“Put the glasses on! Put ‘em on!”

Does anyone remember the 1988 John Carpenter movie called “They Live”? I have often thought there were many similarities with that movie and Tony Romo. It’s a story of a guy who stumbles across a pair of sunglasses that when worn wakes him from the trance he has been under and shows him exactly how the world is. Without them it showed how the world is actually brain washed to live a certain way. The world was hypnotized by messages on things they would come across in everyday life like magazines, billboards, labels on food or even road signs. To these people nothing was wrong and life was good, but what they didn’t know was that they were being controlled by a higher power. When this person stumbled across these sunglasses he saw what the world was really like. These sunglasses woke him up and as he looked through the sunglasses he saw what all those signs, billboards, magazines and labels really said. Messages like “obey”, “consume”, “watch TV”, “stay asleep”, “marry and reproduce”, “do no question authority” and other messages that had the whole world hypnotized. When it comes to Tony Romo it’s almost the same type of situation. People have been hypnotized since he became the quarterback of the Cowboys. It’s as though people without these sunglasses have been brain washed into thinking things like “Romo for life”, “In Romo we trust”, “Romomania”, “he will lead us”, “America’s QB”, “All hail Romo”. Every magazine, every news article, every sign, every label are all normal to Cowboys fans because they don’t know that they have been hypnotized into a Tony Romo world.

I know all of this because until recently I was part of that Tony Romo world. I was asleep for a long, long time. I was lucky enough to find the special sunglasses that woke me up and made me aware of what was really happening. I am hypnotized no more. I am finally awake and it feels so good!!

I’ve probably heard every excuse in the book as to why Romo has not led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl since becoming the starter during the 2006 season. Some believe it’s just not his time. Others believe that with a break here and there Romo would have a ring or two just like the Giants Eli Manning. I recently read that Tony Romo’s career completion percentage is higher than Eli Manning, Tom Brady and Troy Aikman. That may be true and he may have pretty impressive regular season numbers, but as the Cowboys quarterback the team has made the playoffs three times and is 1-3, never going further than the second round. Manning, Brady and Aikman have eight Super Bowl rings between them. But as each season passes with no Super Bowls and recently not even the playoffs the excuses continue. It’s written time and time again that Cowboys fans must continue to believe in Romo. That he has the ability to become elite and get the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl. But there comes a time when people have to be woken up from their dreams. Please put on the sunglasses and take a look around. I’m not saying it’s all Romo’s fault that the Cowboys have not reached a Super Bowl. But there comes a time when the team needs to realize that they can’t go any further with certain players and that they need to move on. Can anyone say this team is closer to a championship or even closer to competing for a championship now than they were five years ago?

When do the excuses stop? It’s time to put the sunglasses on and see Tony Romo for what he really is. He is a very good quarterback with some good stats, but maybe, just maybe he has also reached his potential. Maybe he is what he is and that’s all. It’s not a bad thing, but at the same time the Cowboys need to realize that maybe Romo can’t get them any further as their quarterback.

This whole ordeal started back in 2006 when he stepped on the field against the Giants when he replaced Drew Bledsoe. He was new life for the Cowboys and a breath of fresh air. He was something different and he was winning games with his gunslinger type of play. He was fun to watch and he was winning games which was when the brain washing started. We were led to believe that maybe Romo was the chosen one. Then in 2007 the brain washing went even deeper when he led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record and home field advantage. Tony Romo could do no wrong as far as the fans were concerned. But maybe it had a lot to do with the fact that the fans were so desperate for a quarterback since Troy Aikman retired that they fell hard for Romo, me included.

I was the biggest Tony Romo fan around. I supported him, cheered him on and wore his jersey proud. I made excuses for him when things went wrong and put him so high on a pedestal when he won you would have thought I was talking about Joe Montana. But after this past season even though he put up good numbers again, I realized that maybe things weren’t as good as I thought they were. I put on those sunglasses and they woke me up from the trance I was under. I saw a good quarterback that has won some games and also lost many heartbreaking games. I asked myself if Tony Romo was any better in 2011 than he was back in 2007 or 2009. My answer was not really! Sure he throws a lot of touchdowns and for a lot of yards, but as far as a player and a leader has he really improved any? It seems to be the same song every season when it comes to Tony Romo. All the shoulda, woulda and coulda’s when discussing Romo’s career with the Cowboys.

Even though the sunglasses have broken the trance I also understand that Tony Romo is not going anywhere. He is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. But what happens after 2012 if he puts together another decent season, but fails to get the Cowboys to the next level? What happens if he loses more games like he did against the Jets and Lions in 2011? What happens if quarterbacks like Alex Smith or Matthew Stafford lead their teams to Super Bowl Championships? There still be so many people out there who have not tried on the sunglasses and the excuses to give Romo more time will still be spoken. To those people I offer the sunglasses of truth. Put them on and wake up to what is really going on. Almost every season it seems like the Cowboys are one of the favorites, but then teams like the Giants, Steelers, Saints and Packers come out of nowhere and become world champions. Aaron Rogers has grown into an MVP with the Packers. And as much as I hate to admit it Eli Manning has progressed every season and has become an elite player in the league.

There is nothing wrong with change. There is nothing wrong with moving in another direction. The Packers moved on from Brett Favre and the Eagles moved on from Donovan McNabb. It has happened to many teams over the years.

It feels good with the sunglasses on and to see things for what they really are, but at the same time it feels horrible knowing that nothing will be changing as the Cowboys and Tony Romo stay together. Maybe a change would work for everyone at this point. Maybe Romo would benefit from going to a new team. I read an article recently that the Cowboys would be lost without Tony Romo. That is exactly what I’m talking about as far as being hypnotized. I don’t understand that thought process. What has Romo done that would make anyone believe that 2012 will be any different for him than his other seasons with the Cowboys? I want to scream and wake the world up. I want to make sure everyone gets a pair of these special sunglasses so they will wake up and see things for what they are. It’s time for a change with the Cowboys and Tony Romo. It’s time to move on in a new direction. I beg everyone to please just put on the sunglasses and see for your selves!

“Put the glasses on! Put ‘em on!”

  1. Tony in Honolulu

    I believe that before we get rid of Tony Romo, we need to fix the offensive line and the defensive secondary.

  2. Paul

    Beautifully written!!! Wish more people would realize that change might be a good thing. We’ll see what the offseason brings. Kudos for a great article.

  3. Trae

    What if this, what if that? I disagree with this article. look at the crappy qbs who won rings… Trent Dilfer didnt have the talent Romo had in his broken non throwing shoulder and he has a ring. You can call it a transe, but please recall every announcer barking left and right every little mistake he made on the “romocoaster”. Aaron Rodgers the so called league mvp, he got real far didnt he? we lost to the same team for the same reason; lack of defense and no one can stop a pass rush. lets build the o line of the 90′s that hard hitting defense of a couple years ago then see how romo does. untill then keep your crappy glasses. in romo I trust, all others can watch with their disposable 3d specs

  4. Rob V.

    Dilfer had what could have been the best defense of all time next to the ’85 Bears. Rogers has a Super Bow ring to go along with his Super Bowl MVP.

