From America’s Sweethearts to America’s Tweethearts!

For years the world has been entertained and amazed by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They have graced Texas Stadium and Cowboys Stadium with their beauty and incredible dance routines. Throughout the years the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have become more than just a Cheerleading squad. They became America’s Sweethearts and have toured the world for years meeting people and entertaining. There were also two movies made about them back in 1979 and 1980 to go along with countless TV appearances, their own reality show called “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team”, their own calendar plus so much more.

We as fans watch them dance from the stands or from our living rooms. We read about all their appearances and watch their auditions and the paths they take to make the squad. But now the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have made it possible to get a little closer to them. It is now possible to find out what they are up to on a daily basis and to maybe ask those questions that you have always wanted to ask them. At the beginning of February America’s Sweethearts became America’s Tweethearts as they took to the Twitter world. I was more than happy to follow the squad when I heard the news. I normally only read the Tweets from people I follow, but it was nice starting to Tweet so that I could ask these ladies questions about life as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. I was pleasantly surprised when I started getting responses from many of them. Even with their hectic schedules the squad will respond when they have time. I’m sure they are all overwhelmed by the amount of followers they have received in such a short amount of time that is impossible to answer every single Tweet. After reading so many tweets from these ladies I realized just how much they love what they do and how much they love the Cowboys. Not to mention the close bond they have developed with each other. It’s not just about going to the game and dancing and then going home. There is so much more when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Their Tweets give you a glance into their lives and the kind of people they are.

So if you are on Twitter go ahead follow the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and see what is happening with them.



























Hopefully I did not miss anyone from the squad. If I did I apologize and please let me know. I will be happy to add them into the post.

You can also follow the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on their Twitter home page.




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