WR Dez Bryant Could Have A Breakthrough Season For The Cowboys

It is wildly agreed that Dez Bryant is the most physically talented player on the Cowboys, and possibly one of the most gifted players in the NFL. However, if you take all those other players on that list and look at their off the field issues, they all would rank above Bryant. Dez didn’t play bad last season, as he totaled 928 yards on 63 receptions, and he also had nine touchdowns. Will Bryant help the Cowboys get favored more this season with our NFL picks?

Bryant had a solid sophomore season in 2011, but when Miles Austin went down, it was Laurent Robinson that stepped up, not Bryant. Now that Robinson is in Jacksonville, Bryant will have to by default become the team’s number one option. There is no doubt in my mind that he can do it, the question is, is his mind ready for such pressure?Austin has proved to be injury prone, and while the beast that is Jason Witten will still be there, he has started to slide just a little.

If Tony Romo is telling the truth when he spoke very highly of Bryant, this could be a break out season for the young Cowboy. Bryant has yet to have a break out season. In his first two seasons in Dallas, Bryant totaled 108 receptions, almost 1500 yards and 15 touchdowns.  He has every bit of the ability to do those kind of numbers in this upcoming season.

The Cowboys will be more of a threat to run the ball this season if DeMarco Murray stays healthy, which will open up Bryant in single coverage more often.

Don’t sleep on Bryant or Dallas this season, and if Bryant is still on your draft board in your fantasy football league, at the right price, he could be worth his weight in gold this season.

Ants In Your Pants; Stingers and Other Cowboy Drama

What would the NFL offseason be without some Dallas Cowboys drama and fluffy news?

Not a normal NFL offseason is the answer to that question.

Dallas has been making a little more noise than usual, and after falling flat last year and out of the playoff race, they are trying to live up to the high standards of playing on “America’s Team” but at +2500 Vegas is hoping you will see the Cowboys in enough free NFL football picks you read to back them with your cash; Vegas has little respect for them winning the Superbowl.

During training camp, running back Lawrence Vickers ran into his arch nemesis; fire ants. Vickers was stung in the neck earlier this season, and most recently, the little red devils caught him in a less flattering area; his groin. The problem is, He is allergic to fire ants. He was rushed to the locker room for medical attention.

Would you swap Dez Bryant for Percy Harvin?

According to CBSDFW.com’s R.J. Choppy, the Dallas Cowboys should jump all over this now that Harvin has requested a trade from the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday. Bryant, of course, has shown flashes of brilliance when he’s on the field, but that came with many mental mistakes and lapses of execution.

In the article, Choppy argues that Byant is “more of a headache right now, and despite his abilities NFL teams just can’t rest their future on guys who lack accountability.”

BUT, he also points out that Harvin is a better all around player than Dez Bryant, and the numbers actually supoort that claim.

In other Boys’ news, there has been some concern surrounding Pro Bowl defensive end DeMarcus Ware and his neck. Ware was a sack machine last season, but he sat out last week’s OTAs with a neck strain. He stated that occasionally he gets a tingling or numb sensation in his arm, which is never a good sign when it comes to a guy who was sitting out due to a neck injury.

Ware is arguably the best defensive player in the league, so this is a major cause for concern with the Cowboys if it’s something serious. The good news for Dallas is there is still plenty of time this offseason to get him evaluated and healthy if need be. They will be taking no chances with their franchise player.

Cowboys Fail To Land Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco is taking his talents to South Beach after officially signing a one-year deal to play for the Miami Dolphins. Will it have any effect on people’s NFL picks this season?

The short answer: it’s very unlikely his presence will do much.

There were rumors that Dallas was the most likely destination for #85, but in the end it was the Dolphins that needed him most and made the deal happen. Who will the Cowboys chase to help fill this position, and how will this new acquisition affect the Dolphins’ NFL odds?

Ochocinco is well past his prime and his only worth now is as a number three receiver. For the high-flying New England Patriots last season, he had only 15 catches for 276 yards and one touchdown grab.

Nonetheless, #85 will get his chance in an offense that lost number one target Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears during the offseason. As of now the top receivers on the depth chart are Davone Bess and Legedu Naanee.

It’s been said the Dolphins’ receivers are dropping a lot of passes so far during OTA drills, and for all the negatives he brings, Ochocinco does possess good hands. Still, he’s lost that game-breaking speed and there’s always going to be locker room concerns whenever he’s around.