    Not really sure what you mean by this…but please recall every announcer barking left and right every little mistake he made on the “romocoaster”.

    When did the Cowboys have a hard hitting defense a few years ago? I remember in the 70′s and the early to mid 90′s, but a few years ago?

    This comment is exactly what I am talking about with my article. Nothing but excuses, but no one wants to see things for what they are. Sorry you don’t agree, but with some of your excuses you are validing my points.

  5. Tom

    I don’t know if I would call it being hypnotized. People said the same thing about Aikman when they booed him off the field. “If we get rid of Aikman and get a **real** quarterback, we’d be back to the promised land!” Well, we’re still in the desert. Change can be good. But change for the sake of change is foolhardy.

    Looking at the dominant Cowboys teams. The last one we had was in 1993. In 1995 we were exhausted and beat up, but were just good enough to get across the finish line. Those problems pre-dated Tony Romo and will probably be around after him if we don’t get back to what we had. Aikman wasn’t dominant. The team was. For Aikman’s successes, the O-Line was a literal wall. I could have completed passes behind them. Emmitt had that line and Moose Johnston leading the way which took pressure off Aikman. Receivers that ran crisp and exact timing routes that would bring a tear to your eye. When Irvin or Harper would turn his head the ball would be in the air and about a 1/2 second from hitting him in the hands. Pass rush? Devastating. Safety play? Woodson. Couldn’t catch or he’d be a wide out, but he’d lay the wood and knock you out of a play.

    Too many often times, people want to lay blame at the feet of Tony Romo. He didn’t go to a fancy school or wasn’t even drafted. Maybe there was a reason. But he could make a ton of teams better. That’s the exact reason he’s still here. He’s not the problem. A problem, but not THE problem. The problem is the front office and the inability to pick the right groceries as Parcells was famous for saying. They cannot put the right pieces in place in order to make this team perform at the highest level. It’s too easy to blame Number 9. And a cop out. He leaves. Then what? We have the same sorry bunch that can’t perform or hit a hole, run a route or rush the passer. Then who do we blame? Number 9 is gone, probably to a better situation and a team that can possibly even HOLD a double-digit lead once he gives it to them. It’s like blaming Bush for you being unemployed when he’s not there and hasn’t been since 2008. The argument isn’t valid, and a reason has to be levied simply because you can’t put a finger on what the real problem is.

    We can put on the glasses alright, but Romo isn’t the true issue. Look at Jerry Jones and the inability to walk the aisles of the colleges and free agent markets to get the right pieces in place to help what he assembled thus far. Teams with far less talent have done better. One almost won the Super Bowl with a scotch tape defense because the owner got out of the way and let someone raised in football make the choices. There will continue to be those who still look at Romo and his 4200 yards, 31 TDs and 10 INTs as the reason we can’t get over the hump. Even Brady’s wife had it right. He can’t throw and catch too. He can’t get to Manning on a blitz when he’s holding his helmet on the sidelines or win a jump ball against Victor Cruz. Wait he doesn’t play defense? But it’s his fault we’re not winning.

    Rob, I read everything you write and agree most of the time, and would love to jump in and write for the site eventually, but this is too easy to blame Romo totally. Until Romo shows himself that he truly can’t do it, then I’ll put my Number 9 jersey away for the next QB. In the 35 years as a ‘Boys fan I’ve seen better (2 QBs), and I’ve seen a lot worse (too many to mention). But I can’t lay total blame at Romo’s feet. It’s a cop out, when there are probably half a dozen true needs on this team that don’t involve the starting QB position.

    The Giants won the SB as a TEAM. Manning was outstanding this year, but the defense was dominant. They rushed with 4 and got there, when we rush with 6 and can’t. When we draft and sign better and THEN Romo isn’t producing, then we’ll agree here.

  6. CFree

    What blithering idiocy, Romo is good enough to make a bad team look almost good. I am a life long Cowboys fan and have been here through thick and thin (mostly thin lately) and was wondering when this kind of BS was going to start this spring…you cannot win in this league without help… it take an entire team. NO QB has ever won a superbowl without HELP. I love the pundits blaming romo for the Defense allowing 14 points with 5min left in a ball game. it is hilarious. (kinda sad actually) I really kinda find it sad that people that come up with this kinda crap actually have followers. everyone have a nice day… lets get some CB’s and DE in FA/Draft and kick some A@@ next year….

  7. Rob V.

    I said in my post that it’s not all Romo’s fault and it’s not. I understand about having pieces around him. But one of my questions was is Romo any different now than he was in 2007 or 2009? Can anyone say that anything has improved with him as QB? Maybe he wasn’t drafted for a reason. maybe he sat on the bench for almost three years for a reason. People make it seem like I hate Romo. I don’t hate him. I simply said that maybe he is all that he can be. That’s not his fault. He’s not a bad person for not being a great QB. He is what he is and that is that. After five seasons you would hope there would be improvement, but his play has not changed from year to year. There is is no progress. It’s the same story every season. How many more years will people say next year is his year? He is 31 years old. I really hope I’m wrong, but at this point I don’t think I am. When 2012 is over and the Cowboys are once again 8-8 or 9-7 and miss the playoffs it will just be the same story again. I don’t question his toughness or will to win at all. He is tough and committed and wants to win. But he is what he is and there has to come a time when that just isn’t good enough anymore.

    You can’t compare him to Aikman because lets face it the Cowboys in 1989 and 1990 were horrible. But you saw something in Aikman. you saw the progress. You saw him getting better. The current Cowboys are not horrible, they are just an average football team. Just look at other QBs that have learned and got better over the years. Some have led their teams to Super Bowls. Some have progressed from 0-16 to the playoffs. There has to be progress and I just don’t see it with Romo. He has not had a bad line in front of him since becoming the starter in 2006.

  8. Tom

    Rob, I beg to differ. It was the same line that couldn’t block for Drew Bledsoe. All of a sudden, they were the Rock of Gibraltar. That’s how Jerry went cheap because he figured his problems were solved. A QB that could move himself in the pocket to make a play what was needed. Heck, it was still needed last year or he would have taken more sacks and we would have probably finished 5-11.

    I’m saying it’s still too easy to blame Romo when there are so many other needs. Maybe he is what he is. It doesn’t mean that he’s not the guy for now. If you told me Drew Brees were walking onto Valley Ranch, I’d throw the first match onto the pile of kerosene-soaked Romo jerseys. Since that’s not going to happen anytime soon… LOL

    I don’t think you hate him. In fact, I’m sure you don’t. But if we can focus for just a second on what other needs we have like a line, a pass rush, a corner and a safety. Address THOSE needs first. THEN if we finish 7-9 after a couple of seasons of the revamped look, I’d be inclined to agree with you. He had two clunker games. Exactly two. Both of which he’d tell you they were on him. After that, he was solid even while injured.

