Welcome to my fantasy world!

Since all Cowboys fans know that not much is going to change as long as Jerry Jones is in charge I thought I would jump in and play GM just like Jerry does. I won’t pretend that I understand the salary cap or anything that goes along with it. I’m just giving my opinion on some things and of course having some fun. I understand that it’s probably about 99% fantasy, but hey, I can dream right?

So watch your step as you enter my fantasy world…

Jerry Jones decides to be just the owner of the Cowboys and hires Bill Polian to be the Cowboys new General Manager.

Bill Polian decides to keep Jason Garrett as Head Coach and also brings back Tony Sparano to be the Cowboys offensive coordinator. Rob Ryan does not get offered a Head Coaching job and stays on as the Cowboys defensive coordinator. Dave Campo does not get offered a new contract and is finally removed from the coaching staff. 

Bill Polian lets the following Cowboys free agents leave…

Martellus Bennett

Matt McBriar

Alan Ball

Keith Brooking

Bradie James

Anthony Spencer

Bill Polian cuts the following players that are still under contract…

David Buehler

Terence Newman

Orlando Scandrick

Kyle Kosier

Marcus Spears

Gerald Sensabaugh

Bill Polian makes it a point to sign these Cowboys free agents…

Laurent Robinson

Montrae Holland

Abe Elam 

Tony Fiammetta

The team then decides to move Tyron Smith to left tackle and Doug Free to right tackle. It is also decided to move Jay Ratliff to defensive end. 

Bill Polian jumps into free agency and makes the following signings…

Cortland Finnegan from Tennessee replaces Terence Newman

Michael Griffin from Tennessee replaces Gerald Sensabaugh

Carl Nicks from New Orleans replaces Kyle Kosier

Paul Soliai from Miami replaces Jay Ratliff at nose tackle

Bill Polian then works out a trade that sends Tony Romo and Felix Jones to Miami for Miami’s 1st Rd. draft pick (8th overall).


On draft day as the Buccaneers are ready to make their selection with the #5 pick the Cowboys work out a trade and give the Buccaneers the 8th pick they received from Miami as well their own 14th pick in the first round. The Cowboys jump ahead of Washington who has the #6 pick and select quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3) from Baylor.

Here are some of the replacements for key players who were let go…

Chris Jones replaces Matt McBriar

Bruce Carter replaces Bradie James

Victor Butler replaces Anthony Spencer


Here are your 2012 Cowboys. Not including some backups of course…


Running backs…DeMarco Murray, Phillip Tanner, Chauncey Washington and Tony Fiammetta

Offensive line…Tyron Smith, Montrae Holland, Phil Costa, Carl Nicks and Doug Free

Wide receivers…Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Laurent Robinson

Tight ends…Jason Witten and John Phillips

Defensive line…Jay Ratliff, Paul Soliai and Jason Hatcher

Linebackers…Victor Butler, Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, DeMarcus Ware

Safeties…Abe Elam and Michael Griffin

Cornerbacks…Cortland Finnegan and Mike Jenkins

Kicker…Dan Bailey


Thank you for entering my fantasy world today.

I hope you enjoyed the ride!



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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    I know you did not just let my man Keith Brooking go, that would not be acceptable. Keith brings the same passion and fire to the field that Rob Ryan has on the sidelines, Keith is also a team leader and brings the team together both on and off of the field. He was one of the players leading the team to stay together during the lockout. Keith brings passion for the game and a maturity that only comes from experience to the field that every team needs. His guidance on how to conduct oneself both on and off the field is invaluable to the newer players. Keith Brooking brings a lot to the team, and no one loves the game of football more than Keith Brooking. To lose him would be a great loss for the Cowboys.

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      Then make Brooking a coach, ’cause he’s getting slower each year. He’s not as bad as Bobby Carpenter was, but he’s getting there.
      The Cowboy’s landslide really started this year when Romo gave his buddy Carpenter a free interception when the Cowboys had the game under control. Carpenter couldn’t cover me and I’m 63 with bad knees. Tony thought, “We’ve got a big lead, so I’ll help Bobby keep his job”. BAD idea Tony…

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    That was more like a fantastic voyage…forward it to the DC front office..lol my only problem with it is that you kept jenkins..he needs to go too.

  3. Kelly H
    Kelly H says:

    That’s one big fantasy Rob! I will miss my Bradie but I know its time. I will also have a hard time letting go of Romo, but I knew that was coming from you lol.

