New LSS Writer: Coalter Thornton

Hello fellow Dallas Cowboy fans. I am a new addition to the writers here on Lone Star Struck. My goal as a writer is to give Dallas Cowboy loyalists articles that illustrate my take on the players, coaches, and events that surround our team.      I am privileged to be part of the greatest fan base in sports and hope to contribute insightful articles to the community.

                Despite our recent lack of playoff success, we do have a legacy that rivals any team in the NFL. This is why I think that the team, this year, will do something great. We have a great core of skill players, a passionate young coach, and a General Manager who has three Superbowls managing this team. We have a quarterback, Tony Romo, that is almost always in the top ten among his position in yards and touchdowns. The running back has the potential to be our best since Emmitt Smith, with his combination of piston legs, and a stiff arm that rivals Tyson’s right hook. The receiving core has as many weapons as Borderlands 2, and more speed than the next “Fast and Furious” movie.  Our pass defense has revamped from a cheese wedge full of holes for offenses to attack, to a wall of hands, deflecting passes like my mother slapping my wrist away from the last piece of cherry pie. Demarcus Ware is still the sack machine, and with Jay Ratliff back, he should only increase his numbers.

                We are the fans of “Americas Team,” so no matter what the outcome of the game on Sunday is, keep hope and continue to support our players and coaches.

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