    We all want our ‘Boys to get back to where we want them to be. I want to show my son what the Star means and the tradition behind it. But there are 53 guys on the roster, 46 on game day and when you only have 5 or 6 show up to play, including said Romo, you’ve got problems. And they all start with the guy who writes the checks and chooses the groceries.

  9. Alex

    I am sooooo tired of this garbage!! QB’s get way too much credit, or in this case blame for a team’s inability to win. If a QB goes 25 for 30 with 3 TDs and no picks, and his team loses 35-31 because his defense gives up 35 points, is that his fault?? If a QB goes 12 for 30 with no TDs and 2 INTs but his team wins 10-7 because his defense stopped the other team cold, did he really lead his team to a win?

    Romo is not a perfect QB, but does anyone really believe that any of the other non elite QBs ( Brady, Brees, Rodgers are the elites) would have led this team to the Superbowl?? Romo only plays on the offensive side of the ball and his numbers this year were better than any other season. HIs QB rating has been going up yearly since he took over (minus 2010 when he got hurt).. he is 31 years old, basically in his prime years. Let’s get a defense that can actually hold teams to under 25 points, can stop teams from constant game winning drives, and THEN if he can’t lead us to the big game, let him go… but not yet, it is too soon and this fiasco is not his fault.

  10. the TRUTH

    To the question, is Romo any better than he was 4-5 years ago?

    That’s only part of the question you shoud be asking. Is the rest of the team AROUND him any better? NO!!

    IF Romo could bet better than he is now, he’ll never be good enough to make a play on DEFENSE!! He makes bad decisions and that’s his fault, but when you’re running for your life every damn play, and you’re just trying to make SOMETHING happen….then at times they will/won’t work out.
    No matter how good ROMO gets, he can’t make his line block better. What do you mean he hasn’t had a bad line since he’s been starting? Are you sure you’re watching the DALLAS Cowboys? Not the OK ST Cowboys?
    No matter how good ROMO gets, he can’t make his receivers run the correct routes, he can’t get pressure on the other QB, he can’t make T. Newman run faster, he can’t make Mike Jenkins try harder, he can’t make Felix Jones run like he did his rookie year, he can’t make Dez Bryant try harder in the second half of games, he can’t make an underachieving D-Line play like they want it, he can’t make Keith Brooking younger, he can’t make Bradey James a REAL linebacker (like Willis, Lewis, SEAN LEE, Bowman, Farrior, and so on and so forth)…and last but definitely NOT least…he can’t evaluate the talent and pick his players like Jerry Jones thinks he can.

    I understand your point, but what you are suggesting is not going to work. It’s all up top…. i.e. JERRY JONES…!!!

    When you have a man/owner who thinks he can evaluate talent like the best GM’s in the business just because he has access to the same info, you’ve got a HUGE problem. When that man/owner can’t be told he’s wrong because he only surrounds himself with people who will insert his junk into their mouths, you have an even bigger problem. When this man/owner has run off arguably 2 of the best coaches the NFL has ever seen and can’t see the fact that with both coaches the Cowboys dramatically improved, and can’t see that when HE himself runs the show, the team is garbage. When you have a man/owner that hands out Super Bowl tickets to his team in the locker room before a divisional round playoff, making his players think they’ve already won, you have a colossal problem!! When you have a man/owner that over pays sub par talent (because he can’t evaluate talent) and you can’t bench or trade them because they are overpaid and your backups couldn’t start in arena league….you have one of the biggest problems in the NFL.

    WHEN THAT MAN/OWNER ONLY MADE ONE DECISION THAT LED TO 3 SUPER BOWLS ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO (hiring Jimmy Johnson) and is STILL holding onto that like it means something today, like we haven’t had 16 years of underachieving and bad decisions on his part since then…look at our team!! It was shitty before Romo, it will be shitty after Romo. As long as Jerry Jones is the owner, this team will show nothing but what they have already shown…and that is 6-10, 7-9, 8-8, 9-7, 10-6….and that’s about it.

    All he has to do is look at the successful teams around him, Kraft, Mara, Rooney….look at their system!! IT WORKS…but he’s too egotistical and delusional to see it and change what he’s doing…

    THAT……MR. ROB V IS EXACTLY THE PROBLEM THERE….not Tony Romo. I haven’t been brainwashed by anything or anyone…but apparently Jerry Jones has brainwashed you into believing he is not the issue. We are just not good enough because the talent that HE picks is simply not good enough. Romo can’t do it alone and you know that, so why get rid of our biggest producer year in and year out…?

  11. Joe D.

    There’s nothing wrong with change especially when a team has failed to meet expectations as long as the Cowboys have. The most effective change is always at the top or in this case the quarterback position. This isn’t about rooting for the name on the back of the jersey, it should be about rooting and wanting what’s best for the team. A change is needed and ignoring that fact should preclude you from crying the next time the Cowboys break your heart again. If you are satisfied with the leadership than spare me your gripes in the future. Romo has had plenty of time to come up big in big spots, but mostly he choked and the team along with him. If you like Romo as the leader of this group than I guess you must like where he has led this team… Nowhere.

  12. Rob V.

    Wow!!! So many excuses when it comes to the entire team as well as the organization. But Not too many thrown Romo’s way. When the team was 13-3 I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the defense, offensive line, wide receivers or anything else. But then they lost to the Giants and it was like they were never 13-3 because the team had all of a sudden become bad. Then at the end of 2009 when they shutout of the Redskins and Eagles at the end of the season and then beat the Eagles in the playoffs everything was great with the team, but then they lost to the Vikings and all of a sudden their offensive line sucked and their defense sucked. Romo’s play at QB has not changed since 2007. He has good games and horrible games. When was the last time Romo put the team on his shoulders and won a big game? Never!! And 2012 will not be any different. go ahead and blame the line and receivers and everything else. This is about Romo as a QB. He has not progressed as a QB and he has not shown he can be a big time QB in the league. Every year he tells us that he will improve and learn from his mistakes, but he never does. After 5 1/2 years of hearing this when is enough, enough? Trade him to Cleveland!!!

    • Alex

      You are serious?? Romo has led (14) 4th quarter game winning drives since 2006. His Qb rating has gone up to 102 this season alone, and basically has been rising yearly for the most part! It is always easy to point out that he hasn’t won the big game, but I don’t recall him playing a single down of defense, catching passes, kicking fieldgoals, or blocking linemen to protect the QB.

      That Minnesota game you speak of, our line was embarrassed! They were punked for 4 full quarters and there isn’t a QB on the planet that can complete throws on his back.

      You call it making excuses, I call it pointing out FACTS. Has Romo made some bad passes, absolutely. But if the D could stop the other team from long drive after long drive, it is a non-issue!

      You are so gung ho to trade him away, what QB do YOU think could lead this team AS IS to the SuperBowl??

