Ants In Your Pants; Stingers and Other Cowboy Drama

What would the NFL offseason be without some Dallas Cowboys drama and fluffy news?

Not a normal NFL offseason is the answer to that question.

Dallas has been making a little more noise than usual, and after falling flat last year and out of the playoff race, they are trying to live up to the high standards of playing on “America’s Team” but at +2500 Vegas is hoping you will see the Cowboys in enough free NFL football picks you read to back them with your cash; Vegas has little respect for them winning the Superbowl.

During training camp, running back Lawrence Vickers ran into his arch nemesis; fire ants. Vickers was stung in the neck earlier this season, and most recently, the little red devils caught him in a less flattering area; his groin. The problem is, He is allergic to fire ants. He was rushed to the locker room for medical attention.

Would you swap Dez Bryant for Percy Harvin?

According to’s R.J. Choppy, the Dallas Cowboys should jump all over this now that Harvin has requested a trade from the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday. Bryant, of course, has shown flashes of brilliance when he’s on the field, but that came with many mental mistakes and lapses of execution.

In the article, Choppy argues that Byant is “more of a headache right now, and despite his abilities NFL teams just can’t rest their future on guys who lack accountability.”

BUT, he also points out that Harvin is a better all around player than Dez Bryant, and the numbers actually supoort that claim.

In other Boys’ news, there has been some concern surrounding Pro Bowl defensive end DeMarcus Ware and his neck. Ware was a sack machine last season, but he sat out last week’s OTAs with a neck strain. He stated that occasionally he gets a tingling or numb sensation in his arm, which is never a good sign when it comes to a guy who was sitting out due to a neck injury.

Ware is arguably the best defensive player in the league, so this is a major cause for concern with the Cowboys if it’s something serious. The good news for Dallas is there is still plenty of time this offseason to get him evaluated and healthy if need be. They will be taking no chances with their franchise player.

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