There’s No Vacation From America’s Team

I have always thought of the Dallas Cowboys as being America’s Team, but as many in Cowboy Nation know there are other NFL teams that want the title.

On my recent trip to Richmond, Virginia I proudly wore my Cowboy gear which I thought would bring up many conversations, you know since we were so close to Redskin Country.  To my surprise I met many Dallas Cowboy fans in many places.  One in particular was our tour guide while in a cavern tour, and another in a diner. I even met an entire family of die hard Cowboy fans.

We had many conversations about how we thought the team would do this season.  What did surprise me was how many men were surprised that at a woman really knew the game of football. During a discussion about the defense and the free agents we picked up one man said, ” Wow you really do know your Cowboys!”

While at the register in a sports shop, the man asked if I was shopping for Father’s Day. I laughed and replied, “No this is for me. I am  a southern girl and we know our sports.” Then he began to quiz me about the teams, college football, basketball and the Texas Rangers. I answered all his questions and he was amazed and replied, “I may have to head that way to find a wife.”  I just shook my head and laughed.

Even during offseason and on vacation, the ‘Boys are on my mind. That’s the life a die-hard Cowboys fan for ya!  

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    There are more of us in the DC Metro/VA area than you might think. The running joke is that there is a Cowboys fan in every crowd and we have to counterbalance the Skins fans. Truth is, we’re everywhere. And usually it’s people you never thought would be one. I wear my ‘Boys lanyard at work and I always get comments on it, good and bad. I just smile and say, “We have to have one around at all times. That’s why we’re called America’s Team.”

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    I did run into some Redskins fans also and of course he called them Cowgirls. I told him my brother in law calls them that all the time. You should hear what we call Redskin fans. lol

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I’m originally from South TX, and now live in KY. When I moved up here, I just knew I’d be picked on for being a Cowboys fan….well, I was wrong. I work for a local utility company here and there’s about 45 to 50 employees, with mostly men. One of the first questions I was asked, when I started working here was…..Are you a Cowboys fan? And of course, I said yes, proudly…and with a few of the guys, their response would be, that’s awesome, so am I!! lol We all joke around what teams we are all on. Funny thing is there’s more of us Cowboy fans than any other team. Yeah, you’ll find “a” Packer fan…”a” Steeler fan….”a” Broncos fan….”a” Redskins fan….”a” Colts fan….etc…..BUT, there’s more of us who are Cowboys fans!!! Gotta love it!!! lol

    There’s been times just going to the mall or grocery store and I’ll spot someone wearing a Cowboys tshirt/jersey and we’ll smile, nod and say “How ’bout them Cowboys?” lol It’s like a secret extended family we have.

  4. Carrie Marie
    Carrie Marie says:

    I see someone wearing a Cowboys Gear whether i have it on your not i say love that Hat love that Shirt I work at Walmarts in a small City in NY and you would be surprised how many of us there and around the town love Dallas seeing we are told we are from NY we have to like Ny teams lol Well the Bills are the only NY football team sorry but that’s how i feel and then i get what about the Patriots well sorry honey but NY was left out New England lol but I do like the Patriots only because my kids played and cheered for the Troy Patriots lol I also work at a local McDonalds and i have Cowboys fans come threw all the time lol One guy and his girlfriend come threw all the time she works across the street at a Dunkins and his friend had a Dallas Cowboys Jersey on and I said is that a Cowboys Jersey I see he smiled and shook his head and said oh no I laughed and said can’t knock it the orginal True Blue America’a Team we both laughed said have a nice day just goes to show you even if your not a fan you can appreciate Cownboys Fan’s Gusto and Faithfulness lol


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