Cowboys Need To Figure Things Out On Offense

Contrary to what everyone was saying at the beginning of the season, this is not the Cowboys year to win the Super Bowl.

After a massive win against the New York Giants in the first week of the season, the Cowboys took a quick fall and have lost four of their last five games.

While their defense has stayed relatively consistent throughout the year, their offense needs to get on track if they want to start winning games.

The biggest problem with their offense this year is their discipline.  They have dropped multiple passes throughout the year that could have helped the team pick up much needed wins.

Dez Bryant arguing with an official made it so the Cowboys did not have enough time to get into field goal position to win the game against the Baltimore Ravens.

On a Monday Night Football game earlier in the season, Tony Romo threw five interceptions to the Bears defense.

Basically, no matter what the Cowboys do during a game, they find ways to blow it and ensure they do not come out with a win.

They need to cut down on turnovers and penalties if they want to get a win this week against division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles.  If they cannot do this, the Eagles defense will surely walk all over them.  If they can, the Cowboys not only have a good chance with the NFL odds that have them at +2.5, but they will have a great chance of winning the game.

The Cowboys need a win big time this week if they want to have a chance of making the playoffs this year.  If they cannot start turning their season around, there will surely be some releases coming soon on the teams coaching staff.  A team of this caliber should be winning much more than it has been.

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