Dallas Cowboys: 2012 Draft and Free Agent Review

Brandon Carr is a big part of revamped Cowboys secondary.

America’s team is gearing up for another run, and time is running short for this group of guys. The Cowboys were good but not good enough last season, and they have done a lot of work in the draft and free agency to remedy that; however they are a long shot at +2500 on the NFL odds board to claim Super Bowl XLVII. Let’s take a look at some of their key draft acquisitions, along with some of their free agent wins and losses so far this summer.

Draft recap

The Cowboys made one of the first big moves of the draft, as they moved up to 6th overall to take cornerback Morris Claiborne. Claiborne was without a doubt the best corner in this draft, as there are very few holes in his game heading into the NFL. He is the perfect size for a corner, and has the speed and ceiling to be a shut down corner in this league.

The Cowboys went defense a lot in the draft. Their first four selections were on the defensive side of the ball, including a defensive end, linebacker and safety to go along with Claiborne. It appears the Cowboys realized that they had a bad secondary and needed to get guys who can help rush the passer and cover receivers.

Free agents

Dallas went out and scooped up CB Brandon Carr in free agency. The problem for Dallas so far has been retaining free agents, as well as bringing in new ones. So far, the Boys have only brought back one free agent from last season’s team, while they have lost seven. They have signed seven new players, but they lost out on the likes of Laurent Robinson, Terence Newman, Bradie James and Alan Ball. Dallas still has a lot of work to do before the season.

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  1. Rob V.
    Rob V. says:

    I wouldn’t say they lost out on Robinson, Newman, James and Ball. I don’t think they had any plans to bring any of them back, except for maybe Robinson. But there was no way they were going to pay him the money he got from the Jags to be their 3rd receiver.

  2. keith
    keith says:

    2500 to 1 odds hell I will take that I guess I will be betting on Dallas this year. Thats says alot since im a Giants fan lol.

    They have the team to not only be a playoff team but win those big games. They got the CB’s now have a good pass rush great WR’s TE and a great young RB QB.

  3. Johnny Awodu
    Johnny Awodu says:

    I believe Dallas nation is place the rock the NFL this season. Jerry and his men have done a good job and it is left for the coaches to make it right otherwise get rid of them. The chemistry of these new players and old the old players should do it for us this time or else start rebuilding with the young guns.
    I am very optmistic this is our time.

  4. Keith
    Keith says:

    >lost out on the likes of Laurent Robinson, Terence Newman, Bradie James and Alan Ball.

    Robinson is a loss.

    Newman, James and Ball = addition by subtraction. Losing those players means the Cowboys can’t help but get better. Newman should have been cut a year ago. Alan Ball is an effort player whose talent is not up to taking on the players he needs to cover. Effort can get you far on special teams…not so much covering quality wideouts. Bradie James was so far over the hill you would need a toboggan or a sled to catch up. Buh-bye.

    I can’t wait to see Kyle Wilber unleashed.

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    All I can say about this is, Dallas did not miss out on any of those free agents except maybe Robinson! T New was done along with the rest of the players Dallas decided NOT to resign! This team needed to get younger and they did. They didnt need any players like Ball that could not cover! Bottom line is if you think that Dallas needed to sign any of those guys then you dont know football!

  6. robby valentino
    robby valentino says:

    You can’t use the word rebuilding in Dalas. So let’s say we are in year 2 of 3 for a total makeover from philosophy, coaching, and of course players. in 2011 we let 14 players with 77 years of experience leave, putting it nicely. We did add 7 players with 39 years of experience, but 6 of those will be let go with 38 years of experience. This year besides the 6 that have exited, 16 additional players with 105 years of experience will also be gone. Now to be fair we added 8 players with 44 years of experience, but within 2 years all but 1 of those players will be left. Clifton Geathers from 2011 and Brandon Carr from 2012. When the season begins Dallas will have the youngest team in football, averaging just under 25 years old. As a matter of fact the Cowboys will only have 2 players of 31 or older. Ratliff is 31 and Romo is 32. Now what we have quietly done is build a Dynasty, with $45 million dollars of cap space after 2013.
    Within the next 4 years 2 World Championships will be ours. Not through free agency. but throgh our draft and re-signing our young talent. In the year 2015 only Brandon Carr will be the only player who has played for another organization.
    We still drft for talent, but in the last 2 drafts 10 of thhe 15 players drafted were team captains. Jason Garrett, who learned from Parcels, calls his new players RKG [the right kind]


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