Things are looking up so far, but what’s next?

The Cowboys were true to their word about being aggressive in free agency this off-season. So far they have signed seven players. The biggest signing was cornerback Brandon Carr who takes over for Terence Newman. They also filled some holes with two offensive linemen (Bernadeau and Living’s), a backup quarterback (Orton), fullback (Vickers), linebacker (Connor) and safety (Pool). Time will tell if these moves were the right moves, but so far the Cowboys have received passing grades for most of their signings. So what’s next?

The Cowboys don’t seem to be finished with free agency with reports that they are now interested in current Packers linebacker Erik Walden, who they drafted in the 6th round back in 2008. Walden was released by the Cowboys before the season in 2008 and was claimed by the Dolphins where he played for three seasons before joining the Packers in 2010. If signed Walden, who is only 26 years old could provide more depth at outside linebacker for the Cowboys.

There is also a report that the Cowboys are looking into another Packers free agent Jarrett Bush. He is known for his outstanding special teams play, but could also add depth at cornerback. Outside of Brandon Carr, Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick the Cowboys really have no depth at cornerback since Alan Ball and Frank Walker are unrestricted free agents. Bush who is 27 years old could bring more youth and experience to the Cowboys defense.

Next month is the NFL Draft and the Cowboys are holding the 14th overall pick. There are countless mock drafts showing the Cowboys picking an offensive lineman, defensive lineman, safety and cornerback. The real positive with the Cowboys signing so many free agents at key positions that it gives them the flexibility to go after the best player available with the 14th pick instead of going after need. Below are some of the players I’ve seen associated with the Cowboys and mock drafts.

DT – Mike Brockers, LSU

CB – Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama

DT – Dontari Poe, Memphis

G – David DeCastro, Stanford

CB – Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama

DT – Devon Still, Penn State

S – Mark Barron, Alabama

It looks as though many mock drafts are focusing on defense when it comes to the Cowboys. So where do the Cowboys go with that 14th pick? Do they continue to rebuild the defense? Do they continue rebuilding the offensive line? Do they trade down and get some additional picks? With all these options plus the free agents that have been signed so far it makes this year’s draft even more exciting. As a Cowboys fan how can you not be excited with what the team has done so far to try and improve. Sure it’s hard to say goodbye to players like Terence Newman (9 seasons) and Bradie James (9 seasons) who played their entire careers for the Cowboys. Also, Kyle Kosier who played six seasons after coming to the Cowboys in 2006. With the moves the Cowboys are making they are looking to get younger in many areas and hopefully bringing in the right mix of players so that they can get to the next level and start competing for another championship.



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  1. Nate
    Nate says:

    Best available player. No matter what position it is. Trust the scouts and the draft board and don’t try to get cute. Dallas needs good football players and they should get a blue chip guy at 14 no matter what position he plays.

  2. Marc
    Marc says:

    I know its not a sexy pick but this David Decastro guy from Stanford seems to be highly re”gaurded” as an absolutely cant miss pick. When the Cowboys were dominant they had a great offensive line and where balanced.

    • Rob V.
      Rob V. says:

      Very true Marc. They were very balanced on offense back then, but they also had a defense that pressured the QB and created turnovers. That’s what makes pick #14 so interesting. They can with DeCastro or go with someone like Barron. Either way I think the Cowboys win and how can any fan not love that.

      • Randy
        Randy says:

        I’ll tell you how… Anyone who’s been a Cowboy fan over the last 20 some odd years knows exactly how Jerry Jones can screw up a perfect situation… Don’t you remember Barbie Carpenter? and remember about six years ago when the Cowboys had two first round picks, and the first pick was D Ware, but the second pick Marcus Spears, who has done nothing but draw a paycheck since he was drafted… and remember that year when RB Stephen Jackson was sitting there ready waiting to put on a Cowboy hat and hold a up a Cowboy jersey? Only Jerry Jones was too stupid and traded completely out of the first round… and don’t make me remind you about Quincy Carter, or David LeFluer… I could go on, but…

        Yeah, it’s good to sit here here and think how great it would be to get this guy or that guy, But any good Cowboy fan also knows it good to be a little skeptical… chance are not so far fetched that J.J. could trade that pick, for a second and a third and then end up reaching for a guy he could have gotten in the forth.

        • nate
          nate says:

          True, but recent history has given us a glimpse of hope. The people JJ is surrounded with now seem to have a vision and know the kind of players that should be on this team. I love reciting Garrett’s “kind of famous” description of the team he wants. (the right kind of guys that do things the cowboy way)

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    I would be happy with a pass rusher, a corner or even, I know it’s crazy, an interior lineman. Any direction like that will be very beneficial and welcome by me.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    All are good choices, But I am leaning at Kirkpatrick the most, cause you can never have enough CB’s. All though all other comments have valid points as well, which makes this years 1st pick for Dallas more difficult due to the flexibility they have, lol. On another note though, has anyone else noticed how quiet Jerry has been in the press during these FA signings?. Looks like we may be seeing more Stephen and Jason building this team up at this point.

  5. nate
    nate says:

    betting on what jerry will do in the draft is about as sure a bet as winning the lotto…no one knows whats going on in that mind…these past years since he has owned the team and controlled the draft has taught us all that…this year i think is the first year in a long time, that i doubt i could get mad at his first round decision…i just trust that he will stick with his board that the scouts made and get us the best available player…the free agent aquisitions up to this point should allow him to do that…


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