Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Updates: Romo Extension, Witten Is Fired Up, Crawford Is Turning Heads

While it is a bit too early to decide whether or not to take the Cowboys in any NFL odds for 2012, we can start to discuss the possibility of Dallas either extending Romo’s contract, or letting him walk after his final year. Technically, Romo is signed through 2016, however, the Cowboys restructured his deal, and the final three seasons can be void because of it. If that indeed holds true, Romo will only be a Cowboy through this season, unless they work out an extension.

I know Cowboys fans are split on this, considering Romo hasn’t had the postseason success that most would have hoped for. However, Romo is still a top 10 quarterback, and his numbers do not lie. He was top five in almost every offensive category last season, and throughout his career, he has put up solid numbers.

In 2011, Romo threw for over 4100 yards and had 31 touchdowns to just ten interceptions. This is almost certainly his best season ever.

I know what you are thinking, what about the playoff loss to Seattle, or his countless golf outings when he “should,” be thinking about football? It’s no denying that Romo enjoys the life of being an NFL QB. A lot of NFL quarterbacks do. The only difference between him and Tom Brady is a little talent and a few Super Bowl rings.

I fully believe the Cowboys should work out an extension for Romo. He is better than anyone Dallas could bring in to win right away, considering their window with DeMarcus Ware and others are closing. Romo may never win a Super Bowl, but he is closer than any rookie they draft, anyone else on their roster, or any one they could bring in with a big contract. He is 32 years old, but he never saw the field until his fourth season, so he is still fresh. Either way, Dallas needs Romo as much as Romo needs Dallas.

Training Camp Briefs

Brandon Carr

Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr is one of the NFL’s true Iron Men and he  spoke to DMN’s Steve Dennis about his 64 consecutive games played streak.

I’m blessed. My work ethic was instilled in me at a very young age. Just that grinder’s mentality to stay humbled and stay focused at the same time. … Football didn’t become a part of my life, I didn’t have the light bulb go off over my head until the 11 grade. I played basketball my whole life, but it kind of hit me – would you rather be a 6-foot point guard or a 6-foot corner? So football was my ticket out of Flint, Michigan. I’ve just been blessed in my career to stay healthy and be available to the coach whenever they call my number.

Carr told Dennis that his goal is to become the best cornerback in the NFL, point blank, and to “get some Super Bowls on the way.”

Jason Witten

If you were giving out awards for who has the biggest chip on his shoulder in training camp, Jason Witten wins in a landslide. In his 10th training camp with the Cowboys pro-bowl tight end is done being Mr. Nice Guy.

“I’m just being sick and tired. Sick and tired of what happens to our team season after season. Sick and tired, actually, of all the talking. Forget the public comments about what we think we can do this season, or what we will do. By now, after all these seasons, the talking is hollow. Shut up, and let’s go out and see if we can put up. It’s time, obviously, for us to put up.”

Tyrone Crawford

ESPN’s Dan Graziano, who was very critical of Cowboys third-round pick Tyrone Crawford, is starting to see the light and is finally coming around after saying Crawford would have no value to the team this season.

“Watching him in drills against the likes of Tyron Smith — it’s easy to see how the Cowboys could indeed find a role for him this year as a situational pass-rusher in nickel or dime packages . . . So keep an eye out for how they deploy him on third downs. Could be that I was (hope you’re sitting down!) wrong about that one.”

Crawford has been one of the most impressive players in camp.

Four more days!

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  1. Raina
    Raina says:

    u are right on about Romo. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves and I don’t see the Cowboys letting him go anywhere. I hope he can win a Superbowl so he can finally get the credit he deserves along with Ware, Witten and the rest of the team that is so talented. Great article!

  2. Rick Mage
    Rick Mage says:

    You know that Cowboys fans are split on Romo getting a new Contract?? Seriously, I’m a die hard Cowboys fan, and I will say this. If there are any Cowboys fans who thinks we should let Romo go, I seriously hope they get their teeth punched out! Why? Because they have limited capacity when it comes to intelligence, and they’re fake Cowboys fans, too.

    • LEROY
      LEROY says:

      I am a Cowboys Fan and I know what I have lived through the last few years; Die Hard fans are not ready to die due to Romo again or any other two bit loser; your for the competition winning- if you are for Romo, ask any team in our division; they want Romo right where he is; right where Jerry, Jason and you want him- losing; the sooner he goes the sooner we can build a winning team; that goes for Jason, Jerry and and any person that is a Die Hard acceptor of mediocracy. I will watch you eat your words as you are broken-hearted again- as I will be, but I know what Romo cannot do- I do not think- I know.

      • GioRugby
        GioRugby says:

        Let’s get rid of the GM first. He’s the problem, truly. He hasn’t drafted enough talent to help the team much less Romo. Romo could easily be the starter on at least 15 other NFL teams. In fact, can you imagine him as a starter with the Giants? With all their talent and above-average drafting? Even the Eagles? Before getting rid of Romo let’s look at the running backs, OL, receiving corps & defense he’s been helped with? No more excuses….put up or shut up, especially you Jerry Jones talking smack all the time!

      • LEROY
        LEROY says:

        Yeah… sounds a lot like politics today; both sides of the aisle bitch and moan but really fight hard to maintain the status-quo.

        How many years do we have to suck? Before you realize you do have the power to change; note even Jones (all of them) have to know money is what they are supposed to be in business for- not Romo- not one member of the team; if the seats do not go filled this year- in Jerryville, the consequences of not listening to the consumer will shine the loudest; my views may not be popular- but they are beset by reality. Change while you can; you can explain not winning by not having all the numbers Romo racks up; you cannot explain or blame everyone but the pilot for losing with all the ratings and stats.

  3. GioRugby
    GioRugby says:

    I’m so sick and tired of Cowboys fans and others across the country wanting Romo to get the “boot”. If it wasn’t for Romo where would that Cowboys be right now??? Think of ALL THE QBs after Aikman that have come and gone through the doors and again…where would the Cowboys be without Romo??? BLAME the GM!!!! He has continued to bring “band-aids” to patch up and keep the Cowboys relevant. And the draft picks since JJohnson left?? He’s the main culprit…it STARTS AT THE TOP!!! SO let’s put up or shut up!!!

  4. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    I really dont think that they will let go of Romo, barring something drastic doesn’t happen. Its a shame that the quarterback is to blame when he makes a few mistakes, while the defense, special teams, and coaching made mistakes during the past few years. I’ve heard a lot of cowboy fans that are anti-Romo during past few years that I wish they would see the whole picture. I would stick with Romo especially if he still is putting up the numbers that he has been producing.

  5. Christopher Worshaw
    Christopher Worshaw says:

    If the Dallas Cowboys were smart, they would trade Tony Romo (if they could) for two quarterbacks I believe are better then he is. . Phillp River and Jay Culter are the two who come to mind. I personally do not think Tony Romo takes the game of football serious enough. He is playing golf during the offseason. He is not being a student of the game such as Payton Manning and Drew Brees

  6. Chaz
    Chaz says:

    The simple fact is that Romo, even though he may have decent numbers, is not a leader. He is a clown, and he will never lead a team to the super bowl. PERIOD. I say bring in someone new. I have had enough of CHOKO ROMO. How long should we have to suffer with this guy. Lets make the Cowboys great again starting with a QB who can lead and who the players will respect and go all out for.


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