The Cowboys welcome Morris Claiborne

Through all the mock drafts and all the interviews Cowboys fans were convinced that either Mark Barron, David DeCastro or even Michael Brockers would be selected in the first round. But as I sat watching the draft last night and also watching the Cowboys War Room on my laptop I noticed something strange happening as the draft approached the 6th overall pick in the first round. The phone was being passed around between Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. Then they all got up from their chairs with smiles on their faces. Then the handshakes started all around the room. Many thought that the Cowboys if anything would trade down in the first round. No one expected what was about to happen.

What happened was that the Cowboys traded up eight spots with the Rams. They swapped first round picks as well as giving up their second round pick, which was 45th overall. With the 6th pick the Cowboys selected what many experts are saying is the best defensive player in the entire draft. Cornerback Morris Claiborne from LSU is the newest member of the Cowboys and will team with Brandon Carr in the Cowboys secondary. What was once a liability for the Cowboys has become a strength with Carr and Claiborne, but it also may mean the end for Mike Jenkins with the Cowboys. Reports this morning say that the Cowboys are looking to trade Jenkins. Jerry Jones has also said that he would love to somehow get back into the second round.

The second and third rounds of the draft are tonight starting at 7pm EST. What the Cowboys do is anyone’s guess at this point. As of right now the Cowboys next selection is the 81st pick in the third round.

Welcome to the Cowboys Morris Claiborne. The new look Cowboys defense is starting to take shape and we are all hoping it leads to great things.


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