  13. the TRUTH

    Enough with “the excuses for Romo” bit dude…we’ve all given you VALID reasons why it is not him. Sure he’s choked when it mattered. He’s also came through when it mattered only to have others let him and the rest of the team and fans down. To say his “play” has not improved since ’07 is ridiculous! Look at his #’s…they don’t lie. Look at the rest of the teams #’s over those years…they don’t lie either.
    Nobody is making excuses for the guy, we’ve all sat here and admitted what his faults are, but where WE ALL disagree with YOU is where you THINK someone will do a better job.
    Yea, in ’07 the team was good, but guess what if you didn’t see the weakness in the secondary then……then you had your eyes closed. We had a REALLY good offense that year, with a deep threat in T.O., and QB with GREAT confidence and a STRONG mentality from a great leader in Parcells, who threw on the move very well. Then you give him coach cupcake and red head…any QB would regress….we’ve all seen great QB’s look like shit under a shitty headcoach. Especially when you give him coaches that are trying to change his style like they did.
    But again, I saw the weakness in the secondary. If you ever thought T. Newman was worth having, your as bad at judging talent as JJ…if you think Sensabaugh and Scandrick are worthy of their extensions…then you are as blind as JJ. If you EVER thought Roy Williams (R) was worth it, you’re crazy. If you thought that Patrick Crayton was worth it, then you’ve lost it. Even in that 13-3 year, we still struggled when the game was close. We still struggled against good teams…You may have not heard OTHER people saying anything negative that year…but you don’t know me nor did you talk to me either, so that statement should be thrown out the window.
    I mean JJ passes on Patrick Peterson and gives someone like Scandrick an extension??? REALLY?? If that’s not enough proof that Jerry can’t put together a TEAM instead of a few good players…then you’ve lost a grip on this sport buddy.
    Romo had improved over the years, he may make the same mistakes….but that’s because he’s playing with sub par players around him….and a coach that doesn’t know how to adjust his play calling when people figure him out. Garrett had been garbage as a play caller since everyone caught on in ’07…and he’s failed to adjust, thus he has struggled. Why would you EVER abandon the run when its working? Why would you not give the ball to your running back on the 2 yard line when he had a 99% scoring percentage from the 2 or closer?? Why would you pass in those situations? …because you don’t know what you are doing. That’s not Tony’s fault….and that was BEFORE icing his own kicker, and showing he doesn’t know how to manage a play clock. I’ve never liked Garrett nor Cupcake. They might be decent coordinators, but not head coaches. Don’t believe the hype that this team is the most talented…because they are not. They have great talen in a FEW postions..but other than that, it’s just all names that are nobody now. Look at the core group of players STILL making plays on this team…THAT PARCELLS PICKED…besided Dez and Sean LEE, and Murray…everyone jerry has picked up since is garbage…all big names with nothing to show once they hit the NFL….and he keeps them.
    Tom Brady himself couldn’t make this team win a Super Bowl…

    As long as Jerry keeps putting coordinators into Head Coaching postions so he himself can “play” head coach, and keeps paying and picking SUB PAR talent…this team is going no where. I’m not even excited to watch them play anymore..and it’s not because of Tony Romo…he is the ONLY excitement on the field as he is the only busting his ass to make a play….besides Murray, and Witten.

    Look at ALL of the players Jerry has passed on and see what they’ve accomplished compared to what the players he picked accomplished and you’ll see what I mean…

    He even let go of Sean Payton…and look what he accomplished…that’s not Romo’s fault either.

    • Joe D.

      Big difference between leading 4th quarter drives in games that don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things and failing to engineer one winning 4th quarter drive in an elimination game. We need someone who can lead in the clutch when it matters most. Not someone who folds like a cheap chair when the calendar turns to December.

  14. Rob V.

    When did Romo ever comes through when it really mattered? I’ve watched this team every season since 1978 so please don’t think I’m not a fan. I can give you a list of people who will confirm just how much of a fan I am. I’m also not stupid. I don’t care about his completion percentage or how many TDs he throws or how many yards he throws for. I care about his progression as a QB and I have not seen it. He can’t manage the game, he makes horrible decsions and that has not improved since becoming a starter and even Jimmy Johnson has stated that. Don’t you think I want Romo to lead this team to a Super Bowl and lift that trophy?? Give me a break. Of course I do, but I just don’t see it happening. Even the greatest coaches around will say that a team will know what they have with a QB by the third season. Well, with Romo its the same thing year after year. Nothing ever changes.

  15. Alex

    Again you guys are buying into the “choker” hype… Romo had the 4th highest 4th quarter rating least year behind only Rodgers, Manning, and Brady. Add in Brees who came in 5th and those were the only QBs in the NFL that had ratings over 100 in the 4th quarter. You are buying into the “he chokes” mentality but the numbers tell a different story! He makes mistakes sure, but with only 5 INTs in the teams last 12 games to go along with 24 TDs, those are stats most QBs would kill for!

    Again my question stands: What QB not named Brady, Brees, or Rodgers could lead THIS team to the Superbowl???

  16. Rob V.

    Only 5 ints and 24 Tds in the last 12 games, but they still went 8-8. Again, don’t care about these things. How did he do in the 4th quarter when he threw that pass right to Revis in the 1st game? How did he do in the Lions game with 3 picks, two returned for TDs. He did he do in the Pitt game in 2008 with a 13-3 4th quarter lead. yes, he has had many 4th quarter combacks, but how many were in huge games?

    Again my question stands: What QB not named Brady, Brees, or Rodgers could lead THIS team to the Superbowl??? This is impossible to answer, but I sure would like to find out. Give me Peyton or Eli, Rivers, Dalton, Rothlissburger (spelling), Strafford, Newton.

    • Alex

      Eli benifits from great line, running, and receivers who make RIDICULOUS catches! Peyton is well Peyton, good luck getting him, Stafford is up and coming but where has he led his team? Newton had a good statistical year as did Dalton, but again where did they lead their teams? Roethlisberger plays well but I believe that monster defense and running game wins him more than they lose!

      You can’t count a loss against a QB when he builds a lead and his defense gives up anywhere from 10-14 points in the 4th quarter!! All any QB can do is put up numbers, make throws and hope the rest of the team does their job… Dallas hasn’t done so in many years!

      Are you telling me guys like Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams are better than Dan Marino. They did lead their team to a SuperBowl win and he didn’t afterall.

  17. the TRUTH

    How many times in the years Tony has played, has his DEFENSE given up the lead in the 4th quarter? 4 of those 8 losses that they had this year, they were in the lead in the 4th quarter. 3 of them were 12 pts or more, ONE was because of Tony Romo himself..against the Lions. That game was terrible. But other than that, his defense couldn’t stop an old lady from walking. His secondary couldn’t cover a baby with a blanket.
    Yet you want him to come up with miracle plays and FIND a way to win?? Makes no sense. The defense lost the game for us more than anything else this year…and in the last few to be honest.

