Can The Dallas Cowboys Win the Super Bowl?

Can Dallas Cowboys Win the Super Bowl?

The question that Jerry Jones and most of Texas are asking is “Can the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl in 2012-2013? Let’s take an in depth look at “America’s Team”, how do their NFL odds look like and what are their chances in general.

Tony Romo -Is he good or isn’t he?

Unless you’re the Baltimore Ravens of 2000 in order to win a Super Bowl a team must have a good quarterback.

Remember, success is based on wins, losses, and post season play, not NFL odds. If statistics were a barometer for success then Tony Romo would be considered one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL with a solid chance to take his team to the Super Bowl. Thus far Romo has put up the numbers but has had very little success in big games and the post season.

Last season Romo ranked 4th in quarterback rating at 102.5. He threw for 4184 yards with 31 TD and just 10 INT. Most teams would give anything for a quarterback that could put up numbers like that but the fact is the Cowboys went just 8-8 last season and in a game where they had the Giants beaten, they choked.

I think that overall Tony Romo isn’t a big game player but if given the right support on the field he could lead a team to the Super Bowl.

The Pittsburgh Steelers totally focused on protecting Ben Roethlisberger in the NFL Draft and that’s why they’ve been a successful team in the past. They see a weakness and a priority and they fill it.

Jerry Jones

The one thing that will keep the Dallas Cowboys a contender is having an aggressive owner such as Jerry Jones. Let’s face it; a guy that can give a legendary coach like Tom Landry his walking papers has guts. It resulted in three Super Bowl titles.

Jones hasn’t been happy with the direction that his franchise has taken and has been super-aggressive this year. He’s already signed 21 free agents after not picking up an offensive lineman in the draft and he made the biggest trade of the draft by picking up Morris Claiborne from LSU. Dallas traded two NFL draft picks to the St. Louis Rams and moved up to the 6th spot to get Claiborne. Jones claims that Claiborne is the second coming of Deion Sanders.

From watching Claiborne in college, Dallas has a gem in Morris Claiborne but it will certainly take him more than a year to reach full potential. Nevertheless, having an owner that will do anything to win is certainly in the Cowboys favor.

“Beware of Ware”

In my opinion, the Cowboys have the best defensive player in the game in linebacker DeMarcus Ware. It’s just speculation but if Claiborne matured immediately, the Cowboys could possibly have two of the best defensive talents in the game on the same team.

For Ware, it’s a “win now” situation as he’ll turn 30 years old this year. Last season Ware had 58 tackles, 19.5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles. I remember watching the Jets vs. Cowboys in game 1 of last season and it seemed like Ware was in on every play and it reminded me of a college football game in the late 80’s where Alabama’s Derrick Thomas had over 20 tackles. To sum it up, Ware was in Sanchez’s face all night.

This is a player that needs to be coveted and the Cowboys made great strides in giving assistance to Ware and the defense by drafting outside linebacker Kyle Wilber and defensive end Tyrone Crawford.

The Cowboys will be a much improved team defensively this year.


This team is known for having playmakers and have so many that the loss of Laurent Robinson (11 TD’s) won’t hurt as much as it would your average NFL team.

DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones have built a strong foundation at the running back position, leaving the element of surprise there for the defense regarding a pass or run play. Murray really came on towards the middle of the season and one can expect a productive season from him. The one knock on the Cowboys backs are their inability to get in the end zone.

Jason Witten

Until Rob Gronkowski came along, Jason Witten was considered the best tight end in the game and is still one of the top 3 in the NFL. Witten is another “win now” veteran player as he’s accrued three 1000 yard seasons in his career. He’s a future hall of famer and is Tony Romo’s go to guy in clutch situations. Along with DeMarcus Ware, these guys deserve to have a Super Bowl Ring on their finger.

Untapped potential

Wide receiver Dez Bryant has the ability to be the best wide receiver in the game with his ability to catch the ball, strength, and agility. Sorry Dominique but he’s a “human highlight reel”. The problem is his lack of maturity.

Hall of famer Deion Sanders looked to mentor Bryant but was unable to. If “Neon Deion” has a problem, you know that Bryant is a head case. Bryant has had legal issues at a local mall; this is pure immaturity. If Dez Bryant can stay healthy and get his head screwed on right, it’s conceivable that the Cowboys could have three of the best players in the game in Ware, Claiborne, and Bryant but the clock is ticking.

What to expect?

Anything is possible, if the Giants can win a Super Bowl, the Dallas Cowboys can win one also. A lot of things need to happen and I feel that owner Jerry Jones has finally got the ball rolling in the right direction. A lot will depend on the play of Tony Romo. If Romo gets the much needed support, he’ll deliver. Is he as clutch as Eli Manning? I doubt it, but he’s just as talented, if not more. This should be a very exciting season if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan. This team can go very far into the post season.

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  1. Tex
    Tex says:

    Never with Garrett as the Head Coach and No proven GM this years draft has only one gpod pick the rest are average players just like the rest of the coaching staff and players!!!!

  2. fidel
    fidel says:

    Well i hope that are season is better than last year ,because with six possible wins our defence was very bad .Correct that and let Romo not choke at the last minute like Elway did so many time they my just win the superbowl. I would like to see the COWBOY’S with a back to back SUPERBOWL one more time!!!!

    HAILUA USA says:

    THE DALLAS COWBOYS IS GOING TO BE KICK ASS IN 2012. YES! WITH BACK TO BACK SUPER BOWL AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DALLAS COWBOYS FAN FROM SAIGON, VIETNAM ***********************************************


  4. Salary24
    Salary24 says:

    Family issues or not……He`s the best CB in the history of NFL, Super Bowl Champ, and a Professional athlete. If they fix the defense, Dieon`s expertise, they have a very good shot to win the Bowl. Rebuilt line, Younger & faster, established running game…….Can only stop themselves.

  5. Raina
    Raina says:

    I really feel like we have the talent and the coaches this season to make it to the Superbowl. This is the first time I have agreed with JJ’s picks in the draft. I think the free agents will fill alot of the weakness we had last year. I am ready to get this season started. Great article!


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