Bare Necessities (of being a Dallas Cowboys geek)

Bare Necessities

(c) Disney 1967

We should all remember the song from that famous Disney movie.  After all, it was made in 1967.  It got me thinking.  What are the bare necessities of being a Dallas Cowboys geek?  I understand that I may not know all the player’s names or numbers.  I don’t have stats memorized or even the years in which the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl (be easy, I’m new).  Sure, I can Google that information in a second, but if I want to be a fan, I should know those things.

Expanding the idea further into my journey into Dallas Cowboy geekdom, I wondered what other prerequisites are in order to establish myself as a Dallas Cowboys geek.  Well, what better way to entertain that than to ask other Dallas Cowboys geeks.

What defines a Dallas Cowboys geek?
What should every Dallas Cowboys fan know?
What are some items every Dallas Cowboys fan should have?

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  1. Rob Vetrano
    Rob Vetrano says:

    Ok, I can only speak for myself. It has taken many years to gain all my Cowboys knowledge. Most of it important and some of it that I’ll never use. I have a bad habit of judging how much of a fan someone is by them knowing simple things about the Cowboys. If you don’t know the final score of Super Bowl XII (27-10) I roll my eyes. If you don’t know who Moose is then I’m turning my back on you. And if you think Emmitt Smith is NOT the best running back ever then I’m beating the hell out of you. Ok, so I’m kidding about some of it.
    You need to get yourself a few of the Cowboys history books which will help you. But again, its going to take time.
    Cowboys fans are loyal to their team and don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t be critical of some of the things they do. It doesn’t make you less of a fan.
    Basic stuff to know…
    The Cowboys started in 1960 and didn’t win one game.
    They made their first Super Bowl in 1970, but lost to the Colts in Super Bowl V. (Thank you Dan Reeves)
    They won their first Super Bowl the next season vs Miami
    They won it again in 1977 vs Denver in Super Bowl XII.
    They could have been the team of the 70s but lost twice to the Steelers in the Super Bowl X and XIII in ’75 and ’78 (Thank you Jackie Smith)
    Danny White is not to blame for the Cowboys losing three straight championship games in ’80, ’81 and ’82
    Tony Dorsett ran 99 1/2 yards in 1982 vs Minnesota with only 10 men on the field and he was not supposed to be one of them.
    Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989 and fired Tom Landry.
    Jimmy Johnson made the Cowboys great again in ’92 and ’93 with wins in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII.
    Jerry Jones ran Jimmy Johnson out of town after the ’93 season.
    The Cowboys have pretty much sucked since winning Super Bowl XXX in ’95 vs Steelers. (I blame my wife for this streak of bad luck, but have no real proof that would hold up in court)
    The hole in Texas Stadium and Cowboys Stadium is Gods private windows so he can watch his favorite team.
    Again, this is going to take time and if you are serious and dedicated you can do it over time. I’m to the extreme on some things. Give me a piece of paper and a pen and I can write down every final record for the cowboys in their history as well as evewry playoff game they have ever played with final score in less then 15 minutes.
    Good luck!!! LOL!!!

  2. Raina
    Raina says:

    The main thing about being a Cowboy fan is loyalty. Win or lose we love our Boys.
    The rest will come in time. U will learn every player and u will have a player that will become your favorite.

    Starting Monday night you will see a player that catches your eye that u will really want to make the team. If they do you will find yourself looking up their stats after every game.

    I am already in love with your articles. It is fun to see football thru your eyes. Knowing that u have an expert fan helping u out I bet you get this down by mid-season if not before.

    Ditto to what Rob V. said about Danny White!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a MUST!


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