A journey back in time when the NFL was different

As the years pass and I get older, I look back at some of the things that have changed in the NFL since becoming a fan. As a child things were so different in the NFL and I also watched football differently compared to how I watch today. So many of the things that have changed over the years are still fresh in my mind and I wish I could go back and relive those moments again. To watch football as I did as a child and to have that same excitement watching football would be amazing. I’m not saying I don’t get excited while watching football today, but it was a different kind of excitement as a child. It’s hard to explain, but things were simple as a child and less stressful compared to being an adult. I guess that is why I remember things so much better from when I was younger compared to now.

Listed below are some of the things I remember from when I was a child, mostly from the 1980s.

Remember when…

– The Hall of Fame game officially opened the preseason schedule every year on a Saturday at 2:30est on ABC?

– Highlights of the Hall of Fame inductions were only shown at halftime of the Hall of Fame game?

– The regular season opened on Sunday and not a Thursday night? Or on a Wednesday night as is the case in 2012?

– Pregame was only a half hour on Sunday’s on CBS and NBC?

– There was no such thing as the Sunday Ticket or the RedZone channel? (Ok, these I admit I like)

– Sunday Night Football was a treat once or twice a year on ABC?

– Monday Night Football would start with that famous opening music?

– You had to sit and wait for the 10 minute ticker to pop-up during a game to show the out of town scores?

– The game you were watching would send it back to the studio for a game highlight and you hoped it would be your team scoring?

– You couldn’t wait for the two-minute warning so you could see the Alcoa Fantastic Finish highlight?

– There was no score of the game or game clock shown on the screen at all times?

– Commercials were not the biggest part of the Super Bowl?

– You couldn’t wait for that classic CBS NFL Today theme song with Brent Musburger, Phyllis George, Irv Cross and Jimmy the Greek?

– Most of the time all you got to watch were local games (in my case Jets and Giants) every Sunday and you got all excited because the game ended early and the station went to a different game?

– There was no Free Agency and you never had a thought that any of the players from your team would ever leave until they retired?

– You actually had to go to a store to buy a newspaper to read about the games and see the box scores because there was no such thing as the Internet?

I also found these video’s that also brought me back in time.


I love thinking back to how things once were in the NFL. I truly miss those times.


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  1. Kelly Horn
    Kelly Horn says:

    Things have changed so much. Some things are supposed to be for safety reasons but it just seems they are ruining the game. Don’t get me wrong I’ll watch until the day I die, but lets play some damn football without worrying about a whistling being blown for touching someone the wrong way.

    But as for the technology improvements, I wouldn’t change a thing, because without them this site wouldn’t exist 😉

    Is it September yet?


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