    No one here is questioning your fanhood…

    Just your though process….

    Your QB can only be as good as the coaches and players around him…while he’s got some decent players, he’s got no good coaching. Ever since Parcells and Payton left, he’s regressed. I’m not defending his mistakes at all. It is what it is.
    Were you one of the people saying Peyton Manning would never get one? Because up until he did, EVERYONE said the same they are saying about Tony.

    Question remains…who can do a better job right NOW???

    Here’s some good info:

    Head coaches, players, and position coaches have come and gone, but there has been one constant throughout. Jerry Jones, Owner, CEO, COO, Team President, Head of football operations, Head Coach, Lead Talent Scout…….. Okay. Did something get left out there?

    Normally, when there’s dysfunction like that, the first person scrutinized is the head coach, and his staff. This is not a normal situation, by any stretch of the imagination though.
    So it is, with a complete lack of understanding of the Cowboys dynamic, who’s in charge of what, and allowed to make what decisions, that we take a stab at what needs to be done to right the ship. A wish list, so to speak.
    We can’t even begin to say who we’d “let go” because all the ones that need to go, just got signed to long term contracts.

    Quick question: Do y’all think former top 5 draft pick, cornerback Terence Newman, was worth $8 million this year?

    Okay just checking.

    The first, and best, thing to do, would be for Jerry to swallow his pride, and just stick to writing checks. Get your face off of TV. Stop speaking for coaches and players. Stop going down to the field early in the game and telling your head coach something he already knows. Stop acting like you can make better football decisions than all the people you pay to fill the positions you try to manipulate.

    Next, they should trade any of these players that they can, for anything they can get for them:

    Cornerback, Terence Newman. We know his flaws all too well. He’s oft injured, has diminished skills and abilities, his good games are fewer and farther between, and he’s extremely overpaid.
    Cornerback, Orlando Scandrick. He just got a big contract in preseason. He’s injury prone, not the fastest, most physical, or most skilled cornerback. He’s not a bad option at nickleback, but definitely not a guy you’d want in your starting lineup playing on every down.
    Free Safety, Gerald Sensebaugh. In the NFL today, as a safety, you have to be able to be good against the pass, (especially as a free safety,) or at least not cost your team games with your ineptitude. Cowboys fans should remember well Sensebaugh’s shortcomings in the passing game, or does the 2009, second round playoff game against the Brett Favre lead Minnesota Vikings need to be brought back up? Simply put, he’s a liability in coverage, and doesn’t make near enough plays to make up for his deficiencies.
    Cornerback, Alan Ball. What is he? He’s a Wade Phillips experiment gone wrong. He’s too small to be a safety, and he’s not quick enough or skilled enough to be a full time cornerback. That, and he made $1.2 million this year, the same as the overpaid Scandrick, who’s a much better cornerback option than he is.

    There’s a theme here.

    They have the 14th pick in the 2012 NFL draft. They need to use every draft pick on defensive backs and one or two linebackers. Strong side linebacker, Anthony Spencer gets way too many undisciplined penalties, and is mostly ineffective unless the play runs directly into him.
    It’s not like they were the worst in the league against the pass. Their stats, although not good, weren’t anywhere close to the worst in the league. The worst in the league were teams like the Green Bay Packers, the New England Patriots, the New Orleans Saints, and the New York Giants………… Wait a minute four playoff bound teams, three of which people debate are the best teams in the NFL? That doesn’t make sense right? No, not exactly, but the part that does make sense, is the part that doesn’t have it’s own stat. Those teams, more often than not, make the plays when their team absolutely has to have it. They step up in the most crucial moments.
    The Cowboys don’t. The reason why is they’ve got a bunch of players on their defense that don’t have the heart of a champion. Not only do they not have the heart of a champion, they don’t have the coaching of a champion. They are undisciplined, overpaid prima donna that were handpicked by, you guessed it, Jerry Jones. They are also coddled by Jerry Jones as well. That’s why this wish list of ours has to happen. Take Jerry out of the situation, and let the football people run the show again. The last time that happened in Dallas, Jimmy Johnson was putting together an eventual three time Super Bowl winner.

    The fans deserve better. America deserves better. Put your pride aside Jerry, because ever since it took over, the Cowboys have been nothing but a name people say, still thinking of it as this flashy, star studded, super bowl contending dynasty, but in their subconscious knowing something is wrong with that picture. People will get tired of the consistent mediocrity, and of being lied to by the ego maniac with the plastic face. Jerry just has to let go of his own myth that he has what it takes to make good football decisions. The sooner Jerry does that, the sooner the Cowboys can get back to their rightful spot in the spotlight, and the sooner you can pay off shiny new stadium everyone knows as “Jerry World.”

    They will be remembered for their quarterback.

    In his ninth season, Tony Romo faced as much pressure off the field as he did on it. It took only one game for the multiloquent media to prep their crosses and sharpen the nails that weren’t used last year. A casualty of clutch, the Cowboys MUST do something about Romo. A fourth quarter interception in the first game of the season, the result of which was a 0-1 start, was all the evidence they needed. It was a reoccurring theme, a storyline that has defined their franchise for the better part of a decade. “Tony Romo isn’t mentally tough. He can’t handle high pressure situations. The Cowboys will not win a Super Bowl with him”.

    Romo responded the following week with the opposite extreme. He engineered a fourth quarter comeback which paved the way for an overtime victory. And he did it with broken ribs and a punctured lung, against a team that would go on to claim the No. 2 seed in the NFC. From there, Romo put together the best season of his career. He finished with the best QB rating he’s ever had (102.5) and threw 31 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. Any questions regarding the Cowboys’ quarterback have been answered. Tony Romo is their star and their leader for many years to come.

    They will be remembered for their coaches.

    Jason Garrett was the benefactor of a tumultuous 2010 season and earned his opportunity to return as the head coach. But he didn’t escape the fire of the press as the season fell apart. It’s a troubling sign when an owner has to even so much as answer the question of “will he be back?”. Garrett will be back. And he may have some help. Speculations suggest that Dallas will be hiring an offensive coordinator to take some pressure off of Garrett. Doing so would allow him to be more of a head coach and less of a play-caller; more of a dictator and less of a coordinator. It would help him to stay focused on keeping the team focused. That way, in close games, foolish mistakes should be minimized. Things like inappropriately calling timeouts or running quarterback sneaks on fourth-and-one against a Giants’ defensive line that hadn’t budged all game, the things that cost you your season, could be avoided.