  4. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I was going to write a post going through every player, but I was in a bad mood and thought that maybe that would be a bad idea. So why not have some fun instead. I would rather have Luck than Griffin, but I know that’s not possible, or is it. LOL!!!

  5. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    haha I’ve been pining for RG3!! I don’t think Jerry wants to start over with a new QB though. For some reason he thinks Tony’s going to take him to the super bowl and getting a new QB would admit defeat and make him start all over again. He knows he’ll be dead before a rookie QB works his way to the playoffs.

  6. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    This was a waste of space forget about gm Jerry not going anywhere and he has nothing else to do but do what gm’s do and look at the league these days alot of teams are going the jerry way and don’t have gm’s and they are sucessfull jeff fisher just choose the rams over the dolphins because he wanted final say it’s coaches and scouts who pick the players because it’s the coaches butt on the line if the players don’t workout and win gm’s get two coaches before they are fired so jerry has just cut that waste of money out teams that have gm’s have owners with other buisnesses to attend to here’s a team who has been more sucessful than bill poilan alot more sucess new england in fact you would not even know bill poilan if peyton manning did not play for the colts what jerry needs is an experienced head coach not a bad coach who loses you 3 games himself an is a horrible play caller

  7. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    Unless you can move a head of cleveland at 4 you will not get rg3 that could be the first spot he could go as a baylor alumni I would love to have robert but unless you can get to 3 it is not gonna happen and another problem with this is you can not just cut sensabaugh or scandrick due to the fact that they just signed long term contracts and romo is not the problem romo’s problem was that his davelopment stop when sean payton left in 06 and sparano in 07 jason garrett is lacking in that also remember garrett was the quarterback coach when he was hired as offensive coordinator here and the play calling has gone down hill since along with the offense

  8. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Hey Nitro, maybe you didn’t read the title…”Welcome to my FANTASY world! It wasn’t meant to be serious. And JJ is no GM. Never has been and never will be. He is not a football guy. He is a business man who wanted to buy a football team. Jeff Fisher is a football guy.

    I would have no problem finding people who would say my posts are NOT a “waste of space”

  9. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    Here’s your problem you are one of these people who believe a gm solves the problem and I’m here to set you straight lets take the patriots and the colts both have had elite quarterbacks one team the colts have a gm the patriots it’s kraft and bellichek what fan base has gotten the most out of their team it’s the patriots and if you study the colts after dungy left the colts got worst are you sure polian was making the picks looks to me like dungy had more say you know why because thats how it works coaches and scouting departments evaluate players not gm’s they do what jerry does only without all the pauses and the team without a gm goes to another superbowl so stop listen to people who say we need a gm because thats not the problem

  10. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    And I Don’t deal in fantasy I deal in reality and the reality is I said it last year this is a rebuilding project on the fly you don’t remake the o-line secondary and linebackers in one season

  11. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    First of all I don’t need you to set me straight. It’s not my problem if you are serious about everything in life. Those who know my writing know I like to have fun from time to time and also get serious when I want. Let’s take the Giants as far as examples. Great GMs like George Young who built a powerhouse in the 80’s, folowed by Ernie Accorsi who saw talent in Umenyiora, Snee, Tuck, Kiwanuka, Jacobs and made a deal to get Manning. And currently Jerry Reese who drafted players like Bradshaw, Nicks, JPP and saw something in Cruz. They all made great decisions as far as players. Sure scouts and coaches have a say in things, but the GM needs to be a good football guy and be able to find those gems that others are not able to see. Yes, Jerry Jones has found a few players over the years, but you just can’t compare him to a true GM. A true GM also also goes out and gets the players in Free Agency that will best help the team. You need smart FOOTBALL people evaluating and picking players and Jerry Jones is not a football guy. He is a guy who had the money to buy a team and now he wants to pretend like he knows talent. He’s no different from those who play Fantasy Football and believe they have the skills to select a championship team every year. Seems as though the Cowboys have been rebuilding since Jimmy Johnson walked out the door after the 1993 season.

