good article, but I can’t agree with you on everything.

    IMO, the most consistent players this year were Ware, Witten, Lee, Bailey, McBriar (when healthy), and Romo (once he figured out that he can only do his job and no one else’s). And you can even put Robinson in there. That’s it.

    After that, you’re on par with everything else. Jerry is clearly past his prime. Stephen needs to take the reins and hire a honest to God football guy. But since we know that won’t happen, we need to focus on, I don’t know, darn near everything else. The D line was average. If you couldn’t get pressure, they were done, because we didn’t have the secondary that could be left alone on an island. Once they doubled Ware, that was it. We all know Ryan’s system works, but he simply doesn’t have the right guys to run it. That will show itself in the draft’s first two or three rounds. I’d bet my son’s college money on it.

    Garrett had all the makings of a rookie coach that felt he could do everything. I’d get Sparano and Haley back pronto to have Red delegate some of the stuff off his plate. He didn’t know when to call time out (or not to), focused too much on certain plays, and never made adjustments. That has a direct impact on your team as a whole.

    Personally, my heart aches as a fan because we had 6 winnable games that came down to defensive stops. 2 due to QB play, and multiple ones that came down to offensive “playmakers” who couldn’t hit a hole or run the correct route (or finish it). But it also is encouragiung because we improved by 2 wins over the 2010 campaign. I’m hopeful that a full offseason where players have access to the facility and the S/C coaches can improve their performances, but if we don’t get better on the defensive side of the ball, and sign some unsung heroes (**cough** Robinson), we might just go backwards next year.

    And as an older fan from the early 70’s I say to Jerry: Sir, if you’re reading this, step away from the X-Box and Madden and PLEASE get some better guys in here to evaluate and choose talent. It was great in the 90’s when you had football guys on staff to do it for you. You sir, can’t do it and nor do you have the right guys to do it. They seem to concerned for their jobs to tell you what needs to be done if it counters with what you want to do. You say the right things, but do something totally different.

  3. nate
    nate says:

    my new thing this year is to try to see the glass half full as opposed to half empty…and then i saw this schedule…im calling 4-12 right now…it would take the second greatest off-season in Cowboys history to change my mind…

  4. JD
    JD says:

    I am sorry, but I find problems with the entire team including DW#94. He must have led the NFL in offside penalties. He had several critical calls that often led to first downs.

    The team is poorly coached, managed, and owned. It has been several years and that secondary has not been revamped. Year in year out, JJ fails to put in the adequate man power to lead to a Super Bowl. Of course the team still makes a trailer load of money because of fans like us who are loyal. But JJ is not loyal to the team. He is not a true Cowboy.

    Honestly as I Die-Hard Cowboys fan I feel betrayed. We all see winning formulas around the league with teams with outstanding ownership and systems. The New Englands, the Pittsburgs, the Baltimores, even as much as I hate the the Giants. These teams consistently make the playoffs. That formula is not complicated: Owners get out of the way and led coaches coach and players play. It seems like the Cowboys staff and players are merely catering to ol’ JJ’s ego.

    I am done! Call me when the redheaded stepchild leaves the building and when JJ sells the team or changes his ways. I am afraid that a dog that old does not change his ways.

  5. FanSince1966
    FanSince1966 says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Stop buying tickets, merchandise, tell the local TV station you won’t watch games out of protest.

    Everyone does that and we get a real GM, and maybe just maybe save the Cowboy Legacy.


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