    In some ways, Garrett’s position as the head coach was overshadowed by Rob Ryan’s position as the defensive coordinator. Ryan looks like the kind of guy you’d find at a dive bar on the edge of town, drinking whiskey-sevens and smoking hard cigarettes, while cussing at a college team failing to cover the spread. His long gray hair and big belly got more camera time than any of his coaching counterparts. His blitz schemes are some of the best and can cause nightmares for quarterbacks. Unfortunately, the results of his aggressiveness were a torched secondary. As the season wore on, the lack of talent became painfully obvious and Ryan’s frolicking with the media ended up putting more pressure on his own team than on opposing quarterbacks. At one point, the Dallas defense looked dominate, as if it had finally found a way to balance any offensive shortcomings. Front office rumors started to develop that Ryan might be one-and-done in Dallas. Surely, he would be on his way to a head coaching job for some other inferior franchise in need of a Ryan. Those rumors dissolved as quickly as their defensive ranks.

    They will be remembered for their blown opportunities.

    It will be bad memories prematurely escorting them to the off-season. In five games the Cowboys started the fourth quarter with a lead, only to make enough mistakes to squander it. Most notably was the Week 4 bout with the Detroit Lions in which the Cowboys held a 24 point lead going into halftime. Three interceptions later, the Lions emerged victorious and handed the Cowboys a .500 record. It was reminiscent of the how the season started when Romo through a late interception that cost them the game and gave birth to the buzzword “Romocoaster”.

    But the Cowboys seemed to learn from their mistakes and managed to win five of their next seven, good enough for a 7-4 record post Thanksgiving. Then, fans were treated to another notorious Cowboys’ blunder in Week 13. Garrett called a timeout right before Dan Bailey kicked what would have been the game-winning field goal. Naturally, in true Cowboys’ fashion, he missed the second attempt. In a match-up that had them heavily favored, they found a way to lose in overtime to the 4-7 Arizona Cardinals, when they were unable to tackle LaRod Stephens-Howling as he took a short pass and turned it into a 52-yard dagger. You could almost close your eyes and see Cowboys’ fans lining up on the ledge.

    The Jets, the Lions, the Patriots, the Cardinals and the Giants all found a way to erase fourth quarter deficits to defeat the mercurial Cowboys. Had Dallas managed to hang on to even one of those leads, especially the 12 point cushion they held late against the Giants in Week 14, they would be hosting a playoff game this week. Instead, the long off-season begins.

    Romo has made his mistakes, but more times than any it was the mistakes made by the REST of the team….I.E….defense……I.E..secondary…that lost the majority of those 8 games. Romo should be allowed to make mistakes, like any QB should. The problem is when the REST OF THE TEAM can’t back you up and help you in your time of need as a QB, then you’re doomed.

    Bottom line, when Tony did step up, THE REST OF THE TEAM COULDN’T….

    When Tony couldn’t step up…the REST OF THE TEAM STILL COULDN’T EITHER….

    If you have NO help you can’t make ANY mistakes…that’s impossible. He hasn’t had any help on that line for a while now. That last Giants game, didn’t the Cowboys line give up like 6 sacks??!! 6….SIX..!!!! WTF is that??

    I’m guessing that’s Romo’s fault too?

    C’mon man!! You’re saying you don’t hate Tony…and you’re not putting all the blame on him in one or two sentences…but in the rest of the article and in your responses to our comments you are saying the complete opposite.

    I think those glasses you are wearing have some hallucinogenic affect in them or something. You see what’s in front of you, but it’s distorted.

    I’ll keep my own two eyes…thanks.

    • CFree

      Very well written and thought out… unlike my blabbering….

  18. The defense has and still is the problem, not to mention jason garrett is a pussy when it comes to calling offensive plays. he has no Idea when to run against the 29th worst running defense in the league, and calls nothing but pass plays when up against top passing defenses, In my humble opinion its Jason Garrett who is the problem.

    • Nitro

      Could not agree with you more fitz

  19. CFree

    OK.. Lets see here… What do you call a QB that plays for years in the NFL and never wins a ring? his Rating bounces up and down like a rollercoaster over 16 years and settles down to a 86.4 (for comparison his first 6 seasons as a starter was 91.9 Romo after his first 5.5years is a paltry 96.9) do you know why this guy never won a ring in 16 year? not because he wasn’t a HALL OF FAME quarterback.. it was because he never had a good enough TEAM around him … you can’t LEAD a TEAM unless you have a TEAM Don’t tell me you have to win a Ring to be a HOF Quarterback and be considered Elite… try telling Dan Marino… There have been some decent points made today.. mostly about it NOT being entirely on Romo’s Back… But the best reason that we have not won a superbowl w/ Romo is that the TEAM just hasn’t been good enough. Period

  20. Mark

    Rob, I too am a life long Dallas fan. I do agree with you that Romo has peaked at a level that will not have him raising the trophy any time soon regardless of who plays around him. This is my take on some problems. Where I think the Cowboys have changed is “heart” they have been walking around like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz for years now. Everyone, and I mean everyone gets up to play the Cowboys, especially at Jerrys World. If you no longer have the heart of a champion, regardless of players, you WILL be defeted. Heart is what gives the aging prize fighter the “punchers” chance at taking out the younger, stronger fighter. I believe Jerry is a big reason the Tin Man cannot find a heart. He needs to do the right thing for the orginization, hire some good football minds that know how to find those gems in the later rounds of the draft, and then step away and stay far away from day to day operations. I also think a major problem is our fans. Why is it Seatle with no roof is louder than Dallas. I`m pretty sure I can hear crickets chirping when the defence is on the field. Come on people make some noise. Jerry has the games tickets priced so high only the Kardasians can afford to attend. Apparently cheering at the top of your lungs is not cultured enough, but losing is. Find your heart, make some noise, and get the winning attitude back. All else will work its self out. We CAN win with or without Romo, but you must first have the heart of a WINNER!

  21. Rob V.

    One of the comments said Eli benfefits from a great line and running game. Well Eli was sacked 28 times and their running game was dead last. Romo was sacked 36. Others like Rodgers, 36, Brady, 32, Rothlisberger, 40, Flacco, 31, Smith, 44. This is just a few names. Romo’s line was not that bad, How did Murray rush for almost 1,000 yards with such a bad line? How did Romo throw for over 4,000 yards with such a bad line? Romo was not running for his life on every single play as many of you are making it seem like.

    And is someone out there really comparing Romo to the great Dan Marino? You are you serious? No one ever said you had to have a ring to be considered a HOF QB and elite.

    Once again this is about Tony Romo’s progress as a QB. This is not about anything else. I know the defense needs work and I know JJ is a horrible talent evaluator. I’ll write an article about that next if you want. But this one is about Romo. He has not progressed and there is nothing about him that tells us that anything will change come 2012, 2013…….

  22. CFree

    No.. Mr. Author man… I was NOT trying to compare Romo with the Great Dan your standards.. you would have released or traded Marino after his 6th season of putting up “decent” Yes .. His were just “decent”. I was pointing out your blithering idiocy of deeming Romo a loser.. Yes.. you never said it but you are constantly implying it… by “washing him up” after only ~5.5 yrs of starting… by pointing out the fact that He “can’t come through in a clutch” by doing so.. you are not giving his obvious (to everyone but you and a few other select idiots) improvment over these few years. you can Blather on.. about not improving.. but his numbers do not lie What I was Trying to point out is that there is NO way to point out a ELITE QB who hasn’t won it all. EXCEPT numbers… if you have a crappy QB on a Crappy team no one and NO ONE calls him a good QB if you have a GOOD, Great, even an ELITE QB on a crappy team.. the only way he “floats to the top” is by putting up impressive numbers, Leading his crappy team and making them look the best he can. and Yes.. to answer your question… it has been said many times in the QB commentaries that to be considered one of the Elite of the NFL they have to have that Ring…..

