WR Dez Bryant Could Have A Breakthrough Season For The Cowboys

It is wildly agreed that Dez Bryant is the most physically talented player on the Cowboys, and possibly one of the most gifted players in the NFL. However, if you take all those other players on that list and look at their off the field issues, they all would rank above Bryant. Dez didn’t play bad last season, as he totaled 928 yards on 63 receptions, and he also had nine touchdowns. Will Bryant help the Cowboys get favored more this season with our NFL picks?

Bryant had a solid sophomore season in 2011, but when Miles Austin went down, it was Laurent Robinson that stepped up, not Bryant. Now that Robinson is in Jacksonville, Bryant will have to by default become the team’s number one option. There is no doubt in my mind that he can do it, the question is, is his mind ready for such pressure?Austin has proved to be injury prone, and while the beast that is Jason Witten will still be there, he has started to slide just a little.

If Tony Romo is telling the truth when he spoke very highly of Bryant, this could be a break out season for the young Cowboy. Bryant has yet to have a break out season. In his first two seasons in Dallas, Bryant totaled 108 receptions, almost 1500 yards and 15 touchdowns.  He has every bit of the ability to do those kind of numbers in this upcoming season.

The Cowboys will be more of a threat to run the ball this season if DeMarco Murray stays healthy, which will open up Bryant in single coverage more often.

Don’t sleep on Bryant or Dallas this season, and if Bryant is still on your draft board in your fantasy football league, at the right price, he could be worth his weight in gold this season.

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