One Can Always Hope…

Giants win the Super Bowl… Totally sucks… It could have been us… It should have been us!

Anyway, time to move forward…. Saw this on ESPN and thought I’d share it here:

SportsCenter posed the question: “Which team that missed the playoffs has the best chance of winning Super Bowl XLVII?”

Analyst Tim Hasselbeck’s answer: The Dallas Cowboys.

“Lot of talent on that football team,” Hasselbeck said. “Miles Austin not injured. Defense, another year with Rob Ryan. I think the Cowboys could be that team. … Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo. They have the best shot.”

Herm Edwards’ prediction: “Fly Eagles Fly.”

There’s always gotta be one rotten apple… What the hell does Edwards know…

Monday is the first day teams can begin cutting players… Woohoo… See ya Terence Newman…


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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I hate to be Mr. Negative, but I just don’t see it with this team. Talent alone does not win games and I’m also thinking that the talent is a lot lower then people think. Both lines need a lot of work and we all know the secondary needs work. And as much as we all want Rob Ryan to run a top defense what has he really done in his career? Let’s see what they do in the draft and free agency and hope they make some major improvements.

  2. Celia
    Celia says:

    The GIANTS won it HAHAHAHAHAHA on Dallas! That’s right, the GIANTS won. Not New England, not Oakland not San Diego, not Green Bay, but the GIANTS! We all know what you dallas fans think of the Giants (SHHH! DON’T tell the Redskins fans, they think you hate them the most. Oh, while we’re on that subject, only ONE team in the league beat the World Champeens TWICE this year: that would be the Redskins. Four other teams had that opportunity, only one made good on it). Next year, the EAGLES win, the year after that the 49ers become the first team to win 6 without losing one! HAHAHAHA on you dallas fans, the GIANTS won, next the Eagles, then the 49ers. HAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

      • Celia
        Celia says:

        Not a Giant fan, just a PROUD dallas cowboy hater. Oh, yeah, I AM a Giant fan twice a year, the 2 times they play the dallas cowboys. dallas cowboys, NOT America’s team, NEVER was America’s team, NEVER WILL be America’s team.

  3. Tom
    Tom says:


    It’s no surprise that a fan (of some team, who knows which one) came in here to talk trash. While I give them their props and acknowledged my NYC born wife, and was openly bitter about them winning, I admit it was a great performance by the defense at the end of the season and by Eli who still, despite the second ring and SB MVP trophy, will always be known as Peyton’s little brother. It’s obvious who was more important to their franchise with the utter collapse of the Colts. Eli is a good QB, no doubt, but that team wouldn’t be where it is without a hot and dominant defense. We all know it.

    The truth of the matter is, “fans” like you are a one-trick pony. You come to sites like this, hit and run, without much thought to your post to other than, “We won and Dallas sucks.” I guess that’s the extent of your football knowledge that you know enough that the storied history and tradition of the Dallas Cowboys still sticks in people’s craw so much and our team is talked about so much, it eats at people like you, like a fungus. No matter how many different teams win the Super Bowl, the Dallas Cowboys are ALWAYS in the conversation, good or bad. So, as you continue to do your happy dance, and deservedly so, remember, these teams play again. Twice a year in fact. Each will have something to prove, but one will have a score to settle.

    We’ll see you in September.

  4. Nate
    Nate says:

    I’m with Rob on this one. Lots of work to do on both sides of the ball before we could even think about competing for a championship. Then again, a 9-7 team just won the Super Bowl, so anything could happen…I guess…I’ll believe it when I see it….


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