  23. Rob V.

    Wow!!! At no point did I ever stoop to your level and call anyone an idiot or any other names. How about being mature and just having a discussion. I never ever implied Romo was a loser. I simply said that he is what he is. That maybe he has reached his potential as an NFL QB. I also that it was not a bad thing. It’s just how it is. And how has he improved? And don’t give me stats. Football is more than stats. Tell me how he has improved without giving me stats? I also never said he washed up. Again, maybe he is everything he can be as a pro QB. And sometimes it takes a team realizing that to move on. I find it amazing no one read the post for what it meant. They made it out to be me bashing Romo and that was never the case. I made my points very clear and everyone seemed to go in a different direction because they believe in Romo. If you believe in him that is great, but read my article and really understand what I was saying. There was no bashing of Romo. Once again I hope he proves me wrong, but over the last five and half years there is nothing that shows me that he will be able to get the job done,

    • the TRUTH


      i think the problem people are having (at least me..) with what you are saying is:

      …regardless of what you claim you are NOT saying…..

      …even though you imply it in every other sentence….

      …that you seem to think you can predict the future with statements like:

      ” But there comes a time when the team needs to realize that they can’t go any further with certain players and that they need to move on….”

      People don’t like when “anylists” and “writers” make comments like that implying that they KNOW the answer. You didn’t say you could tell the future…but simply implied that you could…

      …and to your point about Tony Romo possibly reaching his full potential..maybe..and honestly what he’s done SHOULD be enough. But where the problem lays is that he doesn’t have a TEAM to back him up CONSISTANTLY..

      Like Gisele said, “He can’t throw the ball and catch the ball…”

      meaning he can’t be responsible for the other end of the play when it goes bad on account of someone elses faults. Sure he has had his…in critical times even. But more times than any it has been other factors BESIDES Romo that have put the Dallas Cowboys in the postion they have been in…


  24. CFree

    Ok.. so I appologize for using the word idiot… I really do… I usually draw a line between Idiocy and idiot… Now… Blathering and Blithering.. I like….. I did re-read your article and even though I understand it better now.. I still disagree… If, as a team you have players that perform higher than lets say 85-90% of thier peers across your league… You do not use that as a benchmark to cut them ( really feel that is what your doing)

    . OK… so DWare is a leader on defense… over the past 3-5 years he has been among the top 5 sack leaders in the NFL but we are not winning and the defense sucks… so lets cut him…. it just does not make sense to me.. So… Romo is in the top 85-90% of the quarterbacks in the league, the Offense does NOT suck (well above average in almost all categories) and you realize that how hard it is to Find,Draft, or sign a FA that is Guaranteed to be in that top 85-90% you would still part ways with that QB.?????

    jeez man… Please…

    • Nitro

      Hey free what you must understand is rob lives in a fantasy world. He has no ideal that you cannot cut, trade, or release romo due to the salary cap. see in a fantasy world you could make all the moves rob wants without any salary cap issues. so hopefully I have shed some light on your debate with rob but he will never understand the salary cap and what moves you can or can not make so just save yourself the headache and let it go

      • Rob V.

        I knew it was only a matter of time before Nitro made an appearance. I live in a fantasy world because I don’t believe Romo is the man to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl? Anyone can be released. Sure it may hurt some teams more than help and create dead money, but it does happen. Jerry Jones knows all about dead money. Ask him the next time you talk to him. It’s happened to plenty of players with big contracts. Stop thinking you are Joe owner and trying to impress people. And stop telling people I live in a fantasy world because I wrote an article expressing MY opinion about things with the Cowboys.
        What do you mean ALL the moves Rob wants? What moves are you referring too? I’ve mentioned that maybe it’s time to move on with Romo, but I also said that I know he is not going anywhere. Try reading the article 10 more times so that you actually understand it.

  25. Rob V.

    LOL!! Amazing!! Dware gets better every season. He is progressing and getting better as a player. See it for what it is. His game is improving!!! So that arguement shouldn’t have even been brought up.

    LAST TIME…..Romo can throw for a lot of TDs and a lot of yards, but that does not mean his GAME is improving. He has played the same exact way since 2007. It was exciting and different in 2007, but now going into 2012 it’s no longer exciting and different. It’s getting old waiting for Romo to improve.

  26. CFree

    so.. just fyi… even though they had a little better teams around them (thus a few more post season games).. both Brady and Pmanning had a combined 88-89ish passer rating after 6yrs of starting…

  27. Rob V.

    Stop with the stats. You just don’t get it.

  28. CFree

    And Acutally… if you look at his numbers… Dware (I love this guy also) is kinda keeping a steady ship as far as stats go… sack numbers…8,12,14,20,11,16,20 (I know these are not official.. they are off of Foxsports…

    His tackels on the other hand.. seem to be in a decline..58,73,84,84,57,66,58
    Lets fire him also….. numbers don’t mean anything….

  29. Rob V.

    So let’s compare Romo to Marino and now Brady and Peyton Manning. Please people!!! Brady and Manning (choose either Manning at this point) are commanders of their teams. Leaders who lift their games to a level that Romo has never seen before. They know how to win, especially when it counts. They have lifted there game just about every season since the beginning. Can anyone say that about Romo? No!! So enough with the passer ratings. Who gives a rats ass!! So Brady and Manning have a career rating around 88-89 or whatever it is, but yet they are considered two of the very best to have ever played the game. Romo had a rating of 102 last season and once again he is sitting at home and others not just me are questioning if things will ever change with him. Oh wait, he is playing golf with Tiger Woods. By bad!!!

    • Nitro

      Rob rob rob,I read the article an I was not even gonna comment .but then I start reading the comments and there you are crying about someone’s opinion. dude chill out stop taking it so personnel. he had a strong opinion and he let be known . freedom of speech or at least someone said that.Oh wait that was you Rob. I’m sure he didn’t mean it to be a personnel attack on you

      • Rob V.

        I’m sorry, but who is crying?? We are all going back and forth with our opinions. My opinions on Romo are strong just like those who feel othewise. Some like to call me names and that is fine. No problem with that! I knew I was not going to be popular when I was writing this post. But like you said and I said before you, freedom of speech. I’m not taking anything personal. Why would I? I’ve written over 200 articles on this site and many more off this site. If I thought it was imortant for everyone to like my articles and was shooting to be popular I could simply write how great the Cowboys are and that this is their year every year. It’s you who seems to take things personal. I said it once before, if you don’t like my stuff then stop coming back to read it and stop leaving comments because I know one thing and that is I’m not going anywhere!

