Want To Know The Best Part About Labor Day?

Do you know what the best part about Labor Day is? It’s not that it’s national slacktastic day or that it gives us a reason to have a cookout and invite people over. In my world the best part about Labor Day is knowing that it’s football season baby! Luckily enough our beloved Cowboys kick the season off in two days against the much hated Giants in the NFL season opener. Wednesday night cannot come soon enough!

We’ve been longing for our football to return since New Years Day, the last game of the season which unfortunately we lost to the Giants who went on to win the Super Bowl. Yeah, whoever is in charge of marketing and the schedule planning was brilliant this year. A huge stage has been set for all to see – America’s Team looking for redemption against the Super Bowl Champions. We will have our revenge, oh yes we will. Hey Mr. Manning BEWARE! – DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee are coming for you!

So go on and enjoy your Labor Day, just don’t get any barbecue sauce on your favorite jersey because our Cowboys kickoff  in two days! Did you hear me? TWO DAYS!

Be sure to join our Gameday Live Chat beginning at kickoff (although many of us are here early). The chat is always open to stop by and say hi anytime! GO COWBOYS! 


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