Jones Was Right: Cowboys Should NOT Focus On Drafting A QB

Hello fellow Dallas Cowboys fans. Before I begin my first post I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Greg Pomes. I’m a Cowboys fan from New York City. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was seven or eight years old. My favorite all time Cowboys are Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. I’m looking forward to communicating with everyone about our favorite football team!

There has been a lot of talk since the Cowboys once again collapsed and missed out on the playoffs. It’s tough being here in New York seeing the city fawn over the New York Giants, the same team that eliminated my beloved Cowboys from the playoffs yet again.  I think we are all in agreement that there needs to be some serious changes if this franchise is ever going to be the proud franchise it once was. There’s no question about it that we need to revamp our defense. The secondary or complete lack of a secondary is the reason why we lost that final game against the Cowboys.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism over Jerry Jones not actively seeking out a quarterback in this year’s upcoming draft. I rarely ever agree with Jerry Jones and that’s for good reason, however on this stance he’s completely right. Jones said:

“”We’ve got a lot of work to do with our personnel. “The good news is that we’re not starting out at quarterback. We’ve got a competitor there and we’ve got a lot of good skill people around him.”

Tony Romo has been a good quarterback. Is he in the same class as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and yes Eli Manning? I don’t think so but not every good quarterback has to be an elite quarterback. Romo this year had better stats than Eli Manning yet Eli is the quarterback going to the Super Bowl while Romo will be watching it. Eli also has a very good defense around him.

Romo became a different player before our very eyes this past season. Gone was the smiling and shrugging when he made a stupid mistake which was rare this season. Gone was that gunslinger mentality that we’ve seen for most of his career. He took a beating this season with those cracked ribs and that bruised hand at the end of the season but he got back up and led this team to victories.

What we need Jerry Jones to focus on in this year’s draft is improving the offensive line, the pass rush and the secondary. The Cowboys need defensive backs that can make tackles, not chase guys into the red zone. The Cowboys need a pass rush that is not going to give the opposing quarterback all day to throw. The offensive line needs improving after using inexperienced guys on the line that caused Romo to be sacked 36 times and resulted in the injuries that I mentioned earlier.

I’m aware that we cannot go into the new season with McGee as Romo’s backup. There are some good free agent quarterback’s on the market that would serve as an adequate backup. I would like Matt Flynn but he would command too much money. Vince Young is too much of a head case and we certainly don’t need any more of those on this team.

I’m sure there will be many things that Jerry Jones will be wrong about in the months to come but this is not one of them.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Nice to meet you Greg and Welcome to LSS. Agreed that Jerry should not focus on a QB although I have become less of a Romo fan recently. Word was that the Cowboys went after Kyle Orton when he was released this season. That might not be a bad direction as long as Orton accepts that he is a backup now.
    If they can sign Carl Nicks through FA I think the line will start to come together to along with Free and Smith swapping sides. As far as the secondary it’s time for Newman to go. I also don’t think Scandrick is very good since he is always getting beat, but since he just signed a new contract I guess we are stuck with him.
    Not a Jerry Jones fan at all. Tired of him playing GM and thinking he knows talent.

    • Greg Pomes
      Greg Pomes says:

      Thanks Rob, nice to meet you too!

      I would mind seeing Orton as the backup this season, we shouldn’t rule him out. I like your ideas on how to improve the line. I highly doubt Newman will be on the team much longer but you’re right about being stuck with Scandrick and that contract.

  2. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    Hi Greg – welcome to LSS! Another New York Cowboys fan to join Joe and Rob… I’m going to be outnumbered lol. I’m Kelly, you should recognize me from MMO…. 😉

    Any-who – I agree with you. Romo is our man. I’ve seen several posts on the web about drafting a QB but we have bigger problems in other areas. Our secondary has been killing us for years! It needs to a top priority for sure. Also the O-line, if we can’t protect Romo then what’s the point?

    Welcome to the team – GO COWBOYS!

  3. JonBruin
    JonBruin says:

    Nice first post Greg. I am a Dallas fan living in California, which was really rough this year due to the resurgence of the niners as a playoff team. So I feel your pain.

    I wanted to leave a comment, because I believe that Romo is in a class with the Mannings, Brady, and Breez. If you think I am crazy, then look at his 4th quarter stats. No QB has been consistently as effective as Romo, in the 4th quarter. I believe that had he not f’d up the hold on that field goal attempt or had the team been able to get a couple of playoff wins in recent years, just about everyone would view Romo as a truly elite QB. Romo has never been a bad QB, as some people will argue. He just has never had an O-line that can keep him protected, and (with the exception of the few games that Murray started) he has never had a running game that kept defenses honest.

    If the Boys focus on improving the O-line and the secondary in the off season, I think we will finally see them back where they belong…making a run for the Super Bowl.

    • Greg Pomes
      Greg Pomes says:

      Thanks Jon! In my view for Romo to be considered in the same class of those elite QB’s he would have to win a Super Bowl. But I do agree 100% that our owner and GM has done a downright awful job on building around Romo which has prohibited him from getting a chance to win a Super Bowl.

  4. alfredo kalis
    alfredo kalis says:

    Dallas should use their first pick in Dre Kirkspatrick if he is available, And should take people in free agency like Calais Campbell (ARI), Carl Nicks (NO), in their 2nd pick they should go for Ronnel Lewis.

    Romo its a very good stadistic QB, and with better OT, he could have more calm and make a better work. He also wouls need a good backup to give him pressure and he will be a better QB. I knew him 3 years ago and he is a winner.