The quarterback situation in South Beach is a lot more muddled than it was in Foxborough too.

There’s no Tom Brady leading the offense anymore. Instead, #85 could have Matt Moore, David Garrard or Ryan Tannehill throwing to him. There’s been no concrete information about who the starting quarterback will be.

Likely it will be Moore that starts out calling the shots, but it won’t be long until fans start calling for Tannehill should things go south.

But back to #85. It seems fitting that Ochocinco will be in a Dolphins jersey this season.

Sure, he’s a Miami native. However, HBO’s well-received series Hard Knocks will be following the team this year and Ochocinco is sure to play a sizable role. Coincidence? You decide.

A journey back in time when the NFL was different

As the years pass and I get older, I look back at some of the things that have changed in the NFL since becoming a fan. As a child things were so different in the NFL and I also watched football differently compared to how I watch today. So many of the things that have changed over the years are still fresh in my mind and I wish I could go back and relive those moments again. To watch football as I did as a child and to have that same excitement watching football would be amazing. I’m not saying I don’t get excited while watching football today, but it was a different kind of excitement as a child. It’s hard to explain, but things were simple as a child and less stressful compared to being an adult. I guess that is why I remember things so much better from when I was younger compared to now.

Listed below are some of the things I remember from when I was a child, mostly from the 1980s.

Remember when…

– The Hall of Fame game officially opened the preseason schedule every year on a Saturday at 2:30est on ABC?

– Highlights of the Hall of Fame inductions were only shown at halftime of the Hall of Fame game?

– The regular season opened on Sunday and not a Thursday night? Or on a Wednesday night as is the case in 2012?

– Pregame was only a half hour on Sunday’s on CBS and NBC?

– There was no such thing as the Sunday Ticket or the RedZone channel? (Ok, these I admit I like)

– Sunday Night Football was a treat once or twice a year on ABC?

– Monday Night Football would start with that famous opening music?

– You had to sit and wait for the 10 minute ticker to pop-up during a game to show the out of town scores?

– The game you were watching would send it back to the studio for a game highlight and you hoped it would be your team scoring?

– You couldn’t wait for the two-minute warning so you could see the Alcoa Fantastic Finish highlight?

– There was no score of the game or game clock shown on the screen at all times?

– Commercials were not the biggest part of the Super Bowl?

– You couldn’t wait for that classic CBS NFL Today theme song with Brent Musburger, Phyllis George, Irv Cross and Jimmy the Greek?

– Most of the time all you got to watch were local games (in my case Jets and Giants) every Sunday and you got all excited because the game ended early and the station went to a different game?

– There was no Free Agency and you never had a thought that any of the players from your team would ever leave until they retired?

– You actually had to go to a store to buy a newspaper to read about the games and see the box scores because there was no such thing as the Internet?

I also found these video’s that also brought me back in time.


I love thinking back to how things once were in the NFL. I truly miss those times.


Dallas Cowboys: 2012 Draft and Free Agent Review

Brandon Carr is a big part of revamped Cowboys secondary.

America’s team is gearing up for another run, and time is running short for this group of guys. The Cowboys were good but not good enough last season, and they have done a lot of work in the draft and free agency to remedy that; however they are a long shot at +2500 on the NFL odds board to claim Super Bowl XLVII. Let’s take a look at some of their key draft acquisitions, along with some of their free agent wins and losses so far this summer.

Draft recap

The Cowboys made one of the first big moves of the draft, as they moved up to 6th overall to take cornerback Morris Claiborne. Claiborne was without a doubt the best corner in this draft, as there are very few holes in his game heading into the NFL. He is the perfect size for a corner, and has the speed and ceiling to be a shut down corner in this league.

The Cowboys went defense a lot in the draft. Their first four selections were on the defensive side of the ball, including a defensive end, linebacker and safety to go along with Claiborne. It appears the Cowboys realized that they had a bad secondary and needed to get guys who can help rush the passer and cover receivers.

Free agents

Dallas went out and scooped up CB Brandon Carr in free agency. The problem for Dallas so far has been retaining free agents, as well as bringing in new ones. So far, the Boys have only brought back one free agent from last season’s team, while they have lost seven. They have signed seven new players, but they lost out on the likes of Laurent Robinson, Terence Newman, Bradie James and Alan Ball. Dallas still has a lot of work to do before the season.