    When Jimmy was around he drafted players like Aikman, Emmitt, Moose, Maryland, Harper, Erik Williams, Stepnoski, Lett, Woodson. Tobert, Kevin Smtih,

    After Jimmy left Jones brought in players like Shante Carver, George Hegamin, Sherman Williams, Eric Bjornson, Kavika Pittman, Clay Shiver, David LaFleur, Ebenezer Ekuban, Dwayne Goodrich, Quincy Carter, Bobby Carpenter,

    So again, you don’t have to set me straight on anything. Stop taking everything so serious. My loyalty goes well beyond anything you can imagine.

  12. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Also, when Parcells was the coach he was the one who drafted players like Newman, Witten, Bradie James, Ware, Barber, Ratliff, not Jerry Jones.

  13. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    You still not getting it I have a friend who has been a scout for dallas and green bay the cheifs and that is not how that works your way george young for example do you think george young said bill parcell screw you I’m taking joe theisman even though you want lawrence taylor no because youngs job was tied to parcells success if parcells failed george young gets fired also a gm in the nfl gets 2 coaches before he is fired then the team has to pay him the remaining salary left on his contract jerry and robert kraft of new england decided instead of paying a gm they can do what the head coach wants without paying that money and use it for something else like signing bonuses or whatever the team needs the jimmy era does not count because you can’t have a second team as good as the first team anymore because of the salary cap but when jimmy went to miami he failed. bottom line is head coach has final say not the gm and pacells drafted bobby carpenter jerry’s problem is he talks to much and should always have an experienced head coach when the shante carver and some of those others where drafted you had dave campo and chan gailey drafting

  14. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    now the jury is still out on garrett as a person who can draft but lets take two of his picks tyron smith and demarco murray tyron first hudson houck told garrett we have to go look at tyron he pushed for that pick and garrett listened to him and he looks like a solid pick in murray”s case it was barry switzer who called garrett and told him you need to look at murray he’s a player and he looks solid so garrett seems to listen to people he trust when selecting a player well see how that works out for him

  15. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    And your also wrong about free agents the person who selects free agents it’s the coach with the information from the pro player personnel department the head of that department is jason’s brother judd garrett when parcells was here it was jeff Ireland gm’s run the buisness side and that has nothing to do with football he;s a supervisor making sure everyone is doing there job even gil brandt was not a gm it was tex schramm and schramm ran the buisness side of the cowboys back in brandts day he ran both college and pro player departments but it’s gotten so big now that is split into two people oveseeing those department but in brandt’s day he ran both sides

  16. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Do you even know who Jerry Jones is? He runs the show from A to Z. He makes final decisions on everything concerning the Cowboys and that goes for every single player on the Cowboys with the exception of when Jimmy Johnson was the coach and most of the time when Parcells was the coach. When Carver was drafted it was ’94 which was Switzer’s first season. And back in 2003 which was Parcells first year a decision had to be made between Julius Jones or Rashard Mendenhall. It was Jones who made the final call. That’s who Jones is. He runs the show. He is responsible. Yes, he listens to his coaches and scouting dept, but he makes the final call on everything.

  17. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    I talk to jerry at least twice a year my family has had season tickets since 1960 when I graduated college 1986 and moved across from valley ranch I’ve had coaches players scouting personnel live next to me who I’ve befriended over the years I know how that oganization and others work I know the hunt family that runs the cheifs you don’t know what your talking about your what a tv fan or a go to a game here or a game there fan and mr knowledge julius jones was pick in 04 rashard mendenhall was in the 08 draft maybe you realize it was felix jones mr knowledge

  18. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    My bad. I meant Felix. And it’s still a fact that Jerry made the final decision on Felix over Rashard. You seem to know so much, but yet you don’t know enough to use any punctuations. If you don’t like my articles than stop reading them.

  19. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    dude I’m not writing an article so punctation doesn’t count I’m just letting you know I’m lucky enough to have inside information and that is not how it works and no jerry does not make the picks he talks to much and ever time what he says does not come out right because he gets it turned around from what he is told by scouts or the coaches he probable should use a notepad but now lets talk about felix they had felix rated even with mendenhall and johnson because and you can blame big bill for this they like a two back system parcells has used that system since the giants now in 08 garrett was the offensive coordinator here he is a parcells guy he only played for jimmy one year and then in 2000 went to the giants his first coaching job he was hired by parcells as the quarterbacks coach until he was hired here he loves the two back system now jason’s twist on the two back system is he didn’t like having a fullback the only reason they used fiametta was because murray likes having a fullback in front of him you must remember barber was the lead back they did not want an every down back like johnson or mendenhall


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