Cowboys vs. Giants: Early Odds Picks

It’s never too early to start taking a look at the Week 1 in NFL, as several sportsbooks have already released odds for the first week of the NFL regular season. Is it smart to go ahead and put some cash on NFL games that won’t start for over 3 months? It might be, if you can find the right NFL odds.

For this piece, I am going to take a look at some of the VERY early odds coming out of this game, the first of the NFL regular season.

Wednesday Night Football should be a great contest, between the defending Super Bowl champion Giants, and a hungry Cowboys. NFL Odds Makers have opened up the lines in favor of the home Giants at -3, with a total of 47 points.

Now, a lot of things can happen in between now and September 5th, but these two teams do hold early value. Their rosters are mostly set, and I don’t expect much more free agent action out of either of them. Plus, there is a lot of trending data between these two divisional foes.

The Giants beat the Cowboys twice last season in embarrassing fashion. The Cowboys lost both games late in the season, which eventually lost them their playoff spot, and let the Giants take advantage of it. The G-Men did just that as they won the Super Bowl.

If I had to pick a side right now, I would lay the points with the Giants. Even though the Cowboys will be hungry to get some revenge for last season, New York’s defense and offense are still superior to Dallas’, and the Giants still have one of the better offenses in the NFL. I also like the OVER. Last season, the Giants’ side of the offense would have almost covered OVER 47 points in both games, and as we saw last season in the first game of the season, offense will be plentiful in this one.

My Pick: Giants -3 and OVER 47

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  1. John
    John says:

    Let me start by saying I don’t like either team. However I could not disagree more. I believe the Giants are the same as last year however the Cowboys are not, this Cowboy team is much improved over last year! It is a joke to think the Giants are so much better. I think a team can get hot in the playoffs. Everytime a team wins the SB they change we all lnow that. I think the Cowboys are hunger and age going to be better against the pass and that could cool off the Giants by itself!

  2. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    Even being a huge Cowboys fan how can anyone put the Cowboys ahead of the Giants. They are the Champs and were the ones who knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs. Every season the Cowboys make moves that make them look good on paper. It’s time to show that on the field now. Go out and beat the Giants and Eagles. Be mentally tough come December and into January.

  3. A Gibson
    A Gibson says:

    My money is on the Giants. They won the Super Bowl last season, and this season they’ll be coming back ready to defend the title with every fiber of their team. The Giants will come out victorious in this one.


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