Cowboys Devoid Of Leadership

Leadership continues to be at the forefront of Dallas Cowboys headlines since the comments made by defensive end Jason Hatcher on ESPN a couple of weeks ago.

During his appearance he was asked to name the leaders on his team. His response made many Cowboys officials queasy to say the least:

“Dude. I gotta be honest with you: That’s a good question. That’s a good question. I really don’t know. It’s just another thing we really need … like the Ravens, we don’t have that. We’ve got the talent. We’ve got everything we need. I think we get like a Ray Lewis-type. Everybody buys into him. When Ray Lewis speaks, everybody listens to him. A guy like that. We really don’t got that. I think we definitely need somebody like that.”

I’m sure Hatcher never intended for his words to light up the Dallas Cowboys airwaves as much as they have, he was simply giving an honest answer to a very good question – a question I have been raising myself right here on LSS a hundred times over the last five seasons.

Isn’t it shocking he didn’t mention Tony Romo or one of the other Team Captains like DeMarcus Ware? Or even the head coach and any of his assistants? Not one name… Hatcher simply stuttered and drew a complete blank.

So now of course, you have some retorts rolling in.

  • Jason Garrett said yesterday that the Cowboys have plenty of leaders, but they can use more.
  • Owner and general manager Jerry Jones has the perfect in-house candidate: Sean Lee.

So almost three weeks later the owner and GM of the team, and the Head Coach finally respond at that’s all the came up with?

Basically they just confirmed exactly what Hatcher said, only the non-controvesial DE had 3 seconds to respond rather than 3 weeks.

Sad, very sad.

Leadership begins at the top and without it it’s hard to lead a team to it’s stated goal.

As much of a lack of leadership there is on the playing field or in the locker room, there’s a bigger void in the coaches office and the front office as well. Just saying…

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth Joe. Things need to get better. I was really hoping Romo would be the leader going back a few years ago, but it just has not turned out that way.


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