Three years of thoughts, opinions and even some crazy observations

It was three years ago this month that I had my first article published with LSS. Now over 200 articles later I’m here to say that it’s been a great ride. When Kelly and Joe first gave me the opportunity to write about the Cowboys I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Growing up I always wanted to be a writer. I had many articles published in the local paper when I was younger that covered many areas in sports. I also went to school for a short time for Journalism. And back in 1994 I actually wrote a book about the Cowboys that covered the years 1980 through 1993. I titled it “Through the Eyes of Fan”. I never attempted to get it published because I really just wrote it for myself. So when I found out I was going to write about the Cowboys for LSS I was beyond excited.

I’m hoping that I have added something positive to LSS over the last three years. As a writer I have tried to go in many different directions. I’ve written about the Cowboys history, latest news, game recaps and flashbacks. I’ve tried to be funny with some of my articles (Dan Bailey article comes to mind), as well as writing a few controversial articles (See my last Tony Romo article). I’ve tried to cover a little bit of everything in my writing. I’ve tried my best to express my thoughts, my opinions and even some crazy observations in the last three years. I’ve written plenty of articles that people have agreed with and plenty that people have not agreed with. I welcome the numerous comments that for the most part have been informative. Of course with the positive also comes the negative. There have also been some not so nice comments about some of my articles to go along with some name calling, which makes me laugh and only makes me continue the conversation. Speaking of laughing, I have come up with a few crazy ideas for articles that have even made me laugh as I was writing them. I don’t know where some the ideas have come from, but when something hits me I just need to start writing and it really doesn’t matter where I am at the time.

Adding to my enjoyment of writing articles about the Cowboys I’ve also met some great Cowboys fans associated with LSS. It’s been amazing getting to know so many fans that live across the country. They bring so many different views about the team that I value greatly.

I would like to thank Kelly and Joe for welcoming me into the LSS family three years ago. I’m sure you have not always agreed with what I have written, but you have always allowed me to write what was on my mind.

What it comes down to is I’ve had a great time writing for LSS. It has been a dream come true for me. It has given me the opportunity to write about everything that I once could only think about writing. Being such a huge fan of the Cowboys for so many years has been incredible, but being able to write about them just makes it so much better. I look forward to even more articles that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

Here are some of my articles that I’m most proud of…


I Gotta write!! I Gotta be me!!

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  1. Nate
    Nate says:

    I’ve enjoyed your article for quite some time now, Rob. You are a true fan with great knowledge of the past and present teams. Glad to have found you here and grateful for Kelly and Joe for providing the space for fans to write and discuss our passions while meeting new friends.

  2. Servando Farias
    Servando Farias says:

    With draft coming up, two names pop up in my mind. Dontri Poe, and Decastro. I am no expert, but a die hard Cowboy fan, win or lose. Now, one of this two may come to Dallas at 14 in draft, It would be great to get one of them, no matter which, but (just a thought) couldn’t a trade be worked where boys might swing a deal to get both? Resoning being I’d hate to have either one of this kids and possibly both rushing towards Tony with” mush” in their minds for the next few years

  3. Nitro
    Nitro says:

    Servando you maybe disappointed because if garrett works the draft like last year he will select one of the 3 alabama players. last year he went to one pro day usc’s they took tyron smith. An he as only has gone to one this year an that was alabama’s

  4. Raina
    Raina says:

    Rob V. I have been a fan of yours over the last 3 years. We are a little family here at LSS with Kelly and Joe D.. they are great about letting us write just about anything. Have been here since Dec. 07 and I have read every article you have written and would love to read your book. I consider you a friend even when I don’t agree with u all the time but that is what makes this site work. I need to get busy on bio’s. Anyway great article Rob V.!


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