    I want to see Lee wit Bruce Carter, I jjust imagine violence, and they would break QBs

    FOLLOW ME @akalis10

    • Greg Pomes
      Greg Pomes says:

      I would like for the Cowboys to draft Dre but there are a few things that may prohibit that:

      1) It’s very likely that he could be gone by the time the Cowboys are ready to draft as they have the 14th pick.

      2) I know he was recently arrested and I think with Dez Bryant’s troubles recently Garrett might not want to draft anymore troubled players assuming of course that Garrett is in control of that decision.

      I wouldn’t mind them drafting Courtney Upshaw as he should be able to fit it in very nicely with Rob’s defense.

      Cap Space certainly won’t be an issue in signing free agents and if the Saints don’t re-sign Nicks I would hope to see the Cowboys make an effort to get him.

      Thanks for the reply.

  5. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    It will probably be another year or two before quarterback is a possiblity. and as far as cap space as of today the boy’s are at 12.6 mil under the cap with the ability to go to 20 mil under. now I have a question how do 3 guys from new york become cowboy fans. Like me I’m from north of dallas and I follow the cowboys.mavericks.rangers and stars do you guys follow cowboys and knicks and yankees and rangers or cowboys mets,nets,devils how does that work just wondering

    • Greg Pomes
      Greg Pomes says:

      I’ve been a Cowboys fan for about 17 years now. I guess it’s because my cousin who is like an older brother is a Cowboys fan. My father isn’t much of a football fan. As far as other sports I’m all NY. NY Rangers, Knicks and unfortunately the Mets are the other teams I root for.

      • Nitro
        Nitro says:

        Hey greg thanks for your reply to my question. And by the way welcome to the site.The first key date will be free agency I believe that date is march first since I’am near dallas stephen jones said the cowboys are 12.6 mil under the cap with the ability to go to 20 mil under the 12.6 figure is with out cutting aging vets and reworking contracts. again thanks

  6. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I wouldn’t say QB is a high priority considering what is out there along with Romo’s contract. But I also don’t believe Romo can lead the Cowboys or any team to the Super Bowl. Hopefully he proves me wrong, but I think he all he can be as a QB. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way it is.
    No law saying you have to in Texas or from Texas to follow the Cowboys. Imagine that? There would be a lot less Cowboys fans if that was the case. Here is how I became a Cowoys fan.
    I’m not really a baseball fan. I follo what the Yankees and Mets are doing and if either win then I’m good with that. I do the same with the Knicks. The Rangers? Is the NHL still around? Don’t really pay much attention to hockey. When I was about 10 I loved the Islanders, but that only lasted a short time. Bring back the USFL and the Tampa Bay Bandits!!!!!

  7. John N.
    John N. says:

    Nice to meet you Greg. I tend to agree with most of your statements. I personally think that our secondary is THE biggest issue to deal with first. Our pass rush seems great to me. I just think that our secondary simply can’t cover anybody long enough to give them a chance to get to the quarterback. Newman in my opinion, has to go. He and the team has been living long in the past hoping he can be a good corner again. And remember, we pretty much had no off-season with a new defensive coordinator with a new way of approaching things.

    Having Murray back next year should be a big bonus. That man is a beast and should only improve with a training camp under his belt. I still love Felix, but the injury bug is starting to get really annoying. Same thing with Dez. If they can get our secondary dealt with and maybe do some tweaking with the o-line, I think we should have a good 2012 and maybe early 2013.

    • Greg Pomes
      Greg Pomes says:

      Hi John, nice to meet you too. I agree the secondary should be first and foremost when it comes to this year’s draft. I do think the pass rush is good but needs more than Ware and Ratliff.

      Newman is done, Jones needs to realize that. Plus cutting him frees up several million dollars in cap space that we can put towards the draft and free agency.

      Murray is going to be great I feel with a regular training camp this year and I’m like you I like Jones but the injuries are starting to really hurt the team.

      Rob with a full training camp as well will have the chance to build a defense that could only help improve the defense.

  8. Nick
    Nick says:

    The Cowboys did not make the playoff because the secondary gave up too many big plays. I really believe Romo play very well this year with the offense that really struggle to protect him. First priority for the Cowboys is to draft:
    1) Corner back
    2) Offensive linemen
    3) Defensive Tackle
    4) Safety
    5) Offensive linemen
    6) Corner backs 7)
    Defense? offense?
    The Cowboys struggle on both offenses and defense all together.
    I also believe the Cowboys should trade Felix Jones and get a power running back for short yardage. Murray is the start running back for the Cowboys next year without any question. Felix Jones is a good back but too many injury is the big question mark. Cowboys also need a good backup QB.
    The Cowboys should have been 12-4 winning the NFC East instead of 8-8 not marking the playoffs. I know Romo made some few mistakes during some of the lost including the Jets game. But if you have a good defense that could go in and stop the opposing offenses and give Romo a chance to win the game, it really makes the difference..(The Giants has that defense.) It was really the Eagles and the Giants that beats the Cowboys by big margin but other then that most of the lost is the the defensive gave up too many big plays when the Cowboys are ahead in the 4th quarter.
    I been a Dallas Cowboys fan for 30 yrs, Dallas Cowboys needs football player and not problem players….34 defense works better if you have good players including GOOD LINEBACKERS JUST LOOK AT THE Pittsburgh Steelers defenses…

  9. JJakob
    JJakob says:

    Welcome Greg, I too am new to this site, but am enjoying it so far. I live in Reading Pennsylvania and deal with constant battles between Steeler and Eagle fans, so I can feel everyones pain not from Texas.

    I think a cornerback is a MUST before the o-line because pressure will be created by our d-line if we can get the other teams QB to hold the ball longer. Our current O-line will grow another year older together which builds the chemistry they need.


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