Ten things I saw in the Cowboys 2012 season opening victory over the Giants

To all the so called experts out there who said there was no way the Cowboys could go into MetLife Stadium and beat the Giants. Well, all I can say is better luck next time with your predictions. I’m not big on writing game recaps because we all saw what happened and we all saw the final score…24-17 Cowboys!! The Cowboys not only got off to a great start in 2012, they did it on the road against a division rival. I understand that this was only one game, but it was a BIG game. The Cowboys needed to come out and not only play well, but they needed to prove something to themselves. They did just that and now can use it to build on instead of starting from a 0-1 hole. And as far as this Cowboys fan is concerned, any win over the Giants is a great win!

So what did I see last night?

1. I saw a team that even when things weren’t going their way still stood strong and fought.

2. I saw Kevin Ogletree take advantage of his opportunity while other players like Dez Bryant and Miles Austin were being taken out of the game by the Giants defense.

3. I saw DeMarcus Ware do what he normally does. Two sacks, five tackles and was all over the field, but last night he seemed to do it with anger, which I loved.

4. I saw Jason Witten being the warrior that he is playing injured. He may not have been affective for the most part, but he was out there fighting and I’m sure that meant a lot to the team.

5. I saw great coverage for the most part from the Cowboys rebuilt secondary.

6. I saw new Cowboy Ryan Cook come in early and do an outstanding job at center for the Cowboys and may have just taken away Phil Costa’s job.

7. I saw 13 penalties for 86 yards, most of them coming along the offensive line which needs to be corrected. One penalty I did not mind was on Tyron Smith as he prevented the touchdown on the interception return. Even though it was a horse collar and he could have hurt the player, he still prevented the score.

8.   A saw DeMarco Murray run inside, run outside and never gave up even when the holes weren’t there. I saw him go out of his way at times looking for contact. He is a difference maker in so many ways on offense.

9. I saw Bruce Carter showing his speed at linebacker as well as toughness as he collected five tackles. I also saw Sean Lee continuing to be a defensive leader as he forced a fumble and had 12 tackles, 10 of them solo.

10. I saw Tony Romo extend plays with his feet as he connected with eight different receivers. I saw accurate passes and control of the game throughout.

In the end the Cowboys played a great game and beat the World Champs in their own building. Now they have 11 days until they visit Seattle in Week 2. Let’s hope that this victory is a sign of things to come in 2012 and building block to their season. Congrats to the Cowboys on a job well done. As Walt Disney once said…”Keep Moving Forward”

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  1. craig
    craig says:

    1) I saw a shaky O-line that continues to have problems pass blocking up the middle
    2) For at least a half, a Cowboys pass rush was non existant
    3) I saw many Giant WRs left wide open with yards to run after the catch, and yet dropped passes (thankfully)
    4) I saw DeMarco Murray not taking the correct cut at times
    5) Being up 14-3 the ‘Boys D looked like it went into “prevent D mode” allowing the Giants to march down the field
    6) I saw continued lack of self discipline for penalties (excluding T Smith’s)

    • sidewayzj
      sidewayzj says:

      well damn! i see it takes a perfect game to make you happy! I did see those things also, but normally we lose games we do that in, THIS time we won. So, their obviously doing something different…and RIGHT. There’s always going to be things to work on, even teams in the Super Bowl have weaknesses.

      But since all you want to do is look at the negative, so be it. NO need to look at the positive at all…

    • Josh
      Josh says:

      I have to totally agree with Craig’s comments on this..yes there were a lot of good things to look at and build on with this game. A GREAT win to start the season!!!!!!! But you have to think about things that did not go our way. The Giants receivers had a butt load of dropped passes and Eli missed that pass for the TD in the 4th quarter. We did play MUCH MUCH better and I am so happy for that but there were several things that we got LUCKY on that helped us with this victory. Lets hope we can fix our biggest mistakes, O LINE PENALTIES (and stupid ones at that) and move on with our superbowl bound season.

      GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

  2. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    I saw all those things and a few more. The defense looks a lot better than last year especially the run defense. The Cowboys needed this game not only for the win but to correct any area where needed and to produce a championship team.

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    I saw a much improved secondary. I’m feeling good about Church and Carr. Claiborne is just a pup but you can see the quickness, fluid hips, and confidence. He just needs time.

    Romo played like Romo. Collinsworth said it was his best game ever but he played like we see him play all the time. Mostly on target and efficient with two bad plays and about 4-5 exceptional plays.

    The unquestioned miracle of the night was Ryan Cook playing and not getting Romo killed. I really hope this guy is solid enough to push Costa to the bench.

    The pre-snap penalties were atrocious. JG better beat that habit out of them real quick. That is one of the reasons they should have lost.

  4. Chris
    Chris says:

    DeMarco can flat out play all aspects of the game. Where was Felix? Hurt right.

    Glad 82 played but hoped to see more of the backup TEs. Hanna has some wheels and is going to be a matchup problem for LBs.

    Quick- who has a better LB core than these boys? If Carter continues to progress I don’t think anyone in the league touches this group. Wish I could say that for the D line but ya can’t have it all.

    Glad to see the d getting stops late and Romo and Murray closing the door. Will they play with this intensity consistently???

    • Mitch Wright
      Mitch Wright says:

      Superbowl Bound Cowboys. Romo needs that ring before retirement…..hes got alot of weapons now, and our corners are great……VIETNAM brothers are awesome…..Roll on ROLLING THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. texaspapamarkie
    texaspapamarkie says:

    I was pleased that they did not find a way to lose in the fourth quarter like they have done so often lately. Looking forward to a great season if they can keep that up.

  6. Mitch Wright
    Mitch Wright says:

    I have been a Cowboy fan since 1971…even when my team in 1990 went 1-15 with that win over the Redskins…a Cowboy pillow, 29.99, a seat at the Cowboy Stadium 829.99, beating the Superbowl Champion Giants at Medlife…..PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!


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