Cowboys Need To Get Things In Gear For Playoff Run

The bad news for Dallas Cowboys fans is they lost a critical game against division rivals the Washington Redskins this past Thursday on Thanksgiving.  The good news for them is the fact that the rest of their division does not look that great either, so they still have a shot at the playoffs by the time January rolls around.  With a relatively easy schedule ahead of them a all the opportunity in the world, the Cowboys need to kick it into gear and find a way to start winning games, starting with the Philadelphia Eagles this coming week on Sunday Night Football.

One thing the Cowboys can rest their heads on is the fact that their defense is steadily improving.  While they had a rough go of it this past week against the Skins, the defense held strong in the second half and helped the team get back into the game before blowing it in the final minutes of the game.  If they can keep this consistency throughout the rest of the season, the team just might have a chance at the playoffs.

They will. of course, need a strong outing from their offense as well.  While the beginning of the season was a little rocky for quarterback Tony Romo and company, they have found a way to find a groove midseason and rack up some wins.  Romo spreading the ball around to the right guys in the right moments will surely help the team find their way to victory in the coming weeks.  If they can get this piece of the puzzle in place there is no telling what they can do going forward.

With the NFL odds putting the Cowboys at -9 disadvantage against a beat up Philadelphia Eagles team this week, picking them carries a high risk, high reward type situation.  This game could turn into a blowout but more than likely will not.  Pick this game cautiously.

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