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The Dallas Cowboys 2011 Rookie class was one of the best in recent years. The Cowboys drafted a lot of talent, but even the walk-on players were a pleasant surprise.  I have learned so much over the years writing our “New to the Silver and Blue” columns.   Let’s have some fun… We are going to have a contest for readers to help us elect the winner of our 1st Annual LSS ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD. 🙂

There were 15 rookies on the team this season, but only a few of them took advantage of their opportunities and ran with it.  When those rookies were called on, it gave the starters some pause to look over their shoulders and sweat a little.

We want to know who you think deserves the honor of ” LSS Rookie Of The Year” !

Here are you five candidates:

Out of the fifteen I feel  these  five are  the most deserving of this honor.

May The Best Cowboy Rookie Win!

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  1. Termaine
    Termaine says:

    This is actually a harder decision than first assumed. Now looking quickly looking over the contenders one can instantly eliminate Carter, Kowalski, and Smith.(Tyron Smith did have a solid rookie year protecting Romo, but the next two guys are the focus of the discussion). 897 yards on 13 games played is an impressive task, especially for a rookie. Murray came in and beasted the season. However, my rookie of the year would have to go to Mr. Dan Bailey. Being clutch as a kicker comes hard to many veterans of the league. Mr. Bailey finished the season with 135 points ( as opposed to Demarco’s 12) and 32 for 37 leaving him with an 86.5% on the season. These two together was the Cowboys recipe to achieve post season satisfaction, however with the injury to Murray, the ‘Boys were left crippled. (shouts to Felix Jones who is a solid 3rd down back but that is Demarco’s spot if he is healthy). Cowboys fans must take comfort in knowing that we are never on the rocks when Mr. Bailey is up.

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    While reading your post I thought to myself that this is going to be easy and I would pick DeMarco Murray. He took the team by storm after Jones got hurt. Ran for a lot of yards and had a good per rush average.
    But then I took some to think about it and looked at a few things. I decided to go with Dan Bailey because it was Bailey who was undrafted and beat out Beuhler for the FG kicking job. He also did a good job on KOs. Bailey was 32 of 37 in 2011 and at one point made 26 straight. I looked at his four misses. The first against the 49ers in the 1st quarter in the second game of the season from 21 yards, which put him on the streak of 26 straight. He also tied the 49ers and then beat them in OT. He missed a 53 yards against the Cards and then the 49 yarder against the Cards when Garrett iced him. Then he had his 47 yarder blocked against the Giants. Bailey won four games for the Cowboys. Not too bad for a rookie!

  3. Nate
    Nate says:

    I wouldn’t eliminate Smith. There is no way to decide between Bailey, Smith and Murray. The debate could go on for ages. All three get my vote. What’s that say about our personell decisions in 2011? Improving!

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    It’s got to be Bailey. On his leg alone, we won, what? Five games? Very underrated kicker, if you ask me. But it’s also sad…he’s a kicker for goodness sakes!


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