Cowboys’ Jerry Jones No Longer On Fire, NFL Still Feeling Heat

Hi Cowboy fans, good news for Jerry Jones.

A class action lawsuit filed against the NFL and the Cowboys over the 1,250 Super Bowl seats that were deemed unsafe before Super Bowl XLV has taken a turn.

According to sources, charges have been dropped against Jerry Jones and the Cowboys over the fiasco that left thousands of people outside, missing part of the game, and 400 didn’t get in at all, even though they had a ticket. The lawsuit will still continue against the NFL.

The fans are seeking $5 million from the NFL, which does not include recouping their losses from the tickets and legal fees. Apparently, the Cowboys and the NFL knew about the temporary bleacher seats being inadequate weeks before the big game. The Cowboys notified the NFL days before the game, but the fans didn’t find out about the fiasco until they were already inside.

Honestly, the Cowboys did no wrong here and all they could do was inform the NFL officials which they did as soon as they became aware of the the problem.

Even though the fans were compensated, the lawsuit claims it was not enough, because the NFL breached their contract with the ticket holders. Over 2500 fans were delayed seeing the start of the game, and they were offered face value for their tickets. Of the 400 people who didn’t get a seat, they were offered $2400 plus a ticket to the next season’s Super Bowl, along with airfare and a four-night hotel stay. They could have also chosen a check for $5000 along with their expenses being covered.

This was a dark day for the NFL and the Cowboys, but at least Dallas fans can relax that their rich owner is in the clear, for now.

If the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs, he might have traded a lawsuit for a Super Bowl ring. We may not agree with everything Jones does, but nobody could argue his thirst for another Cowboys championship and I respect him for that. He wants one so bad he might just trade his soul for another ring, but hopefully it don’t copme to that. 🙂

I like our chances this season a lot and with NFL odds makers listing “America’s Team” at +2500 to take the title, the Cowboys might not be a bad bet to bring home the title.

Lets Go Cowboys!

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