Lone Star Struck joins Google Sports Network

I just wanted to share with our fans some pretty cool news.  First, it’s not everyday you get an email from a Google employee about a pretty awesome opportunity.  Google contacted us in regards to a recent partnership with the NFL to engage fans even better than before.  They created the Google Sports Network so that Google can reach out to sites like us for opinions and other fan-related stuff.  Right now, we are the ONLY FANSITE that represents the Dallas Cowboys within the Google Sports Network.  From the discussions I’ve had with Google, we were essentially hand-picked.

Like I said, you don’t get an email from Google and pass up an opportunity like this.  What we will be doing is beefing up our Google+ (Google Plus) usage and eventually will be starting a Google Plus hangouts as well.  If you are already on Google Plus and have us added to your circles, great.  Share us with your friends!  If you haven’t added us yet or haven’t checked out Google Plus, you definitely should.

Click on the G+ Icon in the top-right area of our page!

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