        • Nitro

          First of all I did not tell you how If I agreed with you are not. my point his you seem to get upset when someone say’s your an idiot it is his right just like writing this article is yours. You seem to need to have people give you an atta boy before disagreeing with you that’s not always gonna be the case when you put it out there for people to read. Now since you value my opinion so much here it is. It does not matter if you,me.JoeD,Nate,Kelly,Raina,God,Or even Jerry Joneswant to get rid of Tony it can not be done because the cap hit would be so hard you could not even sign Brady quinn to replace him.but hey atta boy. you maybe the next great writer feel better now

  30. Nate

    Wow. This is way too much to read and comment on right now. Thought I could come by and comment before my brutal weekend work schedule, but it looks as though I’ll have to come back to this one. With the amount of comments, it looks like this is a hot topic. See you guys in a few days.

  31. Raina

    Wow Rob! All I am going to say is great writing! Do I agree? Not going there. Rob my friend u can stir a pot like no one else I know. lol

    • Rob V.

      Thank you Raina. And that’s what I love. Not everyone needs to agree and I didn’t expect that. But there is a right way and a wrong way to have a conversation. I love that not everyone agrees. Funny you would say stir the pot because that’s what I was called at my old job. I would get argument started with some of us Cowboys fans and Giants fans. Get it going really good and then walk away. I loved it!!! (insert evil laugh)

  32. I understand what you are trying to say but I do not agree. I am a Tony Romo fan, not because the media told me to be but because I like him as a person and as a player. I don’t know what the answer is to fixing this team but I do know that a lot of changes need to be made. A new quarterback won’t solve everything.

    I know the fan base is split on Tony Romo but I’m not so sure that it’s all Tony’s fault. If you are saying we should blow up the team, have a fire sale and start over then everyone should go, not just the QB. I’m just not ready to give up on him. That’s my opinion.

  33. Alex

    I am hearing a lot of people saying that Romo isn’t getting better (or progressing) as a QB. My question to you is “how can he show you that without stats?”
    He wins more games than he loses, he lost a couple games this year with ill advised throws while trying to make things happen (although the defense gave up the losing points) but he also led the team to victories with clutch play as well.
    What exactly do you want from him? to NEVER throw an INT? to win EVERY game? People are saying he chokes in the cluth times, yet the numbers (which don’t lie) tell a different story. His numbers improve in the 4th quarter, and again he cannot stop the other teams from scoring when he is on the sidelines!
    I will be VERY interested to see how he does next season with a steady runing game, outstanding receivers, and a hopefully revamped Defense that doesn’t have more holes in it than a colander. If he gets some help from the “D” and can’t get it done this upcoming season, then I agree he needs to go

  34. Rob V.

    He can show everyone with the way he manages a game and without making bad decisions at the worst possible times. No, I don’t want him to win every game and I know QBs throw picks. Sometimes numbers do lie when it comes to certain things. I’m not just talking about 2011. I’m talking about every other season as well. So you’re saying that if things don’t work out if he gets help this season then you will agree that he needs to go? I said the same thing after the last few seasons. Always wanting to give him one more season. Like I’ve said plenty of other times, I hope Romo proves me wrong. I really do. But from what I have seen I just don’t think so anymore.

  35. Alex

    Agreed, but exactly what help have they gotten him? Injury prone runners? Underachieving back up TE? Porous Offensive line? Defense that blows in in those crutial times you say Romo does?

    How many 4th quarter leads did our “D” give up over last few years? If they can get a stop maybe Romo doesn’t need to try and force throws that lead to INTs. Unless he is throwing a “pick 6″ I am not sure how Romo, or ANY QB for that matter, can control the defense giving up scores.

    I still do not believe that 28 other QBs in the league could do more with what Romo has to work with. So my question is, if you want to jetison him, who takes his place that could do better with THIS same group of players?

  36. Rob V.

    I already said that I know Romo is not going anywhere. But since the team as a whole is not going anywhere because they are rebuilding they (Jerry Jones) needs to start thinking about the future at QB.
    All things you are saying about the defense is true. No arguments there, but you also have to admit that there was no reason for Romo to force the ball against the Jets when he threw it right to Revis. He also didn’t need to force it against the Lions and if I remember correctly two of the three picks were on him. I never said I want Romo to be perfect. Lord knows there is no QB that is perfect, but at the same time I want to see him manage a game better. Romo himself after losing to the Eagles 44-6 said that he hopes losing a football game isn’t the worst thing that happens to him. Ok, even if you believe that it’s something you don’t say out loud because then you get fans starting to doubt you.I’ll say it again, I want Romo to do well. I want Romo to lift that trophy above his head. I wish I felt different than I do right now about him as the Cowboys QB. I wish I felt like I did back in 2007 and 2008, but right now I just don’t.

  37. Alex

    I feel your pain! Every year I am thinking this is the one, but every year it falls apart…I just have looked objectively at Romo and realized that he isn’t the problem. He still makes mistakes, bad throws (Revis throw is one in particular), but can go on a roll like nobody else. I have learned not to be just a “wins” guy when it comes to QBs but also need to be realistic that his window is only open for 3 or 4 more years. If Dallas can stay realativelt healthy next season, pick up a few good DBs and Safeties…. I see nothing preventing up from finally getting over the hump. With THAT help, if Romo can’t get it done, then he NEEDS to go!

  38. Rob V.

    Alex, I respect your views very much. Not because you have said if Romo can’t get it done then he needs to go, but because as the comments continue we have actually come to a point where we can go back and forth with our views as mature adults. I like that you don’t call me an IDIOT also. LOL!!!! I’ve also thought year after year that this is the year, especially in 2010. Wow, was that a disappointment stating 1-7. I would hope we get the help, but at the same time it’s JJ who is making the decision on who to bring in. So I don’t really have much hope with that. I will agree with you that I will also give Romo this season to see what happens. Remember that after this season that 2013 is his contract year. What kind of investment are they willing to make on a 33 year old QB? I thank you for your comments Alex.

  39. Celia B.

    What are you dallas cowboy fans gonna’ do when Vick leads Philadelphia to its first Super Bowl win next year? Followed by Alex Smith and the 49ers the next year? Maybe the Pittsburgh fans will mail you some of their towels.

    Superbowl 2013: EAGLES 17 San Diego 14

    Superbowl 2014 SF 38 Baltimore 10

  40. Rob V.

    Check this out in case anyone had not seen it before. I saw it live on the NFL Network and thought it was very interesting. I thought the comments were very interesting as well.

  41. Mattb1981

    Same could be said the other way around! Everyone wants to blame Romo, but it’s that horrible defense too!!! Give me top notch defense that can force turnovers, and Tony Romo and I promise you we will be contenders!!! Our defense isn’t lacking sacks, it’s lacking the ability to force turnovers!